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Screen Pro TS-Flat Series Fixed Screen

ScreenPro® soft light transparent material structure is a 0.2mm ultra-porous tensioning fabric that increases the fun of your cinema while providing the option of rear audio setting, complete the 3D surround experience, reproduce the space reverberation process of the performance hall, with more moving presence. Combined with the motion picture of a large-screen movie to make vision and hearing work at the same time, this kind of presence is more realistic and vivid, and therefore more infectious.

The direct light in the projector is superimposed on the screen with an optical coating, which is converted into soft diffused light without obvious directions, eliminating the undesirable high light spots on portraits and other objects, making the image more natural, giving a soft and delicate feeling, and medium tones, the area becomes suitable to reflect the shape and color of the object. Makes the bright areas of the screen brighter, the dark areas darker, and the image contrast increases.