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Sanyo PLV-Z2 User Reviews

Sanyo PLV-Z2 Projector

Sanyo PLV-Z2

HD 720 (1280x720), 800 ANSI Lumens,
9.0 lbs, $1,995 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
185 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.6
Construction 4.5
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 4.4
Value for Money 4.7

User Reviews

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Review by jonathan-UK

Sometimes in credit-crunched times one may have the best part of a HT system & think... wait a minute my LCD just doesn't fit the sound. Hmmm maybe i'l get a projector. This PJ must have made waves back in 2004 because the bluray 1080i picture is Superb,yeah even in 2013. PC native 720p is also excellent along with upscaled or native HDTV. If you are cash-dtrapped like i was (am) & want to make a 1st foray into big screen home cinema get this or something like it with a good lamp (350hrs on this) & don't listen to all the DVI/HDMI compatability nonsense. If you have an HDMI 1.3V AV receiver with a few inputs,just run everything through it with a HDMI-DVI cable & you just might bag a REAL bargain. If its this good now, i can only imagine how good it was way back when & i would imagine the issues were mostly human error due to complex menus & lack of HDMI equipped sources for the time.

Any Problems: The very handy lens-shift function can slide down a bit but its just the way they are. Later Z models addressed this...

Review by Tom D

Bought this projector back in 03' and it still is preforming. I Have yet to buy a new bulb! At this point when it goes I may just buy a new projector! I just ordered a Blu-Ray player and we will see how it digests the 720P from it. Till now I've just been using a DVD std player and it works just fine! I Have a home made 98" diag screen of (Melamine) which works fine!

Any Problems: None

Review by Manny

I bought this when I returned from the desert in January 2003! I chose this one over the panasonic at the time becuase of the lens shift and that allowed me to be mnore flexible with where i put it. It's still running great! Still I've had almost 7 years of use on this thing. I can't complain.

Any Problems: I am starting to have the blue haze in the corner but it's very minor and I only notice it when there's a white background.

Review by Oscar

Great while it lasted, but blue haze as mentioned before starts on the left hand side. Approaching 5000 hours its impending death is a little disappointing. I think its more to do with the technology than the brand. Please note I've put good (4 stars for all) based on what its been like, not compared to later projectors.

Any Problems: Second globe lasted 1000 hours

Review by Troystu

The Z-2 was fine for a couple of years. Enjoyed the picture quality and value for price, but found lamp life to be short and shortly after warranty ran out I had a blue haze problem.

Any Problems: Sanyo support not good and very expensive to fix the lcd issue causing the blue haze - basically after a little over 3 years the projector is shot - ends up a horrible value after all. Do not buy this projector unless you are ok with your investment lasting only 3 years - and our Z-2 had average to below average hour usage on it! I also kept up on the filter cleaning and mainteneance.

Review by Not_Reliable

Warning: This product only lasted 2 months out of warranty. My initial experience was good to very good. I put it up in my basement and its bright, vivid picture wowed my family. There is a three year warranty. Just a few months before the warranty I noticed a blue section on the left side of the screen. After a while (until after the warranty had expired), it expanded to the entire screen looking like a big blue brain. If you want a projector that only lasts 3.17 years, buy a sanyo. This is important to those buyers who believe that they are buying a depandable, long lasting product. You are not.

Any Problems: The problem is bad LCDs and a bad polarizer.

Review by Simon

installed with a home made screen 92" diagonal. Very happy with the image with a DVD. When I first got the projector, I played a Amelie this has hand written red letter on black. The basic Sony DVD was terrible, I also tried a LG with DVI not any better and finally the DENON with DVI output is working very well.

Any Problems: Sometimes (rare or not often enough to complain...), the projector's processor will stop working: 1) keep working as the image is processed but no more button work anymore 2) freeze completely ...just reset or power cycle the unit will fix the problem...

Review by Scot S

Well I said I would post again, and after a year all I can say is ...I LOVE THIS PJ!!! Now with that said, I am now upgrading to the PLV-Z5. This was a great first experience with a projector. To bad this PJ is hard to find anymore for the first timer. Thank you Projector Central for being here!!!

Any Problems: Just keep the filter clean. It's easy

Review by MKM5515

Purchased at B&H 9 months ago on sale for $1K. Have used almost daily for ~3-4 hrs per day. Picture is clear, of high resolution, exhibiting good color. Some minor vertical banding is evident on flat backgrounds - blue sky, clouds- but I hardly ever notice it unless I look for it. Works best in a darkened room. Very quiet. Manual Lens XY shift is a real plus for offset projection. I throw 16 feet on to an 82" diagonal screen by zooming down and using Normal Through setting. I am offset from centerline by 2'. Will fill a much large screen with other output options. This is a flexible, reliable, inexpensive unit with which I am very pleased. Highly recommended.

Any Problems: Occasionally the unit starts and produces only a green screen - in such event I have to reset the main power and all works fine on reboot.

Review by Dez

Im surprised so many people think the image is exellent. I think it sux! Poor brightness and black levels and worthless contrast ratio. Pixel alignment is another great dissapointment. The positive things are the great lensshift and the low noise.

Any Problems: No picture when fed with upscaled (720p) DVD via component.

Review by LALAW

I love my projector, I've had it for a year or so and it works like a charm, I have a huge screen 130" and the pic from 13' is flawless even on a wall, can't wait to get my dalite HCCV screen next week, anyone with this projector has any advice on what settings work best? like gamma, sharpness, contrast..etc, should I adjust it like I would my LCD computer monitor? thanks

Any Problems: none

Review by Steve

This is an update on a report that I made last December. I've now had the projector for a year. I've experienced no problems whatsoever. I'm still on my original bulb. I probably have 300 hours on the machine with frequent moves. If you are on the fence about buying a projector because you can't afford to furnish a home theater - get off the fence. Upstairs, where the furniture is, we project on a white wall, and it looks great. Downstairs in the basement rec room, we project on a white parkland board 4'x8'. We flop down bean bag chairs fold-ups and just crash on the carpet. I just got a HD-TV over-the-air tuner from Radio Shack for $90.00 (Accurian 6000). The quality of native 720p hd-tv broadcasts is awesome.

Any Problems: WHen the program material goes black momentarily, the machine senses lack of signal and goes blue. I have a hunch there is a setting to correct this, but I haven't had time to look for it, and it doesn't happen often enough to be a high-priority correction.

Review by John Lee

I received z2 florida based on line seller.It took 6days for the delivery. Before buying that I was most concerned about the size of the screen. UPS delivery guy gave me a tip to use vinyl coated fablic.I ran to the fablic store where I found 54"(137cm)width vinyl coated fablic.I made 6meter wide 210cm long screen in a living room. Picture quality? OF course not razor sharp but more than kitchen knife blade sharp.Watched dvd movie 'Finding Nemo'color is so beautiful. MY wife who was extremely reluctant to agree to buy that became extreme fan to watch movie with Z2 now. Standard TV picture and VCR,ORDINARY-DVD through S-VIDEO CABLE or composite able are very GOOD PC connection through DVI CABLE VERY GOOD.I REALLY don't know why HD source is needed. Imagine sitting about 4meters(12")from the huge screen. I'm not watching small 100"TV . I am watching gigantic screen TV and real theatre like huge screen movie.My family are all happy to enjoy unexpected delight. Thanks projector central and all the reviewers for the information.

Any Problems: I am using low lamp mode always which is bright enough in a low ambient light room .I hope the lamp would last longer than I expect.

Review by Scot S

Ive had my pl-2 for 3 days now,and am blown away by the picture. I'm watching HD at 8 1/2' wide. WOW!! Thanks to this site and all the reviews, this is the PJ I decided on. The price was unbeatable to. $1054, free shipping and a free Mitsubishi Progressive DVD player.

Any Problems: None. Will post another in a few months

Review by choppy

The image quality is excellent as most viewers will see. But thought I should provide a longer term review with the problems encountered.

Any Problems: I have been using the projector now for approximately 14 months. The power supply went in the first six months so the 3 year warranty is a good thing but the down time was about 3 weeks for repair. But now the lamp has expired with about 500-600 hours. The unit has only been moved once for the power repair and is in a very dust free room. The unit is only operated for about 2 to 3 hours a time depending upon the length of the movie. So for those of you that love a good color image with sharp details and excellent contrast and can live with these problems then this unit is for you. ANyone know where I can get a lamp cheap?

Review by garibay_2004

I got my z2 and I was blown away by the quality of the pic and I don't even have a screen, just a beige wall, and HD looks spectacular, better than any movie theater I've even been to. even in low lamp mode the pic is bright and contrast incredible, I love my sanyo

Any Problems: none yet

Review by Jai

great projector! i'm so happy with it! i've had the infocus X1 for 2 years now and decided to try something a little better. This projector is the way to go! if you want find out the difference from dvd resolution and HD. This projector can show you! HD basketball is soooo nice. If you don't watch HD then i recommend something with less resolution (no need for this projector)

Any Problems: Dust plots...a problem no lamp counter...just a light when you need to replace the short throw distance was a problem for me but helps most...

Review by Brad

A superb unit for the firsr time projector buyer (such as myself), for price, ease of use and image quality. The short throw lens mad it perfect foe my smallish lounge room. An excellent 92" (or 234cm for us metric people on Australia) from a throw of only 3.6 metres! I am VERY HAPPY with my purchase of the Sanyo Z2. So do not have any hesitations if you are unsure..... you won't be disappointed

Review by DK from Omaha

Thanks to projector central and those who offer opinions here. This is a great site. I notice that comments on this PJ have dwindled, probably due to the newest generation of Sanyo and Panasonic units. We've had our Z2 since last fall. Was worried about vertical banding and fuzz balls based on several reported problems. Have had ZERO problems - this PJ is a great value. Am projecting onto a 92 inch Dalite high contrast cinema vision screen. The kids sit with heads about 7 feet away. My wife and I are around 14 or 15 feet back. Awesome picture with a little "sparkle" which I believe is actually caused by a combination of the screen material and the very slight pixelation that this projector produces. I think it's cool - doesn't look like screendoor. I've watched from the closer seats and don't notice pixilation unless I focus on looking for it. Room lighting control is a must. I suspect this is true for most projectors, even the expensive ones if they have less than 1000 rated lumens. For the time being we're limiting our HD viewing (which is awsome at 92" diag) to only what's avialable over the air via local channels and have been generally satisfied (Fox and WB need to get with it here). Went this route due to lackluster/pompous local cable providers and cost of HD via satelite getting pretty high if you have too many rooms. Some day, regular cable will provide all digital and mostly HD. When that day comes we'll dump the OTA receiver.

Any Problems: None at all.

Review by Joost Peters

I really love this beamer. Excellent value for money. Nice quite and great picture quality and resolution...

Any Problems: No problems yet... wish to keep it this way...