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SharpVision XV-Z2000 User Reviews

SharpVision XV-Z2000 Projector

SharpVision XV-Z2000

HD 720 (1280x720), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
9.5 lbs, $3,999 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
13 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.9
Features 4.5
Construction 4.5
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.3
Value for Money 4.5

User Reviews

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Review by Ali

Using this piece for last 4 years but still got excellent output comparable to latest models. And still enjoying BD movies on it. Happy to have this projector.

Any Problems: None

Review by Steve Mal

I bought this thing 2 years ago for 3800.00 and have now had to replace the lamp for the 2nd time. Sharp does not care about that either. The response I got from Sharp was to take the unit into local service shop. Nice. They got my money so they dont care. The bulb is supposed to last 2000 to 3000 hours. We watched this TV MAYBE 10 hours a week. Just be warned the bulbs cost around 500 bucks and you have to replace the frequently.

Any Problems: Lamp goes out to quickly and very expensive to replace.

Review by Spunner

I've only had it for a week but out of the box its fantastic,theres enough features that I can adjust but not to many to confuse. DVD's look fantastic and even my old laser disc with s-video looks great(not as good as DVD) I don't have HD yet and standard cable is so-so unless its a good feed but thats to be expected. Remote is simple to use and OSD is easy to use. Colors look very good and I prefer the high contrast mode and only use eco mode. My theater is very dark and have no ambeint light problems. At a price of $1899 canadian it can't be beat

Any Problems: No problems as of yet but its early and will update this review if any surface

Review by DrJo

This is an excellent machine with an amazing picture, rich, accurate colours, great contrast and deep blacks. However, there is one big issue, which, once I discovered it, annoyed me so much that I had to return the unit to the shop and ask for a refund: There is quite a huge amount of green light spillage coming from the bottom of the lens, which appears as quite a big spot of dim light underneath the projected image during dark scenes in a dark room. It is dim enough that it disappears completely during brighter scenes or in a dimly lit environment. Nonetheless, once spotted, it becomes annoying when it appears, as it can't be ignored. I asked the shop to check two more of their units at random and both exhibited the same problem. They decided to return their entire stock to their supplier. It is fine if you have a large black frame around the projected image or dark walls or if you physically find a way to mask the bottom half of the lens, otherwise, it can becomes an issue while watching movies such as Dark City or Blade II, which are dark from beginning to end. This is really a shame, because everything else about this projector is great from the picture to its short-throw lens and its motorised zoom and focus. There is absolutely no pixelation or screendoor effect even up close. I bought it £1,169 (incl. VAT and delivery) in the UK, which is the cheapest you can get it at over there.

Any Problems: Dim green light spillage from the bottom of the lens can become overwhelmingly bothersome.

Review by Lou

I have had this projector for more than six months and simply love it. The picture is fantastic, especially in HD. The only quirk is that the ouput for HD is 720p NOT 1080i. As a result you must have a cable box or something to output the signal at 720p. My cable box does this and I personally do not notice the difference in HD between channels that I know are broadcast in 1080 versus those broadcast in 720p. I did a fair amount of research on this and other sites and in the end am quite satisfied with my purchase.

Any Problems: No problems, only one quirk. You must have something that can convert a 1080 signal into 720. without that, your 1080 signal will look lousy. However my cable box does the conversion and as a result the signal is great. I have a 92" screen and HD sports and DVD's are great to watch.

Review by geraldschmid

Very good projector (for the price). Good picture quality, bright picture, also in eco mode. Only disadvantage: No lens shift (not H, not V). This is also indicated wrongly in the list!

Review by Steve M

Outstanding picture. Projecting 114" diagonal. Tremendous picture in high def and DVD. Standard def not so clear at this image size, as expected. Very low noise - not noticable at normal listening volumes. Iris function works great. I researched a long time and looked hard at the Panny 700u and the Benq 8700. Very pleased with my decision.

Any Problems: First unit projected an 8" white circle in tne center of the image. Very noticable when viewing dark scenes. Unit was replaced by vendor. No problems with second unit.

Review by HDTV Madness!

I was very lucky to convince my Projector Salesman to let me try out the 2 Sharp Projectors XV-Z12000 and the newer XV-Z2000. I sure glad I did. The Z2000 beats the big sister hands down at 1/3 the cost and it's brighter too. The smaller size and lighter weight make it a plus as I can use it from room to room without getting Hernia carrying it around. Naturally the XV-Z12000 was returned. Save a pocket of dollars for my new sound system instead. Wow I can't wait....

Any Problems: The picture is softer with regular TV but the excellent HDTV compensated it. Wish the remote is lighted like the Z12000

Review by Ken

Have been using this projector for a week now and it is an excellent projector for the price. As stated elsewhere it is a bit short of luxury features but it produces an excellent picture and that is what counts in the end.

Any Problems: If you live in the UK beware if using internet search engines to find a cheaper price as you will probably be buying a projector without a guarantee I have heard a recent story about Sharp not honouring their guarantees in the UK so in the end decided to look elsewhere as Sharp wouldn't confirm the guarantee was valid. Advise others to proceed carefully if they choose to purchase. In summary : Apparently Sharp have been selling their products cheaper to some retailers if the retailer agrees to honour any warranty claims. If the retailer then goes bust you will have no guarantee on the product and if it goes wrong get ready for a big bill! Sharp will not confirm in advance of purchase which retailers this policy applies to so it is entirely at the buyers own risk. Sharp will not mark the boxes etc in anyway to show the product has no warranty as it is too much trouble for them according to their helpdesk! They also don't keep records of the serial numbers of products affected . All UK warrantry cards etc will be in the sealed box you buy so this isn't a problem relating to gray imports. You only find out you have a problem when Sharp ask to see your purchase invoice and then check to see if the retailer is on their little list! If it is no repair without payment!

Review by AVGuy

An excellent example of the new class of "hot rod" DLP HTPJs. True HD rez, necessary inputs, and little else. No lens shift, no exorbitant input set, no gee-whiz features. It's all about bang for the buck, and it delivers. Excellent overall image quality, especially for the price.

Review by av

I upgraded from a two year old lcd projector and I am pleased with this purchase. The picture is fantastic and colors seem realistic. The color red looks red whether in a dark , middle light or bright seens ; never orange or brown. Blacks are black no screen door and rainbow effect is not an issue.Fan noise is ok.

Any Problems: None so far

Review by Oz

Out of the box, its picture quality is fantastic. No adjustments necessary, although the controls allow for a wide range of adjustments. I’m currently projecting the Sharp XV-Z2000 on to a non textured painted dry wall, 125 inches diagonal with a black felt picture frame. The wall is painted with pure white matte acrylic interior paint which I picked up from Home Depot and applied with a roller. My room is totally light controlled as it is a dedicated home theater. The XV-Z2000 replaced a Sony VPL-VW10HT high definition LCD projector mainly due to the fact that I was looking for better contrast. No disappointment with the contrast on the Sharp. It’s better than my Sony 42 inch KZ-42TS1 plasma and just as good as my 52 inch Samsung DLP rear projection TV. As a side note, I took down my 100 inch diagonal Stuart Firehawk screen in preference for the painted dry wall while using the Sony VPL since I got better blacks by experimenting with light shades of gray paint. DVDs look great with either a regular progressive scan DVD player or with the new Panasonic DVD-S97S HDMI with up-conversion to HD and all digital connection. Off the air local HD channels come through with amazing clarity. The XV-Z2000 allows you to operate in high contrast or high brightness modes. Picture quality is just amazing in high brightness mode, however, in a totally dark room, it is difficult to watch (my eyes want to pop out of my head), especially when there are fast moving scenes. I have settled on using the high contrast mode as it gives a more pleasant overall viewing experience. One concern I had with buying a single chip DLP projector was with rainbow effects. I have not experienced any so far. Also, you may have noticed that information on color wheel segments and speeds for this projector are not readily available. If you do a Google search for XV-Z2000 and translate the Japanese sites, you will find it. In my opinion, at just about $3K street price, the Sharp XV-Z2000 is a great buy (I’m not a Sharp salesman, I’m just an Engineer who can appreciate good quality). One last thing, it’s a bit noisier (compared to the Sony VPL) than I expected although very tolerable and not noticeable at normal sound levels. Hope this helps in your decision making. Oz

Any Problems: A short power brown out caused the projector to stop responding. Had to un plug from power source but everything was fine after plugging in again.

Review by Gary F.

Set up out of the box was simple. This is a portable projector that will see lots of permanent installations in HTs. Loads of input options - 2 component plus dvi, etc. Good contrast - nice, rich blacks and more than adequate light output for non-dedicated HT room. Color rendition seems just about right with flesh tones appearing to be spot on. Have only viewed DVD’s so far (waiting on a new HD cable box) on a Samsung HD841 with 720p output. Remote is adequate and has luminescent buttons but once set up there’s little to adjust. The power zoom and focus is a plus if you don’t have a permanent installation. All in all an excellent value for the $$ - paid $3299 including shipping and tax.