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Sanyo PLV-Z2000 User Reviews

Sanyo PLV-Z2000 Projector

Sanyo PLV-Z2000

HD 1080 (1920x1080), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
16.1 lbs, $2,495 (MSRP)
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4.8 out of 5
18 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.7
Construction 4.7
Ease of Use 4.7
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 5.0

User Reviews

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Review by Jonny

This projector produces some of the best quality images/video I have ever seen. Also the image is adjustable and customizable with many adjustments and features like lens shift, zoom etc. The only small negative I think is lack of keystone correction feature or options. I know you don't need that with a projector that has lens shift feature, but it would have saved a lot of time if they provided that facility.

Review by RK

Overall it is a very good projector. Very happy with it. Nice picture quality and detail. This is my second projector. After using it for two year now I have started to notice some imperfactions. As mnay have noticed leakage of light from the vents and colour are not as sharp.

Any Problems: Now I have noticed that occasionally, I see heat signatures being projected on the screen. It seems like that some of the heat produced by the bulb is escpaing in the path of projected light.

Review by Ernesto Rosa

The Value for Money (1500€ on Internet) is excellent. I bought in September and works for 250h without any problem. The image depends of the source, for example Blu-Ray disks "Die-Hard 4" or "Phantom of the Opera" have very good image. The DVD "Gladiator" is another one. I'm very satisfied with this projector.

Any Problems: None

Review by whacked

This projector has excellent picture quality for the price. No, the picture is not perfect, but it's as good or better than anything I've seen under $5k when properly set up. Most of the complaints I have seen regarding this projector have to do with the operator not understanding how to set up the projector. I will admit that the projector has MANY parameters for set up, and it's not clear what all of the adjustments do, so I'll ding it one star on ease of use. Having had a DLP with keystone adjust, the lens shift on this unit is MUCH superior to keystone. Make sure the projector is perfectly level, then lens shift the picture where you want it. My rating of full five stars in most parameters does take the low price of the unit in to consideration.

Any Problems: No problems so far. To the reviewer that had problems with the bulb brightness going up when the unit was turned on. Save your settings as custom settings for each input, and the settings will come up the way you want them on start up. You can even custom name the user setting preferences.

Review by Corey

The projector is excellent. It meets all my expectations of what a 1080p projector should be. In my light controlled room it presents a stunning picture for movies and video games. I would not recommend this projector for a room with a lot of ambient light. It's brightness is excellent for a dedicated theater room but not for an upstairs living room with lots of windows. If tweaking is your thing there are plenty of options to get the image exactly as you want it. It has two HDMI inputs, component, etc...I use mine with the Elite 84" white 16x9 screen and couldn't be happier.

Any Problems: None.

Review by Scott in PA

Just got the Z2000 as a replacement for my ailing Z2. Have only had it a week, so this is a preliminary report. Obviously, the 2000 is a quantum leap ahead compared to the Z2. Initial observations: fan is SUPER quiet, much quieter than my Z2. Z2000 is BIG dimensionally, I had to raise my ceiling mount to prevent head collision. Also, the Z2000 does not have a digital keystone adjustment, but the lense shift was enough to deal with it. Also, it seems that the Z2000 keeps putting the lamp to full power every time it is turned on. With a totally dark home theater, I typically run the lamp in economy mode, but have to keep turning it down to economy with the Z2000. Z2 was set-it-and-forget-it.

Any Problems: Burning smell for the first 2-3 hours of use, seems to be going away.

Review by PROPHET

I've owned Sharp DT-500 for 2 years 1300 plus hours it's an awesome projector, for watching HD on cable or Blu-ray the surprising factor it blows away the Z2000 on watching HD on cable by leaps and bounds. If your only going to watch Blu-ray or HD-DVD movies then get the Z2000 but if you plan to watch HD on cable than this is not for you. I was expecting to be blown away by the Z2000 but I wasn't. Better than my Sharp Dt-500 how? Watching HD closer to screen, the ability to shift picture up or down, great for person like i with remote screen and keeping black border on any given picture ratio. I'll be keeping my DT-500 for viewing Cable and the Sanyo for my blu-ray and HD-DVD vewing.

Review by Chris

What helped me decide to get the Sanyo PLV-Z2000 was the 1080P resolution, 3yr. warr., $600 in rebates and great reviews. Out of the box great picture,projected onto a fixed 94" diy 16x9 screen. I recently built a diy fixed 106" 2.35:1 superwide screen because most of the hd content(hd dvd and blu-ray)that I have is in that format....WOW! What an experience the superwide screen makes, "zoom the picture out,focus and adjust with lens shift". Keep in mind this is a 16x9 projector, so on 2.35:1 superwide screens, your menus are going to be overlapping and the black bars from the movies that are 2.35:1 are shown on the top and bottom of the walls. Once the movie starts, you won't see those bars anyway, your attention will be drawn to the action on the screen! Great projector, would recommend..

Any Problems: Have to focus every now and then, otherwise flawless!

Review by Johni

Awesome, So crisp and clear is the best way to describe this projector, It looks so much better even with 720p input over my old native 720p. Out of box performance not bad, After tweaking and calibration 20 times better. Have my PC vie hdmi and Captian 8000HD and Hd-dvd and all look just stunning. So Pleased and I recommend this projector. Some reveiws say projector wasn't very bright, I completely disagree, This projector is more than bright enough even with some light on, I even keep mine on eco mode and have the brightness down to -10 on my 106 inch Dalight screen

Any Problems: No problems,except for I have to refocus just a hair every now and then. I really hope this thing will be reliable.

Review by Andy

I exercise with the PLV-Z2000 as a dedicated cinema-projector for 6 months now (ca 250 hrs viewing time). Since I made a good use of projectorcentral at my beginnings, I'm happy to leave my opinion in return. A really huge advantage of this unit is a superb set-up versatility. I had absolutly no problems with placing and connecting this projector (the vertical and horizontal lens-shift, the 2.0 focus, smart levelling, wide connectivity options, automatic switching upon signal resolution change etc). The self-closing sliding door is also very convenient (I'm sure I'd forget to cover the lens with a cap most of the times). Another star goes for the overall picture quality and final movie impressions. My primary target for this projector was to get as much as possible from my European 576i encoded DVD collection (ca 1000 titles). Using a basic 92'' DaLite Projecta 16:9 framed screen (matt white, 1.0 gain) I must admit, that following the upscaled HDMI signal (1080p or 1080i) from Toshiba HD-XE1 (known under XA2 label in the US I suppose) the overall picture reliability is excellent. There are absolutely no artifacts, no color-distortions etc, the saturation and the overall impression is overwhelming (with no filters or color enhancements - pure cinema mode exclusively). [one note - you really should use high-grade HDMI interconnectors, otherwise the quality might suffer] Basing upon all reviews and tests I read before purchasing this unit, I feared a little the "black" scenes, however all night-captures of "black hawk down" were satisfactory indeed. And while it is true the black bars for cinemascope ratio significantly distinguished from the screen's black frame (ca. 40% difference; a problem to be solved with a more advanced screen), it is for sure compensated with the overall picture quality (you do not intensively search for the deepest black items on the screen while watching a movie, do you?). Contrary to PLV-Z4 I upgraded from, the Sanyo Z2000 has enough power to give a decent picture even with ambient light in the room (brighter room conditions require more powerful picture modes, which definitely spoil the quality). Intuitively I'd suggest to run performance tests for bigger rooms before buing this unit. The 1080p HD-DVD contents (all happened to perfectly fit the 16:9 screen's black frames) was without exception simply perfect. Taking into consideration the comparable quality of the winning Blu-ray I would assume this machine performs in HD as expected (given a solid source signal). My overall opinion is very good, and I have not suffered any disappointment with this choice (maybe if the black bars were more black I'd be more pleased, however for that money there is absolutely nothing to argue about).

Any Problems: Just a few (not influencing the overall enthusiastic impression): - for the first 100hrs a plastic-burning-out smell, that finally vanishes in further usage; - unfortunatelly the iris is quite loud (taking into consideration the 19dB of this unit in cinema-mode), which is no subject once you turn up the volume to ca -20/ 25 dB; - as already reported the color of letterbox or pillarbox bars distinguishes significantly from the original frame of the fabric screen, however this is not an issue if the projected picture perfectly fits the frame of the screen of course;

Review by Andrew Taylor

Excellent. As a computer programmer, I'm using it as a monitor hooked up via a dvi to hdmi conversion cable. The image is sharp. It might not be the brightest one out there, but it's fine for smaller rooms where the light can be controlled on the brightest days. It's very quiet, barely audible over a fanless pc. 1080p is great for movies and gaming. Excellent mature feature set. Quite the deal for the price.

Any Problems: Color needed to be corrected initially. Lost focus when new, but seems solid now. As others have mentioned, there was a hot plastic smell, which has gone away with use.

Review by K Weedo

I have about 50 hours on this projector and I am coming from an NEC HT1000 1024x768. The Sanyo PLV Z2000 is so much sharper and more detailed with HDDVD and HD content. I did not think there would be that much of a difference with 1080p, but man I was wrong. Now with a 600 dollar rebate, it's a steal!!!

Any Problems: I stay up all night watching movies and don't get anything done around the house anymore!!!

Review by You

I have the PLV-Z2000 for two months, one month combined with a HD DVD player. After around 50 hours of use, all my fears have gone away: the image quality is stunning, sharp, and deep, and colours are amazing. In Eco-mode, the unit is absolutely silent, although in A1 mode (my preferred mode, between full and eco-mode) it can eventually be heard in quiet scenes but not distracting at all. I have no difficulty in believing that it is the most silent unit (with the Mitsubishi HC5000/6000) on the market. Those who never had (full) HD experience, it might be a bit of a disappointment when viewing an old DVD (standard definition) as the image might sometimes be a bit hazy. However, it is an unbelievable change when viewing an HD DVD (also Blu Ray, although I do not possess BR). "Batman begins" or "Aeon Flux", among others, are absolutely striking, amazing, beautiful, make feel good having invested in Full HD (especially when Mrs. Wife does not have any idea of what Full HD means). In terms of contrast, it is royal in dark scenes, in bright scenes it is very good (I would not dare saying average, as it is definitely above average). I had the opportunity to see a demo with a Panasonic PT-AE2000: it is indeed very good. Unless having a side-by-side comparison, it is difficult to say which one is better but "comparable" might be the right word. I have a projection distance of ca. 3.5 m (from lens to screen) and image diagonal of ca. 2.5 m. I always use it after sunset to enjoy the best unit performances. Some reviews have mentioned that the brightness might be the weakest point of the Z2000. Personally, I would say that there are sufficient lumens in this unit for my image size. Of course, for those who want much bigger image size, the unit might lack some brightness. As far as I know the Z2000 is intend for Home Cinema use, not for 500 seats professional cinemas. For those who have a reasonably sized room, especially in Europe and Japan, but also in other countries where the rooms size is usually limited, the Z2000 is probably the best price/performance unit. Many have complained about the bulky size of this unit. Myself, I indeed think it is bulky, however, compared to all other FULL HD projectors, the Z2000 is probably the smallest. The housing will probably never get any design award but who cares once it is installed and the room darkened? How it performs on the long term, only the future can say, although in terms of cleanability, Sanyo is one step ahead as it provides the "BLOWER" for cleaning dust from the chips.

Any Problems: The plastic burn-like odour is very unpleasant, but it completely disappears after 20-30 hours running. It seems that it is due to the bulb protection and occurs on many new bulbs, not only Sanyo's (to be confirmed). For most of the home cinema users, it is to my eyes one of the best units currently on the market. For those who specialists, or picky as I can sometimes be, the contrast in bright scenes could be a bit improved (ie. blacks could be blacker in bright scenes). This last comment also applies on many other new LCD projectors. This does not mean that it is bad, as already mentioned, the contrast in bright scenes is very good. Those who are not happy with the contrast may switch to DLP or LCOS technology, but they will have to live with a noisy and high heat generating unit or pay at least double the price for minor improvements.

Review by tommy guerin

I reviewed this projector for two weeks in my system for a friend that is currently constructing his new theater. I currently own a PLV-Z5. This projector offer a stunning picture. It is a definite step up from the Z5. I have been very happy with my Z5, but I was amazed at the picture difference. The Z2000 is a very good value.

Any Problems: It produced a burning smell that lessened over the two weeks, but was still noticable the day I removed it from my system.

Review by Justin

All around fantastic 1080p projector. Unbelievable for the money ($2100 after rebate). It's big, it's bulky, but the performance is unmatched by anything it its price range. Highlights: 2 HDMI inputs 2 component inputs Multiple iris settings Nifty auto door open. Horizontal and vertical shift (amazing!) Easy menu navigation Bigger remote than Z4, but the light up button is helpful. Should you buy? Yes, if you want/need 1080p. Blu-ray and HD-DVD, plus Playstation and XBox 360 look amazing.

Any Problems: Color needs to be properly set, as there are some settings that are off. Bump the gamma up too if you want to get closer to what plasma/LCD screens look like.

Review by Mike

Having bought every Sanyo projector Z1,Z2,Z3,Z4,Z5 and now the Z2000. It is amazing what sanyo has done with the Z2000. Out of the box it was excellent. Going through and learning about the set-up, it is even more than I could want. Sat pictures from 4:3 tv are more define. High Def channels stunning. Hd WOW ! Ps3 with Blue-Ray is just wonderful. Thanks Sanyo !

Any Problems: The side vent passes more light out on the ceiling ! I'm sure it is for cooling! If it was deflected it would have been less. Not a big problem, the picture speaks for it self !

Review by Dave

This is my third Sanyo projector, I had the Z2 and the Z4, and this is the best one by far. For the price this is the best value out now for a 1080 projector. Buy it, enjoy it, I do.

Any Problems: None.

Review by Theatre Guy

The new Sanyo PLV-Z2000 is a superb unit, and its small price completely belies its amazing performance. Out of the box the unit showed excellent blacks, superb contrasts and natural colors - this was the easiest projector I have ever worked with, and by far had the best picture. The unit is very quiet (one has to listen very hard for it, even in a silent room) and the onscreen menus are very intuitive - Sanyo has hit a Home-run with this product, and I recommend it to anyone!

Any Problems: My only gripe with this unit is the lack of a trigger output - it makes motorized screen activation a challenge.