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Stewart Filmscreen, one of the most recognizable names in home and commercial projection screens, has released a new version of its Luxus below-ceiling retractable screen. The updates were developed over the past year as a collaboration between Stewart's engineering, sales, and science teams.

The new Luxus screen now scales up to a 209-inch diagonal 16:9 image with a 12-inch black drop masking. That's a sizeable image with a 15-foot, two-inch width and eight-foot, six and a half-inch height. The screen retracts into a housing that is smaller in circumference than previous models for a more compact look. To ease installation, a new mounting bracket slides horizontally to allow for proper centering of the screen. Bracket attachment rails run along both the top and back of the case to allow easy hanging either on the ceiling or wall.

LX cutout
The Luxus screen can be mounted with brackets on the ceiling or wall.

Included is the new Intelligent Motor Control (IMC) 100. It supports IR, serial, RF, IP, 12V trigger, and dry contact controls and is compatible with all major third-party control systems. Access to the control unit and roller assembly can now also be accessed from the front of the screen thanks to the removable case bonnet. The screen case end caps are available in black or white to match the screen case, or an optional hand-polished billet aluminum finish.

LX Board
At a maximum diagonal of 209 inches, the Luxus has 12 inches of black masking between the screen material and screen housing.

Stewart recommends fifteen different screen materials as the best options for the Luxus, including the popular StudioTek 130 G4 and GrayHawk G4 for front projection, and AeroView 100 for rear projection.

The new Luxus retractable screen is available now through certified Stewart retailers.


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