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SharpVision XV-Z90U User Reviews

SharpVision XV-Z90U Projector

SharpVision XV-Z90U

SVGA (800x600), 600 ANSI Lumens,
8.4 lbs, $3,995 (MSRP)
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4.2 out of 5
11 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.5
Features 4.2
Construction 4.0
Ease of Use 3.9
Reliability 4.0
Value for Money 4.3

User Reviews

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Review by boucth

nice projector but the lamp burn after 1000hours...the cost it around 500$ for the lamp maby a badluck.but the image quality is very good thank

Review by boutch

i pay 2000$$$ canadian, new....good image i have 120" on my screen..i listen my movies ,play on the playstation i dont have tv just my projector

Review by mln35

Purchased this projector at a local retailer here in Dallas at a little over 1900, so the price has dropped dramatically. Picture quality is superb in every sense of the word and the colors rich. Connections were outstanding for an entry level pj, as I have connected an XBOX, DirecTV, and a progressive scan DVD simultaneously. All respond wonderfully. Only drawback is the long throw required to fill larger living room screens. Most people who are shopping for a pj in this newly reduced price range might not have that type of space to throw with, and some consideration of this pj being 4:3 in nature may have to be made when considering screens and individual tastes. By the way...this pj looked atrocious at the dealer, but i knew better by reading the wonderful reviews on this site. (Got it home and it rocked!) I'll hold onto this one until the Z91 debuts. Thanks guys.

Any Problems: At times the pj does not respond well to the remote due to the placement of the sensor on the pj.

Review by Steven Rieper

Purchased the Sharp Z90U because of the stellar reviews I read online. Unfortunately, the main draw for me was the constrast, gorgeous colors which are produced by the Z90U's 5x color wheel, and lastly the DVI input. Well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad was what Meatloaf sang. Unfortunately, for me it was bad. The contrast was excellent, and the colors were incredible. But for some strange reason, the DVI connection would not accept 1080i signal. I called Sharp and they couldn't figure it out either. So I was forced to return because I wanted 1080i and the Sharp Z90U could not deliver. Overall, not a pleasant experience. That said, if you can live with 480p/720p via DVI then this is the projector for you in this price range.

Any Problems: The DVI input will not accept 1080i properly. Component inputs will do 1080i, but if you try to use DVI input, the Sharp will have many difficulties obtaining the proper signal. All it does is flash on and off. It tries connecting at 540p but never locks on. VERY FRUSTRATING.

Review by Dandetroit

I am thoroughly impressed with the image quality and the overall movie experience that this projector gives. I had no problems while setting it up, and It has been working great for over a year now.

Review by homebuyer

I am thrilled with this superb projector. Wonderful picture, quiet, easy to set up in almost any position and goodlooking as well. I bought this in UK for £1800 after serious mail order disappointments and expense. The tech spec does not look special on paper - only 600 lumens etc. Forget it. The picture is bright and has very good definition and contrast - almost cinematic. I dare say there are home cinema options with higher quality but I haven't seen any and this is excellent value at the price.

Any Problems: The remote sensor is on the back which could be a problem [only if the projector is not installed in the same room as the screen] - but all I did to solve it was to put a mirror behind the projector.

Review by David

One of the most vibrant pictures i have come across at this end of the market. Maybe not the most detailed, but a great picture nonetheless, even though it is a 4:3 panel. Very quiet, looks good. Only drawbacks are that the picture is a little small for the full home cinema experience but i believe Sharp have sorted this with the XVZ91.

Any Problems: No problems.

Review by Sungwen

Goog projector!!!!!!!! High contrast is an advantage. But its fan will be louder sometimes. Their QC has some problems. So God bless you can get a perfect projector by retail.

Any Problems: Nothing

Review by Niki

I visited some homecinema-dealers and whatched over 30 projectors. They where all between 1500-8000 Euros ($). I had 2500-3000 Euros to spend for my new projector. I did'nt like all the LCD's because of the pixelation and color. I watched the Sanyo PLV-Z1 (a LCD), but I dont like the picture because of pixelation even at 2x distance, although the colors are behind the Z90. I watched the PIANO Plus too, it has little rainbows, but it is not as bright as the Z90 and the colors are not that strong. I thought about waiting the Infocus X1 (not avalible in germany right now), witch is supposed to have a good picture. Bit the X1 has only 2xcolorwheel (5x on the Z90) and a 2xwheel makes rainbows There where manny other DLP's, their picture was clear and sharp, color was fine on most of them, BUT: They all have RAINBOWs (even the HT1000 whicht is about 6500 Euro) !!! The only DLP in my pricerange where the rainbows are very rare / aceptable is the SHARP VX-Z90 !!! Althoug the colors are beautiful and you dont see the pixels at 2x distance. So i purchased the Z90, took it home, plugged it in and I liked the picture without any changes in the setup !! I payed 2400 Euros on jan.2003, so check out the web for good prices.

Any Problems: Only thing to mention on the Z90 is the throwing distance, it has a long distance lense. If you dont have the space wait till april 2003 for the XV-Z91 (called DT-200 in the US) witch is the some projectore with wide-angel lense.

Review by PJ MEN

projector is bed...bed image Quality..

Review by dean

Good Projector!