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SharpVision XV-ZW99U User Reviews

SharpVision XV-ZW99U Projector

SharpVision XV-ZW99U

SVGA (832x624), 400 ANSI Lumens,
32.0 lbs, $7,995 (MSRP)
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3.4 out of 5
14 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.5
Features 4.1
Construction 3.5
Ease of Use 4.0
Reliability 2.8
Value for Money 2.7

User Reviews

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Review by Ann Albin

Purchased new in 1999 at the "bargain" price of $6,100. Immediately had problems with the picture going out and some weird yellowish/gold pulsating blob showing up on the screen. The dealer wouldn't take it back and sent us to Sharp for repair.

Any Problems: The problem would come and go. Sometimes scrolling through the different aspect ratios would cure it. Sometimes smacking it would fix it. We had it repaired the first time under warranty, but it was never quite right. The problem came back after it was out of warranty. Paid to have it fixed again. Problem came back again. Didn't use it enough to need to replace the bulb. Finally gave up and bought a Panny PT-AE3000 a couple of months ago. HEAVEN! If anyone would like to have the Sharp hunk of junk for parts, let me know.

Review by Packer_fan_in_CO

I Got it in 9/01 Floor Model for 2500, Wow now you can get them for < 300 on ebay. It's worked great. Yea like some say the fan can be heard over the quiet parts but it's not extreame. For everyone looking to RESET TIMER 1) Hold down the "ADJ, V" button and "volume, - " buttons on the unit, and turn on the main power switch (located above the AC inlet). Perbatem from the Service Manual. Your Welcome.

Any Problems: Yea blew two bulbs over the 5 years, not bad, ebay from 99 - 225. Just watch for the Deals and buy 2 at a time.

Review by PPH

unresponsive customer support with info on resetting lamop timer-I have done it before and they tell me it cannot be done without lugging the unit some 25 miles away to "an authorized repair shop: included below is my email, their reponse and my response in reply

Any Problems: Thank you for contacting Sharp Electronics Corporation. We apologize for the difficulties you are having with your Sharp projector. Please be advised that the lamp for the projector is not user-replaceable. Therefore, we suggest that you have your lamp replaced by a Sharp authorized service center. It is user replaceable because I have done it before-did you even read my email? Unfortunately, because this office is operational support only, we do not have information on repairs or their costs.I am not asking for repairs or cost, only the lamp timer reset code-again did you even read my email? For the location of the nearest Sharp authorized servicer in your area, please call our toll free number, 1-877-388-7427 or: I have done this already and your represetative tell me that our model number is discontinued or that the unit needs to be brought in-I have already replaced the bulb and reset the timer-so it is indeed user replaceable-DID YOU EVEN READ MY EMAIL? 1. Go to our website, 2. Click on Products & Support 3. Click on Entertainment 4. Click on Home Theater 5. Click on Get Service 6. Choose SharpVision LCD Projectors 7. Enter your Zip code and click submit If you have any questions, please reply via email or contact us at 1-877-388-7427. We appreciate the opportunity to review this matter. Kim Picchi Customer Service Representative CE Products Group 800-237-4277 -----Original Message----- From: pph711@AOL.COM [mailto:pph711@AOL.COM] Sent: Monday, December 19, 2005 11:02 AM To: Subject: New Contact Us Product Support Submission for Professional Multimedia Projectors DATE/TIME SENT 12/19/2005 12:01:53 PM TITLE FIRSTNAME LASTNAME Mr Patrick Hawley STREET ADDRESS 1959 emerald drive CITY STATE ZIP Jonesboro GA 30236 EMAIL HOW WOULD YOU PREFER TO BE CONTACTED pph711@AOL.COM Phone DAY PHONE (770)477-6974 EVENING PHONE (770)477-6974 FAX ()- PRODUCT SELECTION MODEL NUMBER SERIAL NUMBER Professional Multimedia Projectors xvzw99u 811311420 COMMENT In it's day, SharpVision XV-ZW99U was top of the line. Today there are other alternatives which are superior products-many from Sharp. However the bulb cost and GREAT difficulty in finding information about resetting the lamp timer are very problematic even when calling the Sharp Customer Service Department. They seem more interested in telling me that the unit is discontinued but have not been able to provide me with info on lamp time reset. When you need to change the expensive bulb, the unit will not even power up until the lamp timer is reset. No one seems to know the secret combination. I have called several times and none of their proceedures are working. I have replaced the bulb once and wrote down the secret incantation but unfortunatley have misplaced it. I understand that the secrecy of this information prevents people from trying to overexttend the life of the bulb-often with dangerous explosions and damage to the unit. I assure you that I would not jeopardize my 8000.00 investment . My only option is to disassemble the unit and send or bring it into a authorized repair shop 25 miles away.I do not think I will choose a Sharp product nor recommend Sharp products in the future when it is time to replace this unit-which may be very soon if I cannot get correct information on lamp timer reset.

Review by dave

had one problem covered under warr. only plays 480i which will not give a great hdtv view. may go with a line doubler. features are great. fan is noisy. currently using a 10 ft dia screen . not bad for a seven year projector.

Review by kballs

Back in the day this was a decent projector, good color, vertical lense shift, native anamorphic widescreen, component AND RGB/VGA... even had front/back/ceiling/table projection modes.

Any Problems: Replaced bulb for about $340. Nobody will tell you how to reset the stupid lamp timer... if you don't reset it, it will power off permanently at 1500 hours. I ran the unit for about an hour on the new bulb, next time I went to power it on the fans spun up for 10-15 seconds but it will not light (lamp timer was only at 1410 hours). DUST BLOBS! The optics are only partly sealed in this unit... areas between mirrors and prisms were open and collecting dust particles. You can blow them out with compressed air but it won't clean it entirely. LOUD FAN! You have to turn up your receiver/decoder pretty loud to hear the quiet parts of movies and/or games over the fan noise.

Review by Mike

I just got it a week ago used. It was easy to mount and install. I'm not so sure on the colors and the previous owner had dust problems. I also know of another person who has the same unit and it also has dust problems. You have to open the unit and blow it out with canned air that usually fixes it, it worked on two occassions for me. DVD looks great, Cable TV soso I'm getting HDTV in a couple of days.

Any Problems: Dust Problems. I'm still playing around with the picture quality whenever I change the channel or change DVD's.

Review by rheery

VERY LOUD FAN. distracting. Generally happy with image quality though. It was the state of the art in quite outdated. Paid over 5000 for the unit. Will replace with HD unit soon.

Any Problems: dust problems (had to clean filter)

Review by Trevor

Great projector until bulb and circiut board went out. $800.

Any Problems: Bulbs only last 1400 hours and knowone will tell you how to reset timer. If you know this info, please mail me @

Review by Dagwoody

I got it out of date. it has started to show it's age! at first i was totaly happy. then i put a 20 tv in the room to play video games. i was shocked at how poor the picture was.

Any Problems: Dust........Dust....oh and Dust its not all that easy to clean. I have had some luck. but you will have to open it.

Review by Chintak

Good at first, good for the theater i use it in.

Any Problems: Yellow spotting, didn't notice much at first but got worse over time, can't fix it, bulb replacement is also costly.

Review by P Smith

Bought new in 99, immediate dust problems, and faulty pixels, sharp did not want to know. Back for repair 7 times in 3 years, very noisy. Bulb dimmed badly after 700 hours, poor product, poor manufacturer care. Bought many sharp products before but would not buy another Sharp after.

Any Problems: Faulty Pixels Big dust problems very noisy bulb life Sharps attitude, (they don't want to know)

Review by Steven

I have used this projector in my home theater for 4 years and its performed perfectly. It is bright with great picture clarity and color.

Any Problems: None

Review by Oerstes Sanchez

Very easy to set up. the picture when new was excellent. A real stunner on anamorphic DVD's.

Any Problems: At the first bulb replacement, the ballast circuit broke (warranty repair). At the second bulb replacement after 1500 hours the ballast blew again. I'm still waiting for the estimate. Incredibly noisy almost to distraction. Cannot be kept dust free. The picture degraded after the 1st 1500 hours significantly with pixel dropout and blotches on the screen. A very bad choince for projector although the choices were limited in 1999.

Review by steve desimone

I cannot find a replacement bulb!!!!!!!!!!!!!