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Sony VPL-VW60 User Reviews

Sony VPL-VW60 Projector

Sony VPL-VW60

HD 1080 (1920x1080), 900 ANSI Lumens,
24.3 lbs, $4,999 (MSRP)
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4.9 out of 5
11 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.9
Features 4.9
Construction 4.9
Ease of Use 4.8
Reliability 4.9
Value for Money 4.7

User Reviews

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Review by Joe Score

I had a Sony VPL-HS51 for three years, replaced the lamp twice and no problems. Even though the HS51 is only 720p, it is an excellent starter projector for home theater. But like most home theater owners, I was looking to upgrade to 1080p. Since the HS51 worked so well, I decided to stay with a Sony. The VW200 seems to be Sony's top of the line, but this was out of my price range. Local demos of the VW60 showed excellent the color, sharpness and advanced features. The VW60 has an Anamorphic display feature that is only found on high-end projectors. I'm looking forward to adding an Anamorphic lens for "true" wide screen movies with full 1080 vertical lines. I have had the VW60 for 2 months and it shows better in my home than at the store. I used the Avia home theater DVD for setup and found the factory settings in Cinema mode were very close to Avia. I agree with other postings this is the best 1080p projector on the market for the money. Vist my VW60 website at for a list of my settings and more.

Any Problems: Even in low lamp setting the fan noise is higher than my old HS51.

Review by Roy Cordaro

I’m a “big screen nut”. For film, the involvement that comes with a ten foot screen has it all over any other kind of viewing device. My last video projector was a SharpVision 3 panel LCD I bought twenty years ago. Although impressive at the time and a big improvement over my 3 tube Advent, the LCD was plagued by “screen door” pixalization, no remote control and low light output. After losing it in one of our “Cah-lee-for-nya” wildfires, I took some time in selecting its replacement. The idea of a single chip DLP running through a motorized color wheel seemed very Mickey Mouse to me, (why are 3 chip DLPs so outrageously expensive and not just three times a single chip unit - greed)? Anyway, when Sony developed the SXRD process and 3 chip to boot, it seemed a natural winner. Although Sony has stumbled on occasion, their stuff is usually fabulous to wit, the Trinitron TV, the XBR LCD TV and now the incredible OLED TV. The VW60 is no exception; whata picture! Like all high definition electronics, whether audio or video, it is very sensitive to the signal you feed it. Even with 1080p upconversion, poorly digital-transferred DVDs with lots of compression lose all definition, especially on long shots; close ups fair better. Well transferred DVDs look very film-like with rich color and subtle shading. With the HD disc war over, I am anxiously awaiting a Blu-Ray purchase. Pixels are invisible from the viewing position (the tiny squares do appear when your nose is next to the screen and actually aid in focusing with the remote). Brightness is good, but as with most front projectors in this price range, you should have a partially darkened room. Yes, there are a zillion adjustments you can make in its Setup Menu, but only if you want to optimize; the projectorperforms very well right out of the box. If you mess up when making your own adjustment, the "Reset" feature will correct that particular adjustment, rather than reseting every paramenter on the projector. Although the list price of $5,000 may seem high, comparing the VW60’s performance with the competition; the Sony VW 100 & 200, the JVC IDLA-RS2, etc. it is a relative bargain. There are other projectors out there in its performance class, but my limited time auditioning the unit in the showrooms combined with the professional reviews which were so unanimously positive, confirmed my choice. Finding a low internet price of $3,400 made it even better. You’re not going to find a JVC RS2 for that kind of money – Sony is selling tons of SXRD projectors (economy of scale). All things considered, the VW60 is the best “bang for the buck” in home theatre; you will not regret your purchase.

Review by Jeff

I had to see for my self just how much sharper the 60 model is when compared to the 50, which is now out of production.I came to the conclusion that there is no difference in sharpness when watching Big Fish (I have watched this movie numerous times and I know where all the flaws are) Even before my VPL VW 50 I had the first generation Panasonic 1080P. When it developed problems I traded it in for the 50 and saw no difference in picture quality. My point is, what human nature perceives to be a good or bad projector based on the opinion of others, specifically Projector Central. Quote "the image is softer than we'd like to see from a 1080p resolution projector". The review states in many places about the issues of sharpness and clarity. People easily pick up on the negitive opinions and tend to overlook the good ones. The dealer said if I wasn't happy I could give them 2000.00 $ dollers and my VPL VW50 and up grade to the 60, but I found no difference to warrant this exchange. I guess what I am trying to do here is convince myself that I am very pleased with the 50 and all other owners should be as well. They are all great projectors and if you are pleased with what you have, then leave other opinionated opinions to whom ever who will believe them and make your own decision ! Use Projector Central as a guide and nothing more and even that,s questionable. Jeff Martin

Review by ol bear1949

vw 60 ,da lite 110cinema vis. scrn,logitech remote,this is a perfect pic with the lens 15 ft from screen,beam,up mount,pefect package and plenty bright,even w/a lil abeinent ,$5600, total price ,i installed it what a snap,,,,

Review by raj

Last year I purchased the vpl-vw50 and was a little disappointed at the sharpness. Perhaps it was just the unit but when I heard about this black coloured projecter with supposed improved sharpness I had to get it and so I did. At once I noticed that this projecter was more sharper. I cannot say much brighter but the sharper focus does seem to make it appear brighter or perhaps it could also be the native contrast which gives it more depth? This is the better projector and I am now satisfied. This is an improvement over the older 50 model in my opinion and I really like it!

Any Problems: None so far although I had to put up a rear shelf as I thought would be safer and easier than hanging it as was my original idea. It works fine back there. Thank you for reading! Raj

Review by Imran

Very sharp and bright. Infintely adjustable. Beautiful skin tones. Read the AVs forums for yourself. I did not find a single post on the PJ having problems like the Pana Ae 2000U out of the box. JVC is good nut this PJ has features that JVC does not offer. I am impressed by the capability of the unit and vow never to go back to TV for films...ever!

Any Problems: None.

Review by Gérard Bloch

When I first try this Projector with a Bluray disc (The prestige) I was so impress by the picture quality that I didn’t believe it, but yes it was real! You can got now better picture at home than in a theater The colors out of the box were perfect to my taste , and if you don’t like it you have all the possibility to correct it I use it with a 2, 40 meter base screen, on the low lamp mode I use the Cinema mode with the color T° on low, gamma 1 and black level of Color mode is put on normal It deserve is Eisa award (European rewards) for the best projector of the 2007 years Award Year: 2007/2008 Panel: AUDIO & HT PANEL Category: EUROPEAN VIDEO PROJECTOR Brand: Sony Model: BRAVIA VPL-VW60 Description: With Full HD resolution now becoming established as the heavyweight video standard, home cinema projectors cannot afford complacency. Sony’s VPL-VW60, smaller sibling of the high-end Qualia, comes equipped for the challenge, with three SXRD panels of hybrid technology featuring a smooth automatic iris. Its extended color gamut (xvYCC) and Color management system makes this projector future proof. Its power zoom lens projects an image up to 760 cm diagonal from a short distance, and both installation and operation are simplified by a motorised lens shift and illuminated remote control. There is a multiplicity of interfaces (double HDMI CEC inputs providing a perfect match for HD sources up to 1080/24p) permitting connection of nearly every video source. The VPL-VW60’s features are impressive; its price is unmissable.

Review by Dave M.

I have been a avid AV guy for 20 years but not big inito specs...just execution. I came back to this site to write a review because when i bought the Black Pearl 3 weeks ago there was no reviews. I had an Infocus 7200 1080p DLP projector. It died so i decided to get a new one. I looked at every projector from 15k under on the market. I was leaning towards SXRD and have always beena Sony fan. I Installed the projector myself with a new Denon 4808 and Blue Ray. The first movie i watched was Blue Ray Black Hawk down on my 109 inch screen. The picture looks as good as my Sony 70" LCD. I can't seen any flaws at all. ESPN HD is amazing also in 1080i. Why anyone would buy a 10k or 15k projector over this model doesn't make sense. Put you money in a new AV Reciver or speakers. Hope this helps someone....

Any Problems: Only concern is picture isn't as bright as my old Infocus but isn't a big issue. I have 4 windows in the room it is in and still have decent quality with the shades up....

Review by Antonio

I have it at home from 5 days ago. Wonderful image, I never expected a projector to have this quality. Our last projector was a Sony VPL-VW10HT and the difference is awesome. Tried to buy the Panasonic AE1000 this summer but have to return it due to severe panel alignment problems, causing blurred image. VW60 is very very sharp, very bright, color uniformity is perfect and panel misalignment is very easy to fix with the remote. Contrast is superb and the details in dark scenes are incredible. We have decided to turn the dinamic iris off. It works fine, but after testing for some hours, we like best the picture without iris. Our screen is 100' and projector is celing mounted 3 meters from screen, and it's bright enough. Some bright scenes coming from a dark one, hurt the eyes, and we are thinking to change to low lamp mode. Very quiet.

Any Problems: In total darkness, the corners of the screen have light. It is not visible with any image on the screen, but it's a bit disturbing anyway. Color is a bit greenish, but we haven't tweaked it yet, just have adjusted contrast and brightness. With the sharpness control at any position over 0, the menu letters from the PS3 show distorted and trembling. In the lowest position, no problem. I don't know if it's a failure or not.

Review by Antony

SONY VPL-VW60 IS Wow !!! this is the best Projector in the world .... I have done a lot of research on what projector to get and I look at love the Mitsubishi HC5000.I have an PS3, XBOX 360 & Hi-Def Cable from Brighthouse. The picture from each source was amazing. From the Hi-Def cable ... WOW!!! I play DVD Serenity,Kill Bill- Vol1/2, Pirates Of The Caribbean Again WOW !!! On the Xbox 360 FIFA 07 again WOW !!! Now for the PS3 I play Underworld - Evolution (Blu-ray) the picture was amazing and the games on the PS3 again WOW !!the black sharp & color is unbelievable ,I have the projector for about 56 hours and I am 100% satisfied and extremely happy with my purchase. don't compromise!!!the Mitsubishi HC5000 is O.K but the SONY VPL-VW60 is from different world.

Any Problems: To much silent!!!!!!!!!!!

Review by JoeRod

I just came from the Sony VPL-VW100 (Ruby) and I will say the VPL-VW60 (BLACK PEARL) outperforms it in a few areas. Mainly being able to do 1080p/24 with BLu ray and HD DVD! Talk about a nice clear judder-free image. Also the image is about 20%-30% SHARPER! Details on close-ups can be scary! I would also say it is a little brighter as well. And at least I don't have to pay around 800.00 for a replacement lamp! That was crazy!!! Another really cool first feature is having Panel Alignment Convergence Adjustments. Now that is nice knowing you can dial in the convergence which helps give you peace of mind knowing it is not off. And finally I need to mention the price. The VW60 outperforms all pjs in and some even above its price range. I think the Black pearl will give the new RS2 a run for the money. I bet JVC did not expect the VW60 to perform this well at that price point. And even if the RS2 bests it in some areas (which will not be easily noticable) I very much doubt it is worth that much more than the Black Pearl. I highly recommend getting this pj and saving some money which can be used to get a Blu ray or HD DVD player that can send 1080p/24 into it. That is the sweet spot! Oh and did I mention how SHARP this pj is!

Any Problems: So far after 40 hours.... NONE....