Stewart Filmscreen has released a new acoustically transparent weave screen material, the Harmony G2. The weave is designed to minimize the need for equalization of speakers placed behind the screen, while still maintaining a high-end video experience. Visually, many acoustically transparent screens have what's referred to as a blue bump, where whites and grays have a blue tint causing things like grass and skin tones to look unnatural. The Harmony G2's color is consistent across the visible spectrum and doesn't have that blue bump thanks to a neutral-colored thread sourced by Stewart.

Because of the qualities of acoustically transparent weave screens, there's typically a loss in mid to high range frequencies and they require EQ correction. To determine how well the Harmony G2 performs against the competition, Stewart asked SH Acoustics—an independent acoustical consultancy firm that works on projects ranging from museums to whole-house acoustics—to conduct a variety of tests. In all the tests, the Harmony G2 consistently provided less signal loss between 5 kHz and 20 kHz by 1 to 2 dB. Acoustically transparent material not only passes sound but light as well, so most of the tests were conducted with a black liner that is necessary to preserve contrast and black levels.

Stewart Harmony G2 Frequency Response
The graph shows the decibel deviation from reference level (red line) across a frequency range from 125 Hz to 20 kHz of the Stewart Harmony G2 with a black liner (black line) and Stewart's leading competitor with a black liner (blue line). Measurements were taken on axis at 8 inches from the source monitor.

The Harmony G2 is a flame-resistant, flexible front projection screen. It has a 0.7 peak gain which, through testing, Stewart determined is the highest achievable number. The screen material has a wide viewing angle and doesn't reach half gain until 85 degrees (it doesn't even reach 0.6 gain until 70 degrees).

Stewart Harmony G2 Viewing Angle
The Stewart Harmony G2 screen has a wide viewing angle that doesn't reach half gain until 85 degrees off axis.
It is available in sizes up to 9 feet high by 90 feet wide and can be used with 4K and ultra-short throw projectors—the minimum throw distance is 0.3 times the image width. The Harmony G2 is available on select models of Stewart VistaScope, Director's Choice, and CineCurve screens, as well as the Balón Series, WallScreen 2.5, WallScreen Deluxe, AT 3.0, AT 1.5, VistaScope EVO, and Director's Choice EVO.


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