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Sony VPL-VW11HT User Reviews

Sony VPL-VW11HT Projector


WXGA (1366x768), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
17.6 lbs, $7,990 (MSRP)
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4.5 out of 5
13 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.3
Construction 4.5
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 4.5
Value for Money 4.1

User Reviews

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Review by anthony

I like the fact that this is a heavier and beefier projector. The scaler is pretty darned good and the image in 720p and 1080i was impressive.

Review by Dave

Ecellent Picture. I'm using it with my Sony DSS HD100 and a Philips Progressive scan DVD. Hi- Def. On My DSS Looks awsome! With my DVD it looks Great.

Any Problems: No Problema!

Review by Peter

Good projector, I have had good images from my cable HDTV channels, particularly Detroit PBS HDTV station. The unit is noiser thten I had expected, but you get used to it.

Any Problems: I have started getting green smudges on the screen. The smudges remain static and are not dependent on the video source. I phoned Sony and after speaking with about 10 persons finally spoke with a technician, who told me that they have not seen this problem before. I wonder if anyone else has seen this problem.

Review by Ghydda

A nice unit. Real wide panels, no waste when viewing wide video material. Generally good colors, but red seen better on other projectors in similar price range. Unfortunately the computer input isn't calibrated for optimum color reproduction rather maximum light output and that really sucks when what I wanted was to use my PC as the center AV device. Bollocks.

Any Problems: No problems so far, just passed 700hrs on my first bulb.

Review by Peter

There are many negative comments about this projector, mainly on poor black and contrast. But before you trade it in I suggest you try feed it with RGBHV (5 RCA cables). It will give you a picture you can never get from other kinds of input. The skin tone suddenly looks right, black becomes deeper and the whole picture looks 3D without any treaking filter or whatsoever. You can forget about composite, s-video or even component input. Feed it with RGBHV only. I now stuck with just 2 sources - DVD from my PC and digital TV from set top box. Both offer RGBHV output. You won't regret it. I now can live with it for years more before considering another upgrade.

Any Problems: A few stuck pixels if look closer (cannot see in normal viewing distance). Some dust (won't notice in viewing). So there is no major problem so far for 2 years and 1600 hrs.

Review by Ghydda

Low noise, good onboard scalar, okay remote, no rainbows due to the use of LCD panel, decent black levels, okay contrast level for film use and excelent for computer use. Only real downside; in PC mode, the unit always asume a 4:3 resolution on the input signal if the refresh rate is above 56Hz thus getting a wide screen picture is not possible and again in turn makes NTSC-movies less than enjoyable to whach (due to the refreshrate isn't a multiplum of the framerate, however, this is of course only a concern when the signal is generated by a computer).

Any Problems: No dead pixels (on or off), however about 20 pixels which diviate considderbly in brightness from the rest of the pack (all more bright) as if the gamma setting is way of. But since they are evenly scattered it's no biggie when whatching a movie.

Review by mntwister

This is my first projector. My only complaint is the contrast ratio could be better, but I am projecting on a while painted wall at 150" and would rather stay home than go to a theatre now. Ease of use, I have had this for one year and not a single problem with it, the bulb still runs at 1500 hours, I hear it should for 3000 with the cinema black setting on. Vivid life-like picture quality, excellent , the best purchase I have ever made. Thanks Sony.

Any Problems: Would have been nice if the projector automatically detected the screen ratio of the inputed material, but it has 6 different memory settings, and I guess these days we should be willing to click one button on a remote (for now).

Review by richard

Any Problems: major problem bulbs keep exploding withen a few hours of using may be a defect involving a specific run date

Review by orangeman

Wide LCD panels and widescreen material bring out the best in this unit.

Review by Molicho

Best in class. Nothing similar in the same range of prices

Review by Eduardo

Fantastic Image quality

Review by radical

good picture image for a home projector

Any Problems: no problems to date

Review by Maxx

Superb picture

Any Problems: 3 dead pixels