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Screen Pro Sound Transparent Floor Screen

Screen Pro Sound Transparent Floor Screen Screen
*Portable and durable

*Aluminum casing with powder coated surface for scratch free and no glare.Rotated support feet keep the casing stand safe and stable.

*Pneumatic cylinders to assure the screen to extended to any desired height freely

*Bottom additional black border used with high strength PET material, flame retardant, matte powder coated to eliminate the environment light influence effectively. Laser dealing micro hole to assure sound transparent, eliminate wind resistance to keep the mirror like surface as well.

*Premium high resolution fabric keep your image as clear and vivid as it could be. High resolution fabric, RoHS standard, excellent physical characters in ductibility and elastic ability between-15 to 45, 0.41mm thick, fabric is UV protective, anti-static, cleanable, mildew resistant and flame retardant. No aging and dust free after long time usage.

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