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Sony VPL-FHZ75 WUXGA LCD Laser Projector Review

Review Contents
Intended Use:
Commercial Entertainment
Sony VPL-FHZ75W Projector Sony VPL-FHZ75W
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6500 Lumens
Street Price: n/a

Connections & Measurements


Connections. The connection panel on the VPL-FHZ75 is located on the projector's side panel and features inverted labeling in anticipation of a ceiling mount. Among the unusual options are pass-through output connections for both VGA and DVI monitors.

• (1) HDMI in
• (1) VGA in
• (1) VGA monitor out
• (1) HDBaseT in
• (1) Composite video in
• (1) DVI in
• (1) DVI out
• (1) 3.5 mm audio in
• (1) 3.5 mm audio out
• (1) RS-232C
• (1) RJ-45 (LAN)
• (1) Control in (wired remote)

Brightness. The Sony VPL-FHZ75 met its maximum lumen specification right on the mark in Optimized Brightness mode. The two Eco settings, Middle and Extended, reduced brightness -21% and -85%, respectively. From full wide to full telephoto on the zoom lens reduced brightness by -17%. Vertical and horizontal lens shift extremes lowered brightness by -16% and -10%, respectively. The color preset modes produced the following brightness levels:


MODE Standard Middle Extended
Brightness Optimized 6430 5100 990
Dynamic 5220 4140 805
Standard 4165 3305 640
Multi Screen 5220 4140 805

Brightness Uniformity. Uniformity was better than average at 86%. The lower portion of the image was slightly brighter than the upper portion, but this difference was undetectable in any video mode. No hot spots were detectable in any projection mode.

Image Size and Offset. With the center of the projected image just above the centerline of its lens, the VPL-FHZ75 is well-designed for ceiling or low shelf mounting, although its wide vertical lens shift range accommodates virtually any mounting location. A 150-inch image can be projected from 14 feet, 7 inches to 23 feet, 9 inches from the screen thanks to the 1.6x zoom lens.

Heat and Fan Noise. Heat is exhausted on the right side, and fan noise is quite low for such a bright projector. Even in high altitude mode (recommended above 5000 feet), the fan noise is not distracting.

Input Lag. Input lag as measured with a 1080p Bodnar lag meter was 45.8 ms. That is low enough for some simulations but won't satisfy serious gamers.

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Sunita Posted Jul 13, 2019 11:22 PM PST
Good detailed review and rightly said the price of $11000 is super competitive. I am not sure whether this is available in India as yet.

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