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Sharp PG-B10S User Reviews

Sharp PG-B10S Projector

Sharp PG Series PG-B10S

SVGA (800x600), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
6.0 lbs, $1,195 (MSRP)
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4.8 out of 5
21 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.4
Features 4.9
Construction 4.8
Ease of Use 4.9
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 4.9

User Reviews

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Review by Bob

I've had my projector for 5 months. It's awesome. I bought it for $599 new. I have my projector on the ceiling and am shooting a 110" 16X9 picture. The picture is great. I have it hooked up to a Cox DVR and an over the air HD box for all my local channels. I am using the VGA input via component video. (This is a must, much better than S-Video). I bought the adapter. I sit about 10 feet from the screen and the picture is stunning; especially in High Definition. I made a screen out of white paneling (purchased at home depot, 2 sheets of 8X4, I had to cut the bottom off 1 sheet and use it for the bottom portion of the screen) and painted it slightly grey. I found some paint codes on the internet. The grey color does make a difference for this projector. My lighting is very low. I made a shelf that hangs off the ceiling and ran my ceiling light wires over to a plug I installed above it. I'm telling you the high def picture will blow your mind. I don't experience any screen door effect. I can't say enough about this projector. If you can find one you won't be disapointed. You can't go wrong. But like I said you have to get the vga component video cable to get a shocking picture and of corse high def cable service. Usually high def cable service doesn't cost much more and well worth it for this projector. Set your high def cable box or DVR at 1080i and the projector will adjust to it automatically through the VGA - component cable. There is a reason why the videos stores don't display projectors. Because anyone that sees one wouldn't ever my a tiny 40" plasma for the price difference.

Review by paul holmes

This projector can,t be beat for the price.Got mine for ($599) Projecting on a da-lite 110 inch screen. The image is bright and clear.No screen door at too times screen width.This baby will light up a room.In econo mode the room does not have to be totally dark. With the lens shift it can be placed anywhere in the room. Buy this projector.You wont be sorry


Review by Cliff L

I purchased this projector at a warehouse type store last Oct (2004)($799) and have set it up in my finished basement. I bought an aftermarket dvd support bracket and have mounted it to the ceiling. I display on a flat white wall about 8 feet away, giving a 80inch diagonal picture. It works great! 6 months ago I got a HD cable box and when connected to the vga/componet input, images look fantastic, great for HD football game broadcasts! the projector automaticly resets to 1080i or 720p depending on the signal. Auto changes from widescreen and normal modes. Very inexpensive way to get high quality home theater. You need to be able to limit ambient light, so a basement is an excelent location. I switch between econo and regular mode, for a higher contrast image. I also use this with the PC as a monitor for viewing digital photo's and mpeg movies. again a terrific value for the money!

Any Problems: The unit will shut down when ambient temp. gets too high, hence warm air rises to the ceiling from my woodburner, to solve that problem I installed a small fan to blow cool air at the projector. Don't bother with the audio on the projector, feed audio thru a good 5.1 surround amp & speakers.

Review by Joe

I picked up this piece of heaven up for 410 buck new, and its crazy. I just built a movie theater with 3 level stadium seating with a few of my college friends for our house and put this projector in there for an image size around 150-200 and it looks great. I have yet to get a dvi output dvd player, but even component looks amazing. The digital cable is also crazy like watching the nba finals, not to mention video games. We played 007, medal of honor and gauntlet legends for a few hours each night the first week we got this thing ( about 3 weeks ago ). I also use the eco mode which supposedly saves alot of bulb life and I cant tell the difference. Overall I cant see why anyone would not buy one of these things when you can find them for the same price as a 36'' tv at best buy. Thank you Mr. Sharp

Any Problems: Anyone sitting behind the projector fan is in for quite a heatwave, but that was expected so just block it to the side of make sure its mounted on the sealing.

Review by Edmond

I came to this site to read the review and get detal info. All the review I read was postive so I order one, and it work perfect. I place an ATI HDTV wonder card in my computer and use the projector as a monitor. The only thing I have to say is "WOW" it is nice, and that is with a $60.00 70" by 70" screen. I had some friends over to watch march maddness and everyone love my projector. In short any one who is looking to setup a HT for under $1000 this projector is for you. It is easy to setup, work very well with your DVD and VCR, and best of all it is HDTV ready.

Any Problems: If you plan to set the projector more then 20 feel away then the room must be dark. But remember $499 you can't find a good 36" TV for that.

Review by drichardson

Bought this for $499 and all I can say is "WOW"!!!! I haven't experienced the screen door effect but I generally run this machine at a res higher than its native. I watched the opening of the Incredibles and this project is just that - incredible.

Any Problems: Extremly bright for my space, had to move the projector back - lights up my room like a Christmas tree. My old projector kept the surrounding area dark - not so with this one. Moving it back helped alot.

Review by Mark

I picked this up after looking to get a home theatre porjector for my basement. I didnt want to spend a lot at first not knowing how one would work in my home, so when I saw this for 899 with a 300 rebate brand new, I jumped on it. After reading at AVS about a method for a DYI screen. I built my own 122" screen, set up my PG-B10S, hooked up a new 6.1 DD System and I was very pleased with the results. DVDs looked great (with little or minimal light), Digital Cable also looked great. (getting HD this week). It looks good for the money, the contrast is not the best but as a entry level to get into the game, its a no brainer. I also didnt see a big difference with eco-mode and regaular so at almost 4000 hours in eco mode, I am very very pleased. Also for those home screen builders, think grey, not white for your screen!

Any Problems: Nothing yet. Setup was 1-2-3.

Review by Flboomer

I have had it for about a week, so only 10 hours or so on it, but I am very impressed with the quality of the picture, even straight out of the box. Perfect for DVD movies, even on a plain white wall. I had purchased a Screenplay 4805 and had some buyer's remorse, took it back and got this machine. For about half the cost I have a picture that is just as good in my opinion. And no rainbows. Features are excellent, I love the lens shift and the manual zoom. You will too!

Any Problems: There is a screen door effect when you are not 1.5-2 times the screen size away...but I did not find that to be too bad. You can always slightly defocus to eliminate it.

Review by SML

I bought the B10S after consulting the reviews (owner and PC) on this this very helpful site. I walked into this purchase quite informed: Thank You, Projector Central. I will reinforce previous comments and will add a few of my own. Last year, I spent over a thousand dollars for a rear projection 50” TV. It was LCD technology and stuck out into the 12’ x 14’ room at least two feet. Our next door friend had a projector and my wife and I were both impressed by it. We are both fairly tight with our money and value was the major consideration. Not mentioning any names, I went to the striped Bengal beast website and found this projector for less than $600 refurbished. I opened the box and expected the machine to prove itself. I suffered slight pangs of remorse until I read the User Guide (God forbid) and I started making some tweaks. The initial picture projected on a white wall was grainy and washed out. Very aggressive adjustments of the color, tint, and gamma were required to make the picture vibrant. Two days later my Steren (253-512) cable (VGA to 3RCA Component Video - $13 total) came and I hooked the projector digitally up to the DVD player. Contrary to the PC review there was a significant reduction in the screen door effect (SVGA artifact) and the picture quality was dramatically increased. Sidebar: Input 1 is the vga connection and can switch between component and RBG; the RBG selection produces a horrible green picture so one must be sure it is set to component.. I run this machine in economy mode; it makes no sense to use the full setting in a home theater setup. The fan noise is less noticeable, there is little change (it gets a little darker, quality remains) in the picture, and the lamp life is doubled (4000hrs). Setup was fairly easy. One thing the reviewers failed to mention was that with the lens shift feature, Sharp does not recommend installing a ceiling mounted B10S upside down. I built a ceiling shelf about eight feet away from the wall and mounted it upright (must be perpendicular to screen surface). I only wanted a six foot wide screen so I had to get that close. I would have preferred to project from the back of the room but the zoom range (1.25:1) is limited. However, I (as with many reviewers) cannot say enough good things about the lens shift feature. It is not usually found on low-end projectors, but it is found on this one. It made the setup very easy. I started with a table to find the distance that I wanted for the ceiling and once I installed the shelf, the lens shift made that part of the setup a breeze. With a decent home theater accessory package (PS DVD + 5.1 Dolby Sound) I have a very good (as opposed to premium) set up. Some of the XGA DLP projectors out there may whip this, but when I watch the opening aerial scenes of “Entrapment”, I am blown away. All of this for less than $900. That is value.

Any Problems: After 35 hrs of viewing; these are issues, not problems: Short zoom range. One pixel out (refurb)in lower left hand corner (outside of widescreen viewing area). Resize not very useful-Stretch distorts normal aspect ratio to widescreen without any croping.

Review by Adam

Want a projector but think you're too poor...say hello to the PG-B10S. I picked this up at a major warehouse store for less than 800 bucks and made a home theater downstairs. Granted, this is not top of the line for home theater (contrast ratio could be a lot better) but this thing rocks. Lens shift means you just point it where you want without a keystone effect. I have this hooked up to an xbox and a progressive scan dvd player and an onky0 s770 home theater. If you are broke and just out of college (like me) this is an awesome setup. I stapled a white king size sheet to the wall, black felt all around and everyone is amazed at the picture. Email me if you have questions on a cheap setup with this for a hometheater: adavis99(*at*) or if you have any advice for setups.

Any Problems: Okay here are the negatives: Fan is a bit noisy, Only 800x600 (all you need for dvd) contrast is not on par with new breed of DLP. Dollar for Dollar though this is one tough projector to beat.

Review by david finch

I have found this to be the best projector for i have had. As for the screendoor effect when using the s-video input and a good screen it is very hard to see.

Any Problems: none so far

Review by Kostas

I bought it for 660 euros and I find it to be a very good purchase for the money cost. I wanted to have lens shift, short lens throw and a light projector so I decided to buy this one. I have found it, now after 160 hours of playback, to be a very good projctor, well worth its money and certainly cheaper when you use the eco mode. Thumbs up for this product, if only the picture quality was a bit better...then I would buy another one!

Any Problems: After 130 hours of projecting the bottom right side of the picture has been somehow cropped.

Review by binocularfight

so, i've only had this projector for a week, and i've used it twice, so i'm certainly not a master yet. however, that's the point. i've always been sort of stupid when it comes to projectors (using them in performances in college was always a nightmare, and somehow, something always went uncontrollably wrong, and i never had any idea why). but this projector is awesome! i had it set up and completely (sort of) figured out in about 10 minutes. if i can do it, your grandma could probably do it, which means you can also do it. the picture is fantastic, it's really easy to use, it's very lightweight, and i think it's an overall excellent value (especially considering that you can run the projector on energy saver mode, which honestly doesn't really look any different from normal mode, which will then give your lamp 4000 hours of life. holy balls!). my one complaint is that the sound quality from the unit itself is pretty poor, so get yourself a good set of speakers.

Any Problems: none, except sound quality, which isn't so much a problem as an inconvenience.

Review by Natja

Really not that happy with this projector. I expected this would be a keeper. I was lucky enough to get this unit brand new in the box for $599, not too bad eh? So do you want the good news first or the bad news? Well I suppose the good is best comming first. The osd menu is one of the best I have seen. It is set up in full color with allot of easy on the eye icons for many of the settings. This unit is proud to boast some higher end features like the 'lens shift lever' which in my opinion should be included on all projectors. Basically once you have the projector set up to face the center of the screen and pretty much level with it's self, you will never have to adjust the projector it's self from left to right or up and down. The lever does all that for you so you can just set up the projector and that's it! Another great feature is the eco mode function that extends the lamp life to 4000 hrs. I found the eco mode function to be preferable being that it reduced the fan db more than half, yet the light output was hardly lowered at all. The color palets and color temp settings really help out greatly, there is allot more play in the color settings. And a must have is the option to set the rgb to sRGB mode in which the color spectrum is set to the original color spectrum of the film source. I was very impressed by this feature. I had put on the dvd of 'A clockwork orange' with this setting and I couldn't find anything to complain about concerning the accuracy of the colors at all. Yet another feature that should be a standard on all lcd projectors. and I'm very picky about color accuracy as well as most people who know lcd projectors and have seen the problems that arise with color issues. But here is where I draw the line. Read down below

Any Problems: This projector is over rated on several features. First off the lumens seems to be rated higher than it should be. I just sold a viewsonic pj-853 at 800 lumens. The pj-b10s claims to have a rating of 1200 lumens, yet the brightness is about the same as the pj-853. Secondly I had always heard about the problem people have with the so called "screen door effect". Frankly I had no idea what they meant. I honestly never had that problem with the pj-853. However now I am no longer a 'virgin' when it comes to understanding this concept, the sharp pg-b10s has made me a believer in the "screen door effect". This is the most irritating problem with this projector. The "screen door effect" is very noticable viewing the projected image at about 4.5' x 8'. In fact it is nearly unbearable. Not only do you see the pixelized screen door effect, but there are also vertical lines behind the image that are noticable from time to time that seem to underlap the screen door effect. The result is that the image has trouble in the area of sharpness even through the rgb input with a dvd player processed through an iScan dvdo pro line doubler. Another issue that I discovered is that even new out of the box the contrast adjustment in the rgb mode was not operating properly. when adjusting it I experienced that trying to change the setting created a flicker in the image that quickly went from bright to darker and back and fourth as the contrast was being adjusted, and I never could get it to raise and lower the contrast level. The next time I tried it it worked fine, then again the third time it was screwed up again. This didn't happen in the regular video modes for inputs 2 and 3 however. There have also been a few other reviews of this projector shutting it's self down often after 6 months of use from over heating. Contrast ratio at 350:1 isn't as good as that of the viewsonic I had that is rated at 300:1 as well. The final synopsis is that this projector is wonderful on features but the image quality leaves a great deal to be desired. I have had this projector for less than a week and already I'm looking into another one on the web. I would not recommend this projector if you are either looking for a clean picture or high contrast ratio. A real dissapointment really considering the great features the sharp pg-b0S includes.

Review by stef

excellent projector better than my dads sanyo that cost him tripple!! its alot less noisey, its a brighter picture, better picture sharper not as hazy, more functions, looks better, lighter and even has a lens shift how cool is dat!

Review by Mike Berry

Bought initially to get a big screen theater feel as cheap as possible for SDTV and DVD. But wanted to see if it could do HDTV so upgraded cable service and found that this projector gave a very good HDTV picture also. Project picture on 6' x 8' screen which translates to 96" by 54" for 16 x 9 aspect HDTV. The variable lens handy when projecting down from ceiling. All and all a great price. I feel I got a $5,000-$8,000 home theater system for only $2,000 (projector, DVD player, screen, Sony Home Theater, wiring, and electrician to run wiring through ceiling drop).

Any Problems: Bought permanent ceiling mount. The ceiling mount is rather flimsy and results in some motion from air movement.

Review by Projector guy

I got a good deal. I paid only $799 new. I was worried I wasn't able to fill up my screen from such a short throw distance. I have about 110" that needs to be filled from 10'. With this projector no problem. With the risize button, the zoom and the lens shift; it did it's job. The picture is not bad at all. Well worth it's money for what you get.

Any Problems: Slight screen door effect. Can be corrected by using a proper picture screen material.

Review by CEM

I wanted a projector in our master bedroom it was the only to get a large picture in a small room 10'x15' The projector is on a shelf over the bed and a 60 inch pulldown screen is mounted over the closset doors. I had a $1000 to $1500 range set for the projector with the two things I needed most Lens Shift and a picture no larger then 60 inch from 9 feet the Sharp PG-B10S was the only one I could find but I didn't think it would produce a picture that I would be happy with. I found a real deal on the projector $750.00 so I dicided to try it thinking I would just take it back if not happy with the picture. Well I can't believe the proformance of this projector DVD and HDTV are as good as I have ever seen, one of the best buys I have ever made. Cliff

Any Problems: None

Review by PoPEyE1230

I Bought my pg-b10s at a pawnshop for $400 brand new and for the retail price of $1000 it is dame good i watch dvd and hdtv on it all the time and with eco mode that give the lamp life from 2000 hours to 4000 hours with only a 10% dicrease in lumes is a great featcher i cant even tell the diffrence realy nad the contrast for 350:1 is great i dont worry about playing dark movies at all. the lens shift is a grate option and the keystone is too. i have not regrated buy it at all the size is compact because of the size all i had to buy was one for may home theater and work with its easy connections in the back .

Any Problems: the zoom is there but not the best zoom i have seen and the speaker need a common to get but special wire to connect the audio

Review by erka

A good projector for the price. Screendoor effect is quite obvious though. Projector seems to have a non-even color over the entire screen. Contrast could be better, especially for video-projection. It's a good buy, but keep the limitations of the projector in mind when shopping around.

Any Problems: -