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SSE TAM 2L Screen

TAM, is the ultimate fixed-frame A.T. screen with motorized masks. Your image is optimum when perfectly framed by light-absorbing black borders. In order to achieve this exact framing for various imaging Aspects Ratios, the True Aspect Masking L offers LATERAL masking. The height of the viewing area remains constant, whereas the width can vary according to the required aspect ratio.

This provides a projection surface constantly and accurately bordered with black edges, enhancing the contrast and a real focus on the image.

The TAM-2L is a constant height design provided with two independent lateral motorized masks. The most common aspect ratios can be pre-programmed in the motors controls.

The frame is the same as with the RF range, hence offering a sleek appearance. The TAM-2 L screen will integrate with your decor seamlessly, allowing, discreetly, a fully automated operation of your Home Theater.

Our Certified SSE TAM 2L Screen Sellers

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AV Science is an authorized dealer for numerous screen manufacturer's like Stewart Filmscreen, Screen Excellence, Screen Innovations, Dalite and more. We are also the exclusive dealer for DreamScreen V6 Ultraweave products - contact us today!
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