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Sharp XG-E1000U User Reviews

Sharp XG-E1000U Projector

Sharp XG Series XG-E1000U

VGA (640x480), 600 ANSI Lumens,
35.0 lbs, $8,995 (MSRP)
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4.2 out of 5
4 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.8
Features 3.8
Construction 4.0
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.5
Value for Money 4.3

User Reviews

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Review by dmm

at 640x480, it won't compete against today's higher resolutions, but if used with a dvd player in a dark room, it does a reasonable job. definitely watchable on a 100" screen fron 15 feet.

Review by vishal

I bought this item a couple of years ago from a garage sale for about 800 bucks and was blown over by the picture quality. I have not even been using a projection screen. Just projecting it on my wall. I was quite surprised to learn that it has a native resolution of just 640X480 because the picture looked so sharp clear and bright from a viewing distance of barely 4 meters. One feature worth mentioning is onboard sound- very robust and very clear. Just hook it up to a DVD player (S video input for picture and RCA for sound) and you are in business. It is not exactly portable but has a convenient handle which makes it possible to lug around like a carry on luggage. The projected image measures about 80 inches diagonally and is crystal clear. IT has convenient Power controls for settting the focus, zoom and vertical positioning of the projected image. great projector :-) Love it.

Review by Scott

i bought this projector used from my school at a sale when they were upgrading equipment. its been really good to me. since my new job i have been able to upgrade to a newer one.

Any Problems: i didnt get a remote or adjustable legs with it. i could have gotten some legs of some type from the hardware store that would work but it wasnt that big of a deal to me.

Review by Ashton

I bought this used with a free extra bulb a year ago and have had no problems. The value for the money has no comparison. I love the options and the ease of the menu. Being old, it's very cumbersome, but I don't care because I don't travel with it. The image quality is standard for that time period, but compared to todays it's not as good, it only has 640x480 resolution.