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Sharp XR-1S User Reviews

Sharp XR-1S Projector

Sharp PG Series XR-1S

SVGA (800x600), 1100 ANSI Lumens,
3.2 lbs, $1,595 (MSRP)
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4.5 out of 5
14 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.5
Features 4.4
Construction 4.5
Ease of Use 4.7
Reliability 4.5
Value for Money 4.6

User Reviews

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Review by J.Whalen

I bought this little monster almost 3 years ago and my bulb life still has about 60% to go. This projector is very useful for me as I use it to play my arcade games which sometimes will not sync right on a regular TV, but thanks to the wide sync range on this projector it makes it possible to sync up pretty much anything. I dont know how this lady "Marlene" used up the bulb in 3-4 months, thats impossible. The bulb is rated at 3000 hours or 4000 for eco mode. 3000/24=125 days which would be just over 4 months BUT that is with the projector running for 24 hrs everyday, who does that?

Any Problems: This was my first projector and I love it and never had any problems with it.

Review by danielrve

Great for the money, this is my first projector, and I use it to play XBOX and watch DVD movies, the image is AMAZING!! A lot of light (I use it in eco mode) Very small and light, very easy to take to a friend's house. Carl Zeiss lenses really makes the difference I have used it for 300h with no problems, once I used for 8 hour straigth (Playing Forza Motorsport on XBOX)

Any Problems: It would help to have a lense cover Useless speaker (don't bother anyway) In a quiet small room it can get too noisy (not a problem if you're watching a movie)

Review by DJNEVENT

Well this seems to run the spectrum on reviews! And yes for some old reason the cats do seem to like this unit! It's either the heat or the 37db whur. I have had over 10 projectors and I bought this one for 3 reasons: 1 wanted an ultra portable, 2 wanted something that can double as a lighting effect that is easy to set up and lastly 3 wanted a projector that I could take with me on a cruise! The light output is amasing for such a small unit! Picture quality is good for composite and excellent for s-video, compoent and VGA! The Carl Zeiss all glass lens is superb, but I wish it had a lens cover. It has a speaker! if you could call it that - don't know why they even bothered - most Laptops are 5x louder anyways. Zoom is nice, it has a short throw. The menu system is very well thought out and blows away our $6000 infocus. Here's the Kicker: This, a TVIX media center sonic impact T-amp and a pair of RS Minimus 3 speaker all fit in a small laptop case and still weights under 14 lbs and looks as good as it sounds! Great little unit tons of uses and will be a great little rental unit to boot! Oh an we have used this for 2 months and still haven't had to replace a lamp!

Any Problems: I wish it had a lens cover. It has a speaker! if you could call it that - don't know why they even bothered - most Laptops are 5x louder anyways. Noisest projector we own, but ecomode drops that noise down to a managable level. Doesn't have anything for mounting - but it is light enough to velcro to or make a velcro harness to a mount.

Review by Bruce

I am in the Home theater business... I usually sell much more expensive units for high-end home systems... I took one of these home just to play with... I was blown-away! I think for the price, and size... it is an amazing litle guy. It's great to be ablt to easily set up anywhere in the house, or take to a friend's house or on vacation. Use it every night, have a good screen screen - looks really good. Even does well on a painted wall. I run it in the eco mode most of the time... so bright I can even have a lights on in the room. A two-thumbs up!!!

Any Problems: My cat sat next to the fan exhaust side once, and caused it to go into "thermal protection"... but it still works fine... I was afraid it would have toasted the lamp, but it didn't.

Review by pmurphy

Very compact, good features. very easy to use and play around with settings.

Any Problems: Sometimes, the included stands that allow you to tweek the height and angle of the unit are not enough. I have to put the instruction manual under the back right stud to straighten the picture. Otherwise, money well spent !

Review by Bruce

I read the posting from the guy saying he needs to replace his bulb every 4 months... I have mine on all the time no-problems... he might be blocking the intake or exhaust out... Actually we have two in the house... Love-em!!!

Any Problems: Once my cat was laying next to the exhaust output & it shut down automatically...

Review by pb4sc

This is my first projector, and I am pretty satisfied. Watched the SC game last night, and was pretty impressed. Projectors are the only way to fly when it comes to sports. So compact that it is easy to move from my computer, to the cable box. Great value for 1/3 of the MSRP.

Any Problems: I wish there was a computer out. Screen gets a little washed out during the day.

Review by John

I'm very happy with this projector. I'm one of those people that doesn't want a large screen TV taking up space and looking ugly when it's not on. So I opted for a projector and tripod screen that I can put away when I'm not watching movies (if I'm not too lazy). The picture quality is excellent. I noticed improvement when using a progressive scan DVD player. Again improvement when using an RGB-VGA component video cable. Again improvement with a 12-bit/108MHz better DVD player. The internal re-scaling is excellent. 2.35/2.4 anamorphic DVDs look fine. The remote is easy to use with many useful features. For computer presentation use I like the mouse control from the remote. I got a deal on the XR-1S. If I could have purchased the XR-1X for $200 more I would have for the extra resolution. But it's really not necessary for DVD movies. Probably wouldn't pay $300 more.

Any Problems: As usual no component video cable supplied (seems no one does). Google the cable; don't pay the ripoff store prices of $35-$45. Giving 5 stars for reliability, but experience limited to one month.

Review by CAP

I bought this projector as part of a mobile theater system. Along with a 7" portable DVD player, powered PC speakers and an 60"x80" Da-Lite tripod screen, I have all I need for a travaling theater. I can set it up anywhere in the house for my daughters' sleepovers. I've set it up at friend's and family's homes for a movie night. I've used it for a DVD slideshow presentation at my daughters' gymnastics banquets. And playing video games like Gran Turismo 4 on my PS2 hooked up to my surrond-sound system is such awesome experience that I thought I heard angels singing. The versatility of this projector is unbeatable. The XR-1S' size makes it so easily portable and set up is a snap. At up to 92" diagonal @ 16:9, the picture quality is very good depending on the method of connecting to a DVD player. I use S-video or composite but have not purchased the DB-15/component cable yet. Overall the picture is fairly sharp, color is very good, contrast is solid as long as there's not too much ambient light. I use the Eco mode almost all the time and don't really need the brighter mode. Rated bulb life (4000 hrs) at Eco mode is better than most of the projectors out there. The menus are pretty complete and easy enough to navigate. This is a great multi-purpose ultra-portable projector. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a projector for many uses. I bought it new for $850 so to me, this is a super value. I've seen a couple other "dedicated" home theater projectors and they did have sharper pictures and more vibarant colors that the XR-1S bu they also cost 5-7 times more. I'm very satisfied with my purchase. I absolutely love it!

Any Problems: They unit is a bit on the load side but not too intrusive.

Review by Brian

Mainly for the review below. You should not rate this projector as bad because you did not check to see that ALL PROJECTORS will require a bulb change on their rated time limit. This one happens to be a long life bulb at 4000 hours. And if you were changing a bulb every 3 months, then WHY are you leaving projector running 24 hours a day. 24 hours a day X 3 months=2160 hours. So clearly your days are longer than everybody elses days. This projector, I have had now for quite a few months and have upgraded to much more expensive units. And they do not compare, other than the noise. The Carl Zeiss all glass lens is superb, picture quality out of the box really does not even need a Avia or Video Essentials set-up like my other projectors. Minimal tweaking for a perfect picture. I use a projector like a average person and would find that 4000 hours would be like 2-3 years for me. So the hours of this unit is fine. Home use, = 3 movies a night at 2 1/2 hours each (7.5) and 6 days a week would equal 45 hours a week. And that equals 2340 hours a year.

Any Problems: The only problem with this unit is its 37db fan. But once warranty is up, you could buy a fan for this unit that pushes same amount of air but is much quieter.

Review by MARLENE



Review by Brian

Well the projector came, at first I thought to myself; OH NO I wasted 700.00. The reason I thought this was because, I wanted to make sure the unit worked, So I hooked it up in my room. I hooked it up to the computer with a s-video cable and just shot the picture on the wall. I was barely impressed. Was not happy with the picture. Well by chance in the storage area of the condo there was a old projection screen. And I mean old, it is surely from 1960s'. It is small (diag. its a 45" tv) It has a real bad yellow tinge to it, also smells like mildew, and has a real bad curl to it. But compared to the wall it was like 80% better. I had at that time hooked it up to the dvd player. I was much more impressed. Now I'm sure when my New DaLite 96" screen comes in, it will be much better color and better screen technology. So I would be happy even with a 5% better image than whats on this crappy old screen. Plus I ordered a fairly high quality rgb - HDTV cable, so I can get rid of the s-video. And that to may give me a 2% better quality image. Now, to get into ambient light. Well, all the above tests (which I'm happy with) was done in the economy mode. Also ambient light test, I tested at 7:00 at night, fairly dark. I then put on 2 dining room lights, and the hall light. And lost very little picture quality. So this unit could easily be played with the blinds pulled down during the day. But since I will 98% of the time be watching in the dark, then the picture should be 100%. On a scale of 1-10 (10 the best) Value I would give this a 9, picture quality as of now with the crappy screen I would say an 8, normal power mode 8 1/2. So in eco mode you do not lose much. As far as the difference between this and a rear projection tv, well I would have surely wasted 1,800.00 on one of those. With those you lose the picture, even on the high quality ones at a 10 degree angle. With this you could sit anywhere in the room and see the picture like your in front of it. Even at a 50 degree angle. So for the lowest cost projector I could find, and also being my first projector- I am very satisfied.

Any Problems: Just got it, so reliability is unknown. Also its my first so I was not sure what to expect. Seems to be made well. And is real easy to set-up. So no real problems as of now.

Review by Victor

I bought this unit for my mom's theater since she had a lot of rebates and cash backs so ultimately this unit only hits us around $600. I would have considered the 4805 but the savings would not have been as great. As to the setup- the theater has a throw distance of 20'. Although Evan's review of the XGA version recommended not shelf mounting it, I did so anyways. I actually turned it upside down and laid it on top of the shelf. I allotted some spacing behind the projector for breathing and to daye I've had no problems. The image size I'm getting is 132" 16:9 diagonal projecting on a painted wall screen. There is some light spillage since this is a 4:3 pj but the room is painted entirely (walls and ceilings) in deep navy blue so you can barely notice it. The painted part of the wall is Behr Silverscreen in eggshell finish. The picture quality is incredible. Blacks are nice and deep. Colors are vibrant and overall, this is a great projector for the money. The lamp life rivals the 4805 with 4000hr and the user controls are very easy to use with a lot of flexibility. We are using the S-video only but eventually we will try the VGA input using HD OTA reciever. Overall I highly recommend this projector as long as you have a well light-controlled room

Any Problems: The wall is heavily textured so at times the silverscreen paint shows this but my mom doesn't really get bothered by it. Also, since this has a 2x color wheel you might get RBE. I notice it sometimes so unfortunately, I'm not immune to it. Otherwise, its a great projector but since the sell price is the same as a 4805, I'd think the 4805 has to be the better choice since it has more inputs, ie component and dvi, and the image is 16:9, so light spill will not be an issue. Also, it has a 4x colorwheel so RBE will probably not be an issue either.

Review by pyroray

I have only experienced 'work training' video projectors, so my experience with DLP is only with this projector. It is awesome. On a small gray projector screen the picture is amazing. On a gray sheet hanging from the cieling with an 8.5 foot picture the graphics are amazing tho obviously lesser from the screen. The simplistic use and hook up is admirable. I'll have a hard time keeping the kids from karting it off to a friends. I have yet to decide on a screen with Sony thinking about marketing the black screen, which seems to make sense for use with DLP technology. I cannot rank reliability I've only had the thing a week.

Any Problems: So far the only problem is the projector does not project horizontal, I placed it about 4' from the floor and had to slip a book under the back screws to get the picture off the ceiling. Hmmm I hope they not all like that.