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Sony VPL-HS60 User Reviews

Sony VPL-HS60 Projector

Sony VPL-HS60

HD 720 (1280x720), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
12.4 lbs, $1,799 (MSRP)
View Specs
4.8 out of 5
17 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.6
Construction 4.8
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 4.8
Sony VPL-VW295ES
4K Home Theater Projector

User Reviews

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Review by dgard45

Awesome home theater system with my in-wall Bose Surround Sound. Better than being at the movies. Great color, crisp sharp picture, great contrast capabilities. I prefer to watch this over my other flat screen HD TV's in the house. Fantastic for movies and sports broadcasts.

Review by Duncan

I have had one of these projctors for just over a year and its the best projector on the market at this price. I have tried many and this one has it all.

Review by primetime

This is my second projector the first was infocus 4805 screenplay. Thought that was the shit until the color wheel exploded. I turned this sony on and wet my pants WOW what a difference for the money the best you can buy!!! Mine is in my basement so no light problems of any sort. Please if you are looking for a projector this is it!! I brought it to a friends house and displayed it on the wall next to his 50" samsung and you could not tell the difference i paid $1800 he paid 3000 a couple years ago a week later he bought one!!! Thanks Sony You have made my year!!!!!!

Any Problems: Are you kidding me none!!!!!!!!!!

Review by asid

My 3rd projector, 1st LCD. Absolutely fantastic picture, best I have owned or used. Colours sharp and rich, great for movies. The Flexible lens shift is great, very quiet, highly recommend for the price.

Any Problems: none

Review by sirgoele

Hi, I´m writting this from Germany. The Sony is my 7th Projector after 5 Sanyos and 1 Panasonic. The Sony is the best 720p LCD that I have ever seen. Black Levels and Contrast is unbelievably good. Theres no Reason for a DLP anymore. I have paid about 1400 $ for it.....Great Deal !

Any Problems: No Problems at all.

Review by DOUG

I'm Lovin' it. Installed in about two minutes, fast enough to catch the second half of the Bears game in HD. This is my second projector, The sony replaces an infocus X1, with 1600 lamp hours. Supposedly the two were the same brightness when new, But the sony looks much better than I ever remeber the X1 being. The image is being thrown onto a 106 inch GWII. In my opinion the picture is watchable with the lights on. For sure with the lights dimmed. We watched Attack of the Clones on DVD, and it looks solid. I like the picture. great colors. dark scenes were for sure watchable. overall a great upgrade from the X1. very quiet. no extraneous light. lens adjustment is great, makes installation a snap.

Any Problems: none yet.

Review by tde3

This is the third display projector that I have installed in my house with the other previous two being CRT. Installation was very fast even with a owners manual that could be described as "fair" in directing you to items of interest. For me, the ability to offset the image was very desirable because the projector is suspended high from my ceiling. Another big plus was that the projector has a throw distance which lets it replace most crt projectors without major modifications. Any projector installation should be mounted as close as possible to the screen to avoid lumen drop. This projector, like large CRT projectors, starts with 1200 lumens at best and drops like a rock from there. Size of the screen is also important in keeping the picture as bright as possible. I have seen many projectors set up to produce images which are to large for the room. This creates a softer image as well as one that is hard to watch. My room is over 30' deep and the 110" dia. screen is more than enough for viewers even in the rear of the room. I like it that there are component connections to the projector due to the long 50' total distance that the projector is from my signal processing equiptment. I believe that there is less degradation of signal in long runs with good coaxial RGB analog than with hdmi digital cabling. I also would have had to install the hdmi cabling into my walls, a construction event that would have lengthened the swap out. The room light needs to be controlled, e.i. VERY dark. This projector performs very, very well. Comming from the CRT spectrum it was essential that my new projector performed at least close in the terms of contrast and gray scale. This one does. It also does well in color saturation, and even better than CRT in text imiagery. Most of the material that I have watched has been HDTV 1080i over satilite and the images have been very satisfying. Very little pixel frame problem, no rainbow effect, and a modern format give this viewer a reason to smile. This is not a true HD projector but it comes as close as I need until the next generation of affordable projectors arrive. Besides, it looks to me that true 1080p programing is years away with only blue-ray and hd-dvd having the capability to produce signals at that level without scalers(I wonder who's gonna win that war?). If this little Sony gives me five years of service to get to that point all will be well. Lets be fair, there are many things that CRT projectors are famous for which I can attest to and most of my viewing has been with this type of projection, but if you are looking for a strong contender at a low price with installation flexibility, two very weak spots for the CRT's, this projector should be on your short list.

Any Problems: It seems that the image could lack the sparkle of some of the other displays that I have seen. This could be due to the low gain Draper Signature screen material that I have installed or possibly the type of bulb used in the projector or just my eyes. It can remind me of the "Claritin clear" commercial on occasion. Maybe I just need to use some.

Review by Joseph

This is my first front projection TV and all I can say is WOW! I am projecting a 130" picture onto a wall and the picture is amazing. I would recomend this for anyone who wants a good projector but does not want to pay for the absolute best.

Any Problems: The room does need to be dark or have properly installed lighting for the best picture. I have found that dimmed wall lighting mounted toward the rear of the room to be best for a lighted room with good viewing.

Review by Edray

After turning the Auto iris and Black Level to off and some minor picture adjustments, I would say it is an excellent projector for the money. It's vertical and horizontal lens adjustment is great for ease of installation.

Any Problems: My major problem is there is a slight reddish shading on the left portion of the video image. Very dominant on dark scenes because the left side of the screen gets reddish and the right slightly pale particularly on skin tones.

Review by Duck

This was so easy to set up and the image is so clear and vibrant. The price was a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I think it delivers with really good performance. I see no banding and the color depth and contrast are fantastic.

Any Problems: I see a bit of pixilation when I play an animated DVD, and I have noted some jumpiness in framerate when there is high contrast changes at rapid speed. I think some of this may be translation from DVD and not the projector, but I suspect the auto-iris is adjusting on the fly and compounding the issue a bit. These are minor and rare.

Review by Bill Tsiavos

simply the best projector and image that I have seen at this price level.Worked straight out of the box on cinema setting.Exceptional black levels and vibrant colors with no screen door effect at 4 metre viewing distace. Just amazing.

Any Problems: No problems at all.

Review by Mitch

Fantastic picture, aboslutely no screen door effect on 100" at 4m viewing distance. With the lens shift, very simple installation. Would like to see better pin-cushoning adjustment avaiable. It's also very very quiet in low lamp mode. You do need a pretty dark room for best viewing.

Any Problems: On my unit, there is some amount of Vertical Banding (VB), Unsure at the moment if this is specific to this unit or a trait of the model.

Review by lmfmis

Amazing contrast and black level. Never believed this can be achieved with LCD technology. Compared HS60 with HD72 and HC3000 and the are in in the same ballpark on contrast and black. In deep blacks HS60 LCD has no dithering problems as DLP:s have. HS60 has nice saturated colours and fine skintones - very CRT like experience. Quiestest projector around. No cropping problems - as the HS50 had. Internal scaler is bypassed with RGBHV input, but not with the HDMI input (both with 1:1 pixel mapping though). Very impressive projector.

Any Problems: Internal scaler produces visible scanlines and high contrast boosts the visibility of the SDE. This limits the biggest picture size. This particular unit suffers mild VB in the green panel - it can be spotted, but luckily does not stand ot normally. Where is Sony quality control?? Setting menus disappear way too fast for convenience. Gammalevels (although good) are preset. No direct input keys in the remote.

Review by paulo kanagusto

this is one great projector,is absolutely spectacular, one great color and contrast, fantastic picture in a dark room Value for money....This is the best

Any Problems: no problem

Review by Jam

This is an excellent projector for the price point capable of producing marvellous, filmic images if properly set up. Colour accuracy is first class, it is quiet and easy to use and if you percieve the rainbow effect on single chip DLP projectors, the HS60 could be the one for you. Well done Sony.

Any Problems: Not yet.

Review by Richard

All i can say is excellent! This is my second home cinema projector and i'm now wondering how i ever managed without the HS-60. Picture quality is impressive, basically everything about this model is brilliant. A must buy for people who want a good quality product.

Any Problems: No problems at all.

Review by eric

2 weeks of use. Great contrast ratio, the best blacks I ever seen in any proyector. No screendoor efect. Great colours, incredible value for money (2.400 € in europe). Amazing!