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Sanyo PLV-60HT User Reviews

Sanyo PLV-60HT Projector

Sanyo PLV-60HT

WXGA (1366x768), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
20.3 lbs, $4,999 (MSRP)
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4.7 out of 5
18 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.7
Construction 4.7
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 4.7
Epson Home Cinema 4010
1080P Home Theater Projector

User Reviews

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Review by movieman

Any Problems: yellow shadow on fringes of objects..replaced two polorized fiter and need another...other than that this projector is work horse....will repair again because love that projector.

Review by ProjectorCrazy

Looks like I will be the oldest review! I purchased this when they first came out. It is now more than 5 years later and it is still current. No, it doesn't have a HDMI input, but thankfully the HDMI only mode of HD disks has been disabled (for now). With 720p and 1080i input, fed with a Blu-Ray player, this thing rocks. The fan is noisier than the latest projectors, but the image is brighter (though the contrast is a bit less). Going with a 1080p LCD panel results in a bit more detail, in exchange for a dimmer, less vibrant picture. My favorite mode is 720p, as this 1366x768 seems to scale to 720p better. I wish it had a "direct" mode that left a small black bar at bottom and top for 1:1 pixel mapping. That is really the only thing missing from the projector, 1:1 pixel mapping. I now have 3000 hours on the bulb, and it shows no sign of quitting, though it could blow at any moment!

Any Problems: Yes, there is a bit of overblown whites, and crushed blacks, but not too bad. Yes, there is a colored bar on left or right side, depending upon sync rate. My only problem was misconvergence and dimming around 1000 hours of lamp life. I followed advise on forums and when into the service manual and did an autocalibration, and all the issues disappeared. I have been very happy with this projector.

Review by hardtime

Bought it new in dec 2005 for $500 and could not be more delighted. Best picture in Hd that i have seen i know it is old tech but i have seen the newer ones and they just dont have what this has. Crisp clean image.

Any Problems: none

Review by pjwizard

I also purchased my PLV-60HT a few years ago but I am still holding off upgrading. Does great with DVD and HD material. It has a number of inputs and is built like a Tank (weighs 20 lbs). Excellent overal featurs (motorized lens shift is a real plus). Although "dated" it still wows my home theater audience. This wasTHE BEST site unseen piece of electronics I have ever purchased. Now still available as the PLV-60K.

Any Problems: To keep the projector in optimum performance keep it "de-dusted" on a routine basis.

Review by Rob

This is an excellent projector. I have purchased over 4 years ago with moderate use. I'm on my third bulb (one blew in the machine with no damage). I hope to keep using for an additional 2 or 3 years (1080p with variable iris control). It looks even better with high definition. There are better projectors now for less money. At the time, this was the best widescreen value around. I'm still a happy purchaser.

Review by luke

goes thru alot of bulbs, pricey bulbs, dust is always a problem , filters clog too easily, i think it runs hot, also have had alot of pixel failures or interm. turn ons, which sanyo says is normal, there's nothing worse than seeing even one stuck on, uncooperative service crew in california.

Review by Tom

I love this projector, I have been using this heavily for two years + now. I have HD Cable w/ DVR, a DVD and a Xbox all running through this fantastic machine. I have had friends who own plasma's and other high end tv's relate that nothing even compares. This is a great projector.

Review by Barry

Very crisp image with my Sony HD-200 pushing 1080i on a 120" 16:9 screen. Incredible color depth. The fan is a bit noisy and annoyingly variable in speed - this thing puts off some serious heat.

Any Problems: No problems to speak of after 2 years of service.

Review by scoots

I chose the PLV-60 for my dedicated home theater based on reviews and research. I was unable to see one locally before purchase. The day she arrived and I first powered her up my jaw dropped! What an incredible projector! There's virtually NO screen door effect, super crisp image, and the color is breathtaking. Thank you Sanyo, I love it!

Review by Scott

I did some extensive comparisons on this Sanyo in comparison to the Sony HS10 Cineza. Some facts: Sony suggested retail: $2995 Sanyo suggested retail :$5995, both can be purchased for @ $2700 Each has the same lumins & other specs. The Sanyo weights twice as much=more projector for the money. The Sony is rated 4 stars with numerous problems, the Sanyo is rated 5 star. I bought the Sanyo and have been very pleased.

Review by Jay, Silicon Valley, CA

Excellent projector for DVD, HDTV and PC/Laptop. I did visual comparisons of Sony VPL-HS10 Cineza, Sanyo PLV70 and Sanyo PLV60-HT using the same DVD disk on Panasonic RP-92 player. For the price (below $3000 from ProjectorPeople), PLV60-HT provides a very good value as of now. Everything worked out of the box. No visible dead pixels. Screen door not a problem at 1.5x screen diagonal. Fantastic picture at 130 inch diagonal, even on matt painted wall. Finally, Sanyo seems to have worked out their production issues on this older model. (With the SONY, after two "factory repair" attempts, I had to "return for credit".)

Any Problems: None beyond the obvious: - large and bulky size (not a problem for me) - Composite Video quality suffers a bit (relatively poor de-interlacing) S-VHS input display is better. - fan noise slightly higher than the PLV70 - NSH Lamp used is older technology compared to PLV70 (PLV70 uses UHP lamp which gives higher lumen at lower power than the PLV60-HT, with ECO mode for longer lamp life too)

Review by jerry

you deserve a punch in the face and a black eye (i hope), for bum rapping this projector from day one. who set you up as god of projectors? i visited your sit often as a perspective buyer trying to make the best decision on a new projector. i dare you to print this! you are wrong. after research and price, i bought this unit, and it is fantastic! on a glass beaded hi- definition da-lite screen (NOT STEWART WHO YOU RECOMMEND) and i repeat 78"X139"(glass beaded) the colors are real life & sharp & as my wife put it,The picture is breathtaking. for other readers my advice is not to trust your reviews and listen to the owners who bought this projector!


Review by Brad

After researching projectors for about 6 months I ended up with this one. I took it out of the box, hung it from the ceiling, and turned it on. WOW! This projector bding pushed by the Pioneer DV-37 producess a very sharp imaage. I have a dedicated theater room and the 1300 lumens is more than enough. If I was wanting to use a machine in full light or direct sunlight I would go with the new PLV - 70. But so far, for the money you cant go wrong with this one in my mind.

Review by Danny Devereaux

Great product with great image & features. This is definitely one of the best home theater LCD projectors out there with a 700:1 contrast ratio and true 16:9 aspect ratio LCD panels with the exception of the Studio Experience 13HD. Too bad I can not say the same about Sanyo's staff, personnel and servive department, they are horrible. Hope you never have to call them. It will be a nightmare. Just for that fact, I would never purchase another Sanyo product again, ever. On the other hand there is a projector out there that does outperform the Sanyo PLV-60HT and has a 800:1 contrast ratio and also has true 16:9 LCD panels for true home theater use. It is the Studio Experience 13HD made and manufactured by Studio Experience. This projector is more inexpensive and I have to say it is underpriced and should cost hundreds more than the Sanyo. Studio Experience's staff, personnel and service are great and extremely knowledgeable and back up all their products and does put their customers first unlike Sanyo. You are buying & dealing direct from the manufacturer "no middle man" that is why it is more inexpensive than the Sanyo. I am extremely satisfied with them and will stick with Studio Experience and their products for years to come, there's no other that would compare to them. Check them out at and tell Mitch Debard I sent you. You'll get a great deal, you wont regret it.

Any Problems: For the money, quality, craftmanship, warranty, reliability and unpresidented service, the Studio Experience 13HD is a much much better buy.

Review by Robert

Two thumbs way up for this projector! I have seen slightly better pictures on more expensive models, but for the price and features this one rocks. Extremely easy to use and the various picture formats available really come in handy.

Any Problems: Occasionally see problems with shading, but very infrequently and not noticeable by anyone but me since I am really picky about the picture.

Review by Nicholas

First Projector. Very happy with it. Found it for under $5000 through the internet. Great with HDTV signal, progressive DVD, and XBox HD pack. 3 year warranty made it a no risk.

Any Problems: The fan can be a little noisy at times.

Review by Leonard Eckian

I have the Boxlight version of this projector, the Cinema 13HD. I am a reseller of this product and its biggest fan. For more information please call me at 800-704-8660.

Review by Darren

After having my PLV-60 for a few months, I can't imagine giving it up. Solid performer, excellent resolution and image, and 16:9 is unquestionably the way to go for DVD playback. (I can't stand the "rainbow effect" of DLP's, which LCD is blessedly immune to.)

Any Problems: I do wish it had a darker black... but that's to the tradeoff with LCD units. Also see a little posterization occasionally (like 1-2 scenes in some movies.)