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Sanyo PLC-XF45 User Reviews

Sanyo PLC-XF45 Projector

Sanyo PLC-XF45

XGA (1024x768), 10000 ANSI Lumens,
81.6 lbs, $29,995 (MSRP)
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3.3 out of 5
2 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.0
Features 3.5
Construction 3.5
Ease of Use 4.0
Reliability 2.5
Value for Money 3.0

User Reviews

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Review by balkam

after one year of use , complete set of lamps changed at 800 hours ! and a failure of lcd now with a yellow area at the bottom of image

Any Problems: lifetime of lamp : 800 hours , lifetime of LCD parts : 1 year not very reliable

Review by Eddie

Easy to setup once you get the correct lenses. The lense/image can be shift left-right, up-down. Includes many options for input. Definetly a bright clean image although not as clean as some DLP projectors but at the price it is definetly extremely nice. Changing lenses is a bit of a pain as the quick release/change option is an optional part that does not come with all lenses. Sanyo support is poor. Not so great in options to make the image square (i.e. keystoning) but will do in most cases. Bulb life seems poor so far no were near as the time specified. Warranty replacement is just OK but not fantastic as they do take longer than promise. Remote control is garbage as all our remotes were dead within 5 minutes of installation. The leg option are great, it was nice to raise or lower the projector in front or back. I am very happy the Sanyo keeps a standard Sanyo/projector interface (if you used a Sanyo before you will be at home with the menu selections). Although the projector is no were near perfect, overall it is a nice projector specially for the money. It is exactly the same as the EIKE XT-3 although my experiences with EIKI had been better than the experiences with Sanyo.

Any Problems: A bulb died within 200 hour of usage (but outside the 90 bulb warranty). One of the projectors had problems and took 5 working days to be repaired (with 9 calendar day turn around) therefore their Quick Repair Warranty is just another marketing lie. Their lense selection includes lenses that will make the projector lose 70% of brightness (yes it will turn a 10K projector into a 3K projector) so do NOT sign any contracts unless they specified that the lense will maintain the projector performance (some lost of lumen is normal but no more than 10%). Eiki seems to be better at keeping the lense selection at a more honest level, so look at their selection and either get the Eiki lense or the Sanyo equivalent. If Eiki does not offer the lense then avoid getting the "missing" lense from Sanyo (by the way, yes the lense that Sanyo offers and Eiki does not is the cheap lense). Get another remote (maybe from older Sanyo models) or have the unit control by wire, as the one that comes with the unit is worthless. We had several remotes (new ones) and after installing 2 units all of them were malfunctioning. We were fortunate to have some older remotes from an XP-10 that help us finish adjusting the units. Later on we are planning to add serial cable connection so the units can be controlled/adjusted by a computer .