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Screen Research ClearPix Motorized Screen

Unmatched quality of the ClearPix Fabrics
The ClearPix motorized screen is available with ClearPix2. This patented fabric allows speakers to be placed directly behind the screen with no sound or picture quality compromise. Its vivid and neutral moiré-free picture and its unmatched acoustical transparency make it the best screen solution for fixed-pixel projectors.

Perfectly flat Screen for a high - quality image
The screen surface remains perfectly flat in the long term without requiring any obtrusive lateral tensioning due to the THX-certified ClearPix2 fabric made of coated fibers. The image is surrounded with a black border for a clean and clear appearance and to enhance the perceived quality of the picture.

Free of constraint positioning
ClearPix2 fabric allows you to position your speakers as close to the screen as you like when it is in use, without impacting its acoustic transparency. This provides the ideal placement versatility of the screen.

Black Backing - no light reflections
All of our ClearPix™ screens can be equipped with our black backing layer, which is acoustically transparent and certified by THX and ISF, to suppress reflections from behind the screen and improve the perceived contrast ratio.