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Screen Pro Zergion Motorized Screen

Screen Pro Zergion Motorized Screen Screen
* A sophisticated Tab Tensioned system holds the viewing surface flat and wrinkle free.

* Patented access case design composed of two pieces of aluminum case, the front piece can be easily opened to change fabric or motor.

* Spiral aluminum rod ensures the mirror like surface without any lines.

* UV protective shining powder coated aluminum casing provides elegant appearance and scratch free.

* Patented sliding mounting brackets can be freely moved in the channels of the casing to avoid rigorous fixed position methods.

* Quiet tubular motor system provide overheat protective function to prolong the life of screen.

* Precisely automatic shutdown at the limited position by integrated limited position stopper.

* Radio remote control with learn code function and preset laser pointer connection on remote handset.

* Premium high resolution fabric keep your image as clear and vivid as it could be

* High elastic fabric(0.4mm thickness), RoHS standard, excellent physical characters in ductibility and elastic ability between -15? to 45?.

* Fabric is UV protective, anti -static cleanable, mildew resistant and flame retardant.

(show metric units)
  MSRP - AV (1:1) Format
Viewable Size
(h x w)
Diagonal Matte White
143" x 143" 202" n/a
  MSRP - NTSC Video (4:3) Format
Viewable Size
(h x w)
Diagonal Matte White
108" x 144" 180" n/a
120" x 160" 200" n/a
126" x 168" 210" n/a
144" x 192" 240" n/a
150" x 200" 250" n/a
180" x 240" 300" n/a

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