A Reliable Moving Image! The Ride of the Headless Horseman

As a way to promote their audio/video production capabilities and serve a client, BlueWater Technologies (Special Events and Staging) in Grand Rapids, Michigan put a unique ad agency idea into projected reality with a SANYO PLC-XF46N. BlueWater had to develop a way to project a visual concept that is so arresting that about everybody who saw it would take notice and say, "How did they do that?" (At the same, time people who saw the visual concept were encouraged to get involved in an ad campaign.)

BlueWater Productions was part of a promotion for a regional discount store chain Meyer, in Chicago. As a stimulus for a general media campaign of Meyer's, a Watch-Text-and-Win cash prize contest was developed by Meyer's ad agency for the Halloween time period. The planning took about two weeks and consisted of BlueWater riding in a van while projecting an animated image of the galloping horse on the sides of downtown Chicago buildings (whatever) while on the move. "He Rides," the name of the projected image, was created by a content creative house and featured The Headless Horseman from the classic Legend of Sleepy Hollow story by Washington Irving. The headless blue rider held aloft a flaming pumpkin head while galloping on the outsides of buildings. A GPS signal tracking the vehicle provided an on-board computer with the pacing of the horse image. As the van sped up, the horse galloped faster. An advertising message regularly accompanied the galloping horse like "It's frightening how much we love Halloween, (signed) Meyer." This message alternated with a consumer involvement promotion. If a projected image-watcher texted "He Rides" to a certain number, he or she could win $1000. Using a projector like SANYO's, the ad agency called it "Beamvertizing."

Features Up to the Task

This was a special application that required special preparation and a special projection.A customized medal bracket/stand was set into the floor of the van. It really acted as a tripod with characteristics like a "steady cam" to keep the projection from bouncing. Then a SANYO PLC-XF46N was locked down on top of it. The projector was powered by a gasoline generator with the exhaust funneled out via a large flexible silver colored tube. The projector base bracket was slanted upward to hit high on the buildings as the van road by with the van side door open to allow the projection. A BlueWater spokesperson listed the four lamps system for back-up reliability first. Others followed. The PLC-XF46N was also used because of its high ANSI lumens, 12,000. A crisp XGA resolution 1300:1 and vertical/horizontal edge management were essential. This SANYO technology enhances image outlines which helps the rendering of crisp and smooth images. On the move, auto picture control optimized this dynamic range of luminance was faithful to gamma settings and offsets. This all adds up to a highly coveted genuine contrast and sharpness.

The projection ride was continued in other areas and SANYO performed every time. SANYO and the headless horseman may become a Halloween tradition.

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