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SharpVision DT-100 User Reviews

SharpVision DT-100 Projector

SharpVision DT-100

WVGA (854x480), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
8.6 lbs, $999 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
16 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.1
Construction 4.4
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 4.1
Value for Money 4.4

User Reviews

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Review by

The unit has a very good quality colour picture. Zoom is virtually not there. Remote control is handy and easy to use but could use backlighting for the use in a dark environment. Good value for an inexpensive unit.

Any Problems: none

Review by Jolene

At first myself and four other family members enjoyed this same projector. The picture is great and it's very easy to use. We loved watching movies on it. We bought a ceiling mount for it which worked very well.

Any Problems: However, four of the five projector's bulbs went on it. All of us did not get our full use of the bulbs, or even close for that matter. The manual says that you will get warning signs if your bulb is waring out but non of us did. Mind you we have had our projectors for over two years but at most we've used about 800 hours. The Sharp guarantee is supposed to be 2000-3000 hours. The odds of your bulb going out before it's time is pretty high. I do not recommend this projector.

Review by Harry Schneider

great colour and sharpness, low noise. easy to set up. However my bulb lasted less than 20 hours and that in the economy mode.Chinese manufacturing wiil give brand names a bad name sooner rather than later.

Any Problems: bulb went after less than 20 hours in economy mode, unbelievable the low quality of those bulbs.

Review by M.J.

Never going to buy sharp product again. Do you hear that..Sharp Company. I bought a sharp projector and the lamp went out before thirty days. They had to send it out for repairs and now i'm stuck without it for 2 weeks now, waiting for it got get fixed. I called sharp and they said sorry nothing they can do. What kind of an answer is that. I expect a least a new unit considering its less than 30 days.

Any Problems: lamp went out in less than a month. No assistance from Sharp or thier selling dealer. Still waiting for my projector to be repaired.

Review by pacalis

In this resolution category I think this is bar none the best projector for primary TV and DVD viewing in an exercise room. I do not use it for HD and if I had HD I would not buy at this resolution. I found it at street prices $100 less than the optoma 31. It is quiet, bright, and it offers a large screen for a short distance (it is ceiling mounted 11ft from screen). Sealed lightpath essential as near dusty environment, no rainbows relative to others 4805 and Opt. 31 I have tested.

Any Problems: Minor. Remote buttons are disapointing and fidly, but good function choices. Also volume needs to be turned on internally to get audio to pass through to external speakers (its a speaker jack rather than a typical line-in).

Review by spdde1

This is my first projector and after reading the reviews on here I decided on this one. I was not disapointed it is a great projector. I have it ceiling mounted and use it everyday for TV, Movies and games. A great addition to my 7.1 Surround Sound.

Review by Reagan

After 3 Days of movie watching, I am very impressed. Whether the projector is in Bright mode or Economy mode it provides an excellent image. After first trying a Benq 6100 (miserable disaster), and an Infocus 4805 (Not enough brightness), the Sharp DT100 sets a new precedence for EDTV projectors. I rented a NEC HT510 as well and found it a little soft on image quality. The Sharp handles images with ease. It handles black quite well, with very little screen door effect. So close it is hard to tell. I found in well lighted area that the projector still functions quite well. The screen image is still quite bright, and colors such as skin tone seem quite natural. Greens flourish in tropical locations such as ABC's LOST in HD. WOW, is what came out of my mouth. Other dark scene shows such as FOX's 24 looked amazing. From the DVD stance point, I watched Waterworld, and was amazed with the vivid colors, and well as Star Wars episode III looked fantastic!!! Regular SDTV is regular SDTV and could always look better, but the image was far better than any HDTV set that I have display a SD signal. Equipment used: Bell 6000 with Component and VGA Phillips DVP 642 Progressive Scan XBOX with Monster Component Cables

Any Problems: None so far, It's only been three days, but have put on 10 hours so far. Smelly bulb, but thats common.

Review by Jason

After a few weeks with this projector, I just have to say that this projector is an awesome deal. I bought this online for just under $900 shipped (Feb 2006). Image quality is simply excellent. The image is bright, the colors are faithful and saturated (the 5x wheel also means that I don't see any "rainbow" artifacts at all). Contrast performance is not mind-blowing, but it's more than enough to clearly see and it's certainly no worse than a lot of the other competitors in its class. The projector isn't silent, but it doesn't bother me at all -- even while I temporarily used laptop speakers as an audio source. The extras in the box are also somewhat sparse, but all the essentials are included -- a pitifully short power cable and a VGA <-> component video adapter, mainly. A fair trade for the low price. I couldn't get the internal speaker to work, so I can't comment on it, but I only played around for about 30 seconds. I doubt most people who use this projector will use the built-in speaker, anyway. Overall, the review is spot on, but I'd give it higher marks than they did, considering how competitively it is priced.

Any Problems: Very slight plastic smell at first, but it went away after a couple of days of use. Also, I see a very, very slight keystone even at "level" height adjustment. (I've seen this while using it in more than one location, so I think it's the projector itself.)

Review by mike s.

We have had the projector for a couple of weeks now. It replaced an Infocus sp4800 purchased almost 2 years ago now and the new Sharp surpasses it in everyway especially in overall brightness. It is being used exclusively for dvds for the time being and for this application it is a better picture than most movie theaters. The DT-100 is rediculously good for the price and I highly recommend it.

Review by B. Goss

This is our first projector and we have been using it daily for 2 months. It is hooked up to a Denon AVR1706 receiver that does audio and video switching for a Yamaha DVD-S657 and Rogers (CDN) HD Cable box. It is ceiling mounted in our basement home theatre room that we recently finished and projects onto a 92” screen. The DT-100 has been awesome! We watch all kinds of stuff: movies on DVD, movies on HD cable, hockey games that are fast moving in HD are just spectacular -- just like sitting in the rink! Football, basketball and baseball are also just as good. Visitors are amazed at the quality. Even low quality cable TV inputs are acceptable. But, after watching HD though we find it very difficult to watch non-HD shows. I include 480p/DVDs in my definition of HD as the quality is so good at this level for us that anything higher is only marginally better. We also have a 51” HD rear projector TV in our family room that is excellent in its own right, but pales in comparison to the DT-100 projected at 92”.

Any Problems: None.

Review by

I Bought two of these. One for a customer and one for our showroom. The first one, after two weeks started shutting down automatically even when room was cooled w/ AC. The Sharp DT-100s picture breaks apart into squares on fast moving images. On a 110" screen there is tons of screen door. Needless to say we've taken this one out of our lineup. I prefer the Optoma H-31 instead even though it's not as bright.

Any Problems: Auto shutdown even in cooled room. picture breakup. Lots of screen door.

Review by mr fitzys friend

Great Projector...blows away many other projectors I've seen in the same catagorie. I used to own a a Benq projector and this thing blows it right out of the water.

Any Problems: None!!!

Review by Barney

This is my first venture into HT Projectors and did some extensive research on the subject.My first choice (Optoma H31) was unavailable an took a chance on the DT100(dealer's advise).This unit was ready to rock right out of the box.Trouble free and stunning picture.I just shows to go ya! Highly recommended!

Any Problems: Can't stop giggling!(tee-hee)

Review by mr_fitzy

Best inexpensive projector I've seen in the past 4 years. Much better than comparable benq, hitachi, infocus and optoma. I'm normally succeptable to rainbow effect but none can be seen with this projector(After hours of use). Options to adjust color temperature an excellent feature. Many fine tuning options in menu. Very good with motion and tone. Depth and detail of image is excellent. Black levels are great. No haloing or artifacting of any kind.

Any Problems: No lens shift capability. Fan a bit loud. Optical zoom is short.

Review by Tony Rosco

For the price it is the best projector I have seen, on the market.

Any Problems: No Problems to date, I have had the projector for 1 month now.

Review by Harry Schneider

Sharp made another hit with the very cheap TD100. Bought for 1288.-Cdn$. Pictute on 100 inch diagonal screen is perfect with DVD.Component input essential for quality picture. RCA input generated screen door effect. Projector must be positioned close to floor or inverted from ceiling.This is a sleeper with low price and extreme high quality pic. Shopped fr a few months and finally bought at TRUTONE in Mississauga.low noise fan.

Any Problems: just had two days.