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Sanyo PLV-Z3 User Reviews

Sanyo PLV-Z3 Projector

Sanyo PLV-Z3

HD 720 (1280x720), 800 ANSI Lumens,
9.0 lbs, $2,495 (MSRP)
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4.7 out of 5
83 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.8
Construction 4.7
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.6
Value for Money 4.8

User Reviews

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Review by Trace Johnson

We have had our projector for over 5 years (so long I can't remember exactly) We have replaced the bulb once. This projector gets a lot of use with 3 teenage boys and 2 gaming systems plus movies. We are extremely happy with the reliability and ease of use. One feature it is missing is the Fiber optic input but for how old it is and not extremely common standard technology it is not a disappointment.

Any Problems: none

Review by Alan Thomas

This projector has great image quality and is relatively quiet. Lots of flexibility with the image is presented. Unfortunately, this model has had numerous problems with image quality being maintained.

Any Problems: It's had to go to the shop twice in two years ue to problems with the color panels.

Review by chitch

Greate projector, Had it for 2 years now and the bulb life for me is 600 hours. Very disappointing, I expected more from Sanyo. Also I mostly used it for movies in dark room. Relacement lamp is $300.00 on average.

Any Problems: none to date

Review by Roland Ryan

I have had my Sanyo for about 9 months now, and if you Hi-Def LCD for under $1500, this projector is what you want. The screen in beautiful, and it is very easy to use. I use my projector primarily for video games and movies. If you can't afford a PLV-Z4, get the Z3!

Any Problems: My only compliant is the functionality with my PC, but then again, it could have been my POS Dell too. I am getting a new computer soon, which I plan to hook up with an HDMI cable instead of VGA. I will update this post or post again at that point.

Review by Florin Cristea

I've bought it from an excellent store in Budapest, Hungary. I live in Constanta , Romania and my Sanyo was great for about 25 hours. Then i began to see some colour problem, with greens on the bottom of picture and reds in the top. I call the sanyo service from Romania and they told me that a have to change some optic mechanism that will cost around 500 euro. (I paid 780 euro for sanyo plav z3!!!). Warranty is in Hungary, not in Romania!

Any Problems: This is my second projector and the last one!

Review by superman23

I've owend my projector for 7 months now and i have had nothing but enjoyment out of it. I've used it for video's and for gaming and the picture is better than my big screen tv, that i was using for my theater room .

Any Problems: None so far.

Review by E. West

Excellent imaging. Fantastic colors. Near perfect calibration out of the box. I love the multitude of connects. Very quiet. Plenty bright in a well lit room. I sort of wish there were more differences between black levels, but I am satisfied with what I have. It does a pretty good job of heating up a fairly cool area. I've done more movie watching during the colder months than the warmer months. The settings menu is pretty extensive. I wish it was much easier to change some settings, but this is nothing to be concerned about. Overall, for the price, features, and ability, its a wonderful projector. I guess I have about 100 hours on the bulb over 8 months of use and I am having no issues.

Any Problems: I only experience problems with the VGA port when playing DirectX games on the pc. The screen becomes horindous. Increase the refresh rate has not helped. Since it has a 3 year warranty, one day I'll get around to sending it in to see if it truely is a defect or whether this is normal.

Review by robgr

WOW!!! Completely stunned!!! New house & can't get Mitsubish 60" big screen down there so had to lay out the cash for a projector. Total Satisfaction! For about the same price as a good 60" big screen I get all this ..finally a video match to my Pioneer Elite VSX53 and Klipshc Ref Series Speakers. The Fifth Element Superbit blew my mind. I was not expecting such quality for $1500!!! No glitches, banding, pixels, etc.!!! For this price it is a no brainer. I studied projectors for 4 months and held my breath when I ordered this. Total Satisfaction! Remote Rocks ...completely lights up ..can do anything with it in total darkness. I have complete light control so brightness is no issue. Unless you plan on spending over $3k for DLP, get this.

Any Problems: None!!!

Review by Mr Flibble

Have been doing research for about 5mths, have bought & tried loads of projectors, this beats most if not all on value but definatly on picture quality in the same price range. The quality is so good i no longer need my screen I just project straight onto the wall, every thing has been made so easy, even the remote has a built in light so you to make fine adjustments in the dark....this simply is the best out there.....

Any Problems: none..

Review by HUTCH 69

im very happy with my new sanyo plv-z3.its my first projector.i cant believe the picture,so crisp.its better than being at the movies.great value for the money!

Any Problems: none yet.

Review by Asif

This projector is a great value for money. The picture is amazing. With proper setup like controlled light, optimum throw distance and some whate acceptable screen you can get very good quality picture. This projector really shines on 720 P HDTV. I have not even tried HDMI input yet but simple component input is working great. I would prefer this over Z4 or AE900 as the difference will be marignal.

Any Problems: No problems yet.

Review by Len

I just have to say that I extremely overwhelmed by this project's quality right out of the box. The picture sharpness and color is very close to more expensive projectors I have seen, which make this a great value at the price. I would highly recommend the PLV-Z3.

Any Problems: No problems thus far

Review by Bruno

This projector is very good for its price. Image quality is fine. Me, my wife and the kids love watching movies on our 130 inches in the dark room. Combined with a good surround audio system, it feels really like being at the cinema except that, at the end of the movie, we are within 30 seconds to our bedroom. I'm not an expert in projectors, but judging on the reaction in my brother’s face when he came to watch a movie with us, you will surely not regret your move if you are interested to purchase one for yourself.

Any Problems: The manual shift ring for adjusting the lens position is not precise. There is a back-lash which makes-it difficult to align the image on the screen when it is surrounded by a black frame. Too bad that there is one dead blue pixel on my new unit, but it is within the specs.

Review by fishleg

I have had this unit for 1 year and am still amazed. I have a light controlled HT room and play dvds thru component, sat hd thru hdmi on a 10ft dia screen. Picture is very good. I have used it so much I fear a bulb replacement is coming. I am currently installing another unit for my neighbor(they couldnt believe the price vs quaility) This site has been right on!

Any Problems: I developed diagonal purple lines and lost picture 3 times in 1200hr of viewing. Shut unit down for 5 minutes and problem went away

Review by Mike Evans

Amazing! This projector rocks. We’ve had it for two months now. We have it on a shelf near the ceiling projecting about 10 ½ feet onto a 6 ½ foot 16:9 (wide screen aspect) manual pull down high contrast white screen. I knew it was going to be good, but didn’t think it would be THIS good! Seriously, it’s like having a seven foot plasma screen on your wall. DVDs and Xbox gaming with component cables looks incredible. The color, brightness, contrast, and sharpness are spot on. I played around with all the adjustments, but didn’t even need to, this thing was perfect right out of the box. I was worried about ambient light being a problem, but it’s not. We can have multiple lights on around the basement or the ceiling can lights (and there are even 4 cans right above the screen!) at about half power with the dimmer switch and still the image is bright and colors solid. Also was worried about the viewing angle, but again, not a problem at all. You can stand WAY off to the side of the screen and still it’s crystal clear. Contrast and black levels are great, again way better than I hoped for. I could go on, but I’ll stop here with one more comment. Price. Under $1600, are you kidding me? Very impressed, and couldn’t be happier. Thank you Sanyo PLV-Z3, you’re my hero.

Any Problems: None.

Review by Tony626

I bought this projector for a basement which is currently being finished. The electrician was here when I opened it set it up for a quick review. He was absolutely stunned that no one else he knows and work for has not thought of this. He has seen several large screen HDTVs but the picture was unbelievable. Absolutely incredible!

Review by Doctor Who

I bought this projector without first previewing it, based solely on the reviews on this and other sites. This is an excellent projector and I have no regrets. Mostly I bought it for watching DVDs. I have a Panasonic S97 hooked up to this projector via HDMI input/output. The picture quality is just fantastic. The image quality of the picture output depends on the quality of the source material. Some DVDs are transferred well while others are poor to outright terrible. Like I said garbage in garbage out. Haven’t tried HDTV but I’m sure that would work out just fine depending on the hardware and signal quality. If you follow the proper guidelines in setting up this projector, you shouldn’t have any issues with screen door effect etc. A pitch black room is definitely not required but highly recommended for total viewing pleasure. This projector is highly recommended.

Any Problems: None so far.

Review by Rick

There are no stores in our area that take front projectors seriously so I was unable to see the performance of this or any other model for that matter prior to purchasing. I relied heavily on internet research, primarily this site, to reach my decision. I decided to take the leap of faith with the PLV-Z3 and don't regret it in the least. I'm amazed at the technology. I purchased a 720p step up DVD player with HDMI and the picture quality is perfect. Watched LOR Fellowship of the Rings and was awe struck. Every detail right down to the pores of the skin were unbelievably clear. I highly recommend this projector to anyone, who like me, has no means of seeing the picture beforehand. You won't be disappointed.

Any Problems: No problems so far. Would like to have better picture quality from Dish Network's standard digital channels but I'm not sure it's the projector's fault. I had a Sony 57" HDTV prior to this and was even more disappointed. The PLV-Z3 has improved the picture quality over the Sony so maybe it's the dish that's disappointing.

Review by Dan

After searching the web to find a good quality projector I finally decided on the Sanyo Z3. I am not disappointed in the least. From the moment that I took it out of the box I had an awesome picture. The colors are amazing. I tried it out on the wall first. (Just remember if ordering a screen there is at least a week delay at most places for the screen.) I wish that I would have tried it on the wall first before I ordered the screen. By doing this you can see what your picture will be like at different sizes.Ths Sanyo is quiet and I have not seen any of those things like rainbow or screendoor effects and the fan noise is minimum. The picture is really sharp. Armagadden and Nemo is absolutely amazing. My son plays video games on it and he has a blast. TV looks great as well. I don't feel that anyone will be disappointed in purchasing it. The new Z4 will probably be even better. I can say that the screen does add a nice pop to the color as opposed to the wall. You will not regret the screen purchase. I purchased the new Denon 2106 receiver and the Polk Audio 6900 surround speakers for my sound and it is absolutely awesome.

Any Problems: I really can not say that I have any problems. It truly is a great projector.

Review by Eyeworks

Thanks to projector central, my decision to go with the Sanyo PLV-Z3 was easy. The recent introduction of the Z-4 has dropped prices on the 3 to 1500.00. Out of the box the image was stunning and with little calibraton necessary utilizing the Avia calibration disk it just got better. HDTV through a DVI to HDMI cable delivers the "picture window" HDTV promised. Fox's coverage as well as ABC's "Monday Night Football" has to be seen to be believed. Couldn't be happier.

Any Problems: None so far.