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Sharp PG-M25X User Reviews

Sharp PG-M25X Projector

Sharp PG Series PG-M25X

XGA (1024x768), 1900 ANSI Lumens,
5.8 lbs, $3,995 (MSRP)
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3.9 out of 5
4 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.5
Features 4.3
Construction 3.8
Ease of Use 3.8
Reliability 3.8
Value for Money 3.5

User Reviews

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Review by srxdan

this projector was beat around for a couple of years on the road with no problems. now its retired to home use only. image quality is better than any other i have seen. im sure there must be better ones but plenty good for 10 ft. screen at home. sharper image than my nephews 42" lcd rear projection. his is fuzzy, not sharp. and this is while mine is at 10 ft. wow!!

Any Problems: none yet. bulb is waaaaaay to expensive though, 400+.

Review by lpicke

All of our projectors of this model quit working properly all the time and went sent for repair come back and return to having problems almost instantly. Problems finding input to project, shutting off suddenly etc. We check these out to faculty and students for use so they should be more reliable then that.

Review by C stein

Bought it as new... still amazed with picture quality... throws a HUGE image in excellent quality.. a bt noisy though.. will have to build a box for it now as i am using it for home theatre only..

Any Problems: none.. only the noise..

Review by HWM

I purchased this projector refurbished about four months ago for dual use as a presentation projector and a backup to my Electrohome 8500 crt projector for home theater, and I've been astounded by the image quality. It looks better than xga projectors three times its price. For DVDs, I actually prefer it to my CRT. HDTV looks impressive on it, better than most other xga machines, but doesn't match my CRT. Some people have done shootouts reported on the various forums, with positive reviews of the m25x, but even those I've read weren't using the projector to its full home theater potential. To get it to really shine for DVD presentations, the projector needs to be in 16:9 480p or 720p mode (feed it a 480 p or 720p signal from an htpc) and the color needs to be set to RGB and the sync to fast. Do this, along with some minor brightness and contrast adjustments, and you will be hard pressed to find a better dvd image anywhere. In addition, the 1900 lumens is a conservative rating, as it is brighter than some 2200 lumen projectors I've auditioned. The one downside is that the projector is louder than most. I don't mind it, but some could find it distracting. Other upsides include the RF remote which is wonderful for presentations, as is the ability to wirelessly present and the ability to use a cf card so the projector can run presentations without a laptop attached. I'm very picky and I looked at a lot of projectors before settling in on this relatively unknown projector. All in all, for around $1500, it was the best bang for my buck. Very pleased with the purchase.