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Sony BRAVIA VPL-AW10 User Reviews

Sony BRAVIA VPL-AW10 Projector


HD 720 (1280x720), 1100 ANSI Lumens,
12.8 lbs, $999 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
8 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.5
Construction 4.9
Ease of Use 4.5
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 4.6
Sony VPL-VW295ES
4K Home Theater Projector

User Reviews

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Review by magicman

Pros: Perfect colour tones. Nothing artificial here. 24P cinema motion. Very little motion blur. Bright vivid images. Decent black level. Cons: Slightly noisy. But thats common with most. Pricey.

Review by John Kunik

I have had this projector for 7 years now I display it on a 102" screen . I must say it has been so reliable with over 2500 hrs of use changed bulb once cause I keep it on its brightest setting for best picture quality . Watching football games on it is incredible people are always impressed you can't really tell it's only 720 p.

Review by J.MIGLIOLI

Ótimo projetor,excelente construção.O contraste surpreende!! Este projetor ligado em um blue ray não fica nada a dever aos grandes projetores ou a TVS de plasma.

Any Problems: screens doors pouco perceptíveis se bem regulado,e nada perceptivel ligado a blue ray.

Review by geno

Just okay. but keep the screen size small. This was a replacement for an Optoma HD81 that failed 3 days before superbowl. The difference between 1080 and 720 was too signifacant on a 110" screen. The people who had viewed the 1080 and then the 720 thought something wasnt right. Others that didnt know better thought "thats cool" Video games (720p) were good, but better at 1080 (hd81 has a high quality scaler) PJ was returned, and I am going without a projector until the optoma is repaired (which is taken longer than it should)

Any Problems: mounting screws were different than an optoma or an gotta have there own standard. had to get a drill and some screws from lowes.

Review by Pompeyo

Pros: 1.- Perfect 1080p@24fps, smooth movement and definition. Looks like a native 1080p projector. 2.- Inaudible fan noise at 2 meters, probably less than 20dB. 3.- Really good quality/cost ratio. 4.- Excelent contrast thanks to the Cinema Black Pro option, Sony aclaims 6.000@1. 5.- Sony provides an aditional filter. 6.- Remote control unit, one of the best I´ve seen.

Any Problems: Cons: 1.- Screendoor effect could be better.

Review by Al

I've just bought this projector, and I'm very happy with it. It's my second projector. The first one was a Premier LCD XGA projector. This one is also LCD and I'm a bit frightened about the "yellow image" problem (I had it in the Premier and is the reason to change it), but I'm sure that Sony have solved it. The black level is incredible and the contrast is also excelent. The colours are very accurate and real. This projector is plenty of options to make the image better. One of the better for me: it autodetects the inputs that are "on" and when you press the "Input" button, it only change between those working inputs (not the full list of inputs). I comes with a second air filter to change it after 1500 hours. Also, the noise of the projector is very very low. In silences during films projection you can fell it (I forgot those silences with the Premier one :D ). The noise is very low, but a little bit ugly after 2 hours, because it's a bit sharp, high-pitched. Sometimes I think is more pleasant the faster mode of the fan, because sounds like a blow made with the mouth. Conected to a HTPC with a Nvidia VGA, works like a charm: it is detected without problems and the natives screen sizes are detected without having to install anything (including not "computer modes" like 1280x720).

Any Problems: I think that the native mode for this projector is not 1280x768, because I have tested it with Nokia Test (In Windows XP) and the text is perfectly sharp in 1280x720, and more blurry in 1280x768.

Review by ren

Tenho visto vários projetores dedicados para Home Cinema. É certo que há direnças entre eles, porém, com relação ao AW-10, acho-o perfeito para o que se propõe. Alem da imagem boa é um projetor, na minha opinião muito bem construído e confiável, digno da marca Sony. Attempted translation: I have seen several projectors dedicated for Home Cinema. There are certainly many differences between them, however, regarding the AW-10, I find it is perfect for it's intended purpose. Besides the good image it is a projector, in my opinion very well built and reliable, worthy of the mark Sony.

Any Problems: Para o tão aclamado "screendor", basta sentar-se na distância correta (3,5m para uma tela de 80"). Não sei porque a Sony não adotou o "MLA". De resto, nota 10. Any Problems: For the so acclaimed "screendoor", it is fine if you are seated in the correct distance (3,5m for a screen of 80 "). I do not know because the Sony did not adopt the "MLA".

Review by mlk18

I was surprised at the somewhat large size of the VPL-AW10, not that it's unmanageable. It was easy to match the projected image to my 106" grey Elite Screen using mount adjustments and menu corrections and just as easy to get it into full use. Having upgraded from a less powerful 480p projector, the Sony produce a bright bold image with sharp blacks and vibrant colors. My Sony upscaling DVD player did it's job and together the two Sony's made me very happy about my purchase.

Any Problems: None.