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SmX Pro-Curve Screen

Most movies are produced in a Cinemascope format also known as 2.35:1 aspect ratio. The Cinemascope screen immerses the viewer into the movie by opening up their peripheral vision. It has been said before that one way to compare a 2.35:1 aspect ratio screen to a 16:9 screen is the same difference as watching the world go by through your picture window or stepping outside your home and taking part in the world.

The Pro-Curve takes the home theater Cinemascope experience one step further by encapsulating the viewer even more-so into the movie. We do this by almost surrounding the movie around you with our Pro-Curve curved projector screens. The curve of the Pro-Curve not only draws the viewer more Into the movie but reaps many other benefits as well.

Other screen companies that offer curved screens use standard round piping for their frame and then rivet on the frame boarder. SmX uses our high quality insulated Pro-Line frame extrusion for our Pro-Curve screens.

The leading screen companies use cheap black flock as the black masking trim on your frame. The Pro-Curve frame comes wrapped with our True Black velvet to ensure a true to life black hole frame around your projection screen. The SmX true velvet trim makes all the other screen companies flocked trim look grey in comparison.