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Sony VPL-HS1 Cineza User Reviews

Sony VPL-HS1 Cineza Projector

Sony VPL-HS1 Cineza

SVGA (800x600), 700 ANSI Lumens,
8.6 lbs, $2,999 (MSRP)
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4.2 out of 5
10 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.9
Features 4.2
Construction 4.3
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 4.2
Value for Money 3.9

User Reviews

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Review by triac

I got this from my dad in 2007. He bought it in 2003. It is on its second bulb and still works great. I project onto a 106. in x 44 in. screen and have no problem filling it with bright, clear color. I only wish it was higher resolution. I guess thats why thy stopped making it.

Review by Randy

Excellent usage, just wish it had the capability of rotating the picture 180 degrees for ceiling mount. I would recommend this unit to anyone that is looking for a good value.

Any Problems: None

Review by maxi63

Sono soddistatto della qualità di immagine del vpl hs1, i colori, il contrasto e la geometria sono su ottimi livelli

Any Problems: La prima lampada ha smeso di funzionare dopo circa 600 ore !

Review by gaetano

Sono estremamente soddisfatto del videopriettore. Ho anche visto funzionare un DLP ma francamente preferisco il mio bellissimo VPL-HS1! Spero di migliorarne le già più che buone performance acquistando uno scaler video per sfruttarne l'ingresso HDTV Component a 720p!

Any Problems: Forse solo il fatto che il cavo SIC-HS30 è troppo costoso.

Review by HeliMan

Over 400hrs use since buying 18+ months ago. Image still as good as new on my 8ft square screen. I use it all the time for DVDs, TV movies, Camcorder/VCR playback, PC - Internet/Games and Playstation. Looks stylish and is nice and quiet. Recently using memory stick slot with pictures from Sony Cybershot. Faultless.

Any Problems: Extra lead for PC connectivity is a little expensive (£80 approx), but results are better than using a PC TV-out signal to composite projector input. A bit fiddly using the menu to navigate pictures on the memory stick, especially if rotating. I prefer to upload images to my PC, then rotate and display them from the PC.

Review by delsol7

I watched video, played game and business presentation with this unit. I really love this unit except that little costy. But I like it very much. Especially side view function is very handy and confortable to use. No need to hang. I think this unit is great for all use. One thing I'm concerned is the warm air venting. Since it's winter so it's actually warming room a little so it's not a problem yet but when it's summer, I think it might warm up the room little too much. Speaker isn't too bad at all but I wish the unit has audio out put cords so that I can hook it up with other audio units easily. Downside of this unit is that I have to seperately perchase the cord between projector and computer which cost around $80 in retail store. Beside that, I'm loving this unit, better than any other TV.

Review by Max

Very easy to use. Very realistic colours and good image also in moving scenes.

Review by JT

Adequate performance, low audible noise (~29-30dBA), "SIDE SHOT"-mode, nice design and a bundled 60" screen is all it took.

Any Problems: The first projector I received had no less than six (6!) dead pixels! The projector I got as a replacement, works fine.

Review by Marc

Bought this unit 3 weeks ago. Colour, sharpness, and contrast are very good to me. Disney as well as movies are very clean on a 2m wide screen. Recommend to use the 3rd settings on the remote (image looks like cinema). very low noise also.

Any Problems: None

Review by DAVID

Lo pude apreciar en una demostracion y no convence

Any Problems: mala funcion de correccion keystone, pobre brillo, es un equipo muy malo