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The PROMASK is the supreme sleek 4-way projection screen masking system by SmX. The PROMASK starts as a native 16:9 (1.78:1) viewable projection screen and allows you to mask your viewable screen down to every possible aspect ratio without being confined to a projected constant image height or constant image width.

SmX hand builds each PROMASK projection masking system to order right here in the USA. We start off with the highest quality smart technology electronics and bench test all parts before building your masking system. We use silent technology motors (SMT) for all our PROMASK masking systems. Our motors are silent and run 20% to 30% faster than the other masking systems currently on the market.

Most other screen companies use cheap black flock as the black masking trim on their frames. The PROMASK frame comes hand upholstered with our specially formulated True Black-Hole velvet to ensure a true to life black hole frame around your projection screen.

We don't use a regular off the shelf velvet, our velvet has no sheen to it like conventional velvets do. Not having a sheen, means not having the ability to reflect light. When you over-scan your projected image and mask it, you want to make sure the masking trim absorbs all light hitting it. The SmX true black hole velvet trim makes all the other screen companies flocked trim look grey in comparison.