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SharpVision DT-500 User Reviews

SharpVision DT-500 Projector

SharpVision DT-500

WXGA (1280x768), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
8.8 lbs, $2,299 (MSRP)
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4.8 out of 5
11 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.9
Features 4.9
Construction 4.9
Ease of Use 4.5
Reliability 4.7
Value for Money 4.7

User Reviews

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Review by Tim

I got this projector for about $450 used with a new lamp about 3 years ago and it was one of the best electronics buys I have ever made. Picture is absolutely wonderful, some of the best black levels and shadow detail on a digital display I have seen, colors are very good and if calibrated can match nearly any display. I have 3974 hours on the lamp and it still outputs a very nice picture with great colors. It is a bit dim (~6fl on full brightness calibrated, as opposed to ~20fl full brightness with a new lamp) but is still acceptable in a dark room and the colors are still quite accurate. I am surprised that the lamp has lasted this long and have been expecting it to die for a while now, but I am planning to run it for as long as the picture is acceptable. Lots of room for calibration, as many options as one would want for adjusting colors.

Any Problems: Slight lens distortion - not enough to affect picture quality but it does overlap the screen by about 1/2" on the bottom left/right while the middle is in line with the screen. Had some issues with after powering off during the first ~500 hours - the lights would stay red when shut off and would have to unplug/replug the power, but this was never a major issue. Sometimes it would flicker when on Eco mode, setting to high brightness and then back to Eco mode would usually fix this. Was only noticeable on pure white images. Fan is pretty loud when in Bright mode. No true gamma adjustment.

Review by Dave Reader

Over 800 hours & One Year later, I am still pleased with the DT-500. I am running in eco-mode with the fan stting on "high". Fan noise at that speed does not present a problem for me and the benefits of the extra cooling far outweigh any drawbacks. Keep this unit well ventilated and it should give you the rated 3000 hour lamp life with no problem. Best dollar for dollar value on the market.

Review by PROPHET

I've clocked in over 600 hours of HD viewing and I'm still just as pleased with this projector as I was when I first got it... I use a Sony PS3 for gaming and viewing blu-ray movies and also Toshiba HD-1a for HD-DVD movies and Comcast for HD cable viewing. Highly recommend it...

Any Problems: I can see rainbows on some scenes, but it's rare and not enough to affect my grading this projector.

Review by Brian

Great picture, great price, but I'm on my 2nd one in 3 months and need to get a 3rd. The first one's lamp went out in two months and the 2nd one has a power on/off problem. I am giving it one more shot because I heard they were good.

Any Problems: Lamp out in 2 months. Power on/off broken in 1 month.

Review by paulb_30

Overall, the Sharp DT-500 is a great projector. My situation had the ceiling mounted pj 9’ from a 80” wide screen and with the zoom I could get a 2.34:1 image to fill the width of the screen. I used the THX calibrator to make minor adjustments to achieve an excellent image. Brightness and contrast were excellent with little ambient light and could take a much brighter room so long as light was not directly on the screen. The image was crisp and sharp. I did have some problems with the image changing focus, which seemed to be eliminated when I fed the pj a progressive signal (see "DT-500 focus problem" post on the Projector Forum). I personally was sensitive to the infamous DPL rainbow effect, especially in dark scenes that had small bright points of light, which I found to be somewhat annoying.

Any Problems: The zoom ring did not turn without some effort and so I would have to hold the pj while I made adjustments (reason for the ease of use rating). My screen is mounted close to the ceiling and, with the fixed lens shift and my ceiling pj mount, I could not avoid having to use the keystone adjustment, which reduced the width of the image slightly (but didn't seem to affect the image quality).

Review by Dave Reader

The DT-500 is my third Sharp Projector. I have owned the DT-200, the DT-300, and just upgraded to the DT-500. (I have owned other brands as well). I suppose I have researched and viewed about every projector on the market. My wife says I should be selling Home Theater Projectors for a living. Be that as it may, I firmly believe that, dollar-for-dollar, Sharp produces the finest Home Theater Projectors on the market. The DT-500 will not disappoint you. The construction is far superior to anything else in this price range. Even the novice can readily see the superior quality of construction on this unit. The image quality produced by this projector is stunning. The 5X color wheel eliminates any trace of the rainbow effect. Even if you are not prone to seeing rainbows with DLP, bear in mind that you will occasionally want to share your big-screen enjoyment with friends. You will be glad you opted for the 5X wheel. Even if you go for another brand, I suggest you look for nothing less than a 4X wheel speed if you are going with a DLP unit. You'll be glad you did. The brightness, color detail and image sharpness on this unit are great right out of the box. Blacks are deep and rich. You do not have to be a pro to immediately enjoy this unit. For those of you who enjoy fine tuning, take the time to tweak this baby and you'll have a picture that compares favorably to units costing three or even four times the price of the DT-500. Of course, reliability should always be one of the primary concerns in choosing a projector and that is what initially won me over to Sharp Projectors several years ago. These units are built like tanks and they are as bright after 1000 hours of use as they were the day they were taken out of the box and put in service. In a nutshell, I very highly recommend the Sharp DT-500 to anyone wanting the very best possible home theater experience for under $2000.00. In my opinion, there just isn't anything else out there on the market that comes close. The DT-500 is definitely The King of The Hill at this price point.

Any Problems: NONE

Review by foil174

Upgraded from Infocus 4805. Stunning deail. Almost no Screen Door at 3 feet . Great picture and a bit quiteter that my 4805. Very pleased. Much more involved with the movies I watch. Use a GOOD dvd player with HDMI( I am using a OPPO 970HD.

Review by billr

Fantastic unit. Replaced my much beloved InFocus Screenplay 4800 and it wins in every category. MUCH brighter even though it only states 100 more lumens. I can now comfortably watch during the daytime, no need for blackout curtains. Even can have lights on in the room. The increased contrast probably helps too. Super crisp resolution when not using their 'stretch' mode. Dead simple keystone correction (really like that given that my ceiling mount hasn't arrived yet). The machine itself is beautiful looking. The projector is about 16 feet away from my 120 inch Da-lite screen. I don't see a screen door effect until I'm within a few feet of the picture.

Any Problems: Only real ding is that the remote it a bit small (height, width, AND thickness). Its a bit hard to fumble with in the dark. Would also like 1080p . . .

Review by Kevin Brewer

This is an excellent DLP projector. Straight out of the boc onto a wood panelled wall, it was producing excellent images with good brightness. Reasonably quiet as well.

Review by PROPHET

An update since purchase of Toshiba HD-1a player... Wow... what a difference, with the Toshiba, I am using a 120 inch remote controlled screen and this projector handles this size pic no problem. On HD movies make sure you use the 1080 setting on the Toshiba, and get ready to be amazed, most scenes especially landscape or airplane or helicopter scenes, seems as if your looking out a window, that's how realistic the scenes are. You definately need an 8 foot ceiling for this projector or else bottom part of the pic will be on the floor on ceiling mount. I have over 100 hours of use, love it, love it. I used to think the Infocus 4805 was a good projector and a good deal, but it really isn't yes you pay more than twice for the Sharp but you get 10 or more times the better projector with the Sharp making it the good deal. Save up and get the Sharp, worth every penny.

Review by Prophet

This projector looks fantastic with it's white glossy finish. Turn the sucker on and your'e instantly amazed with the color and image quality. Using an upconverting DVD player and images look very close to HD and you get a 3D image that leaves you amazed. Soon will have the Toshiba HD-a1 to see how it performs I'm expecting great things. Short throw gives you a huge picture at a close range perfect for an apartment. I've owned the Infocus 4805 and this blows it away in every single way, no more pixelation, I can walk within a few feet of the picture and still be amazed. This projector is a keeper, even with the rainbows I see here in there in some scenes.

Any Problems: See rainbows on some scenes.