Stewart Phantom HALF NPA lifestyle Stewart Filmscreen has introduced a new high ambient light rejection (HALR) screen material designed to keep an image from becoming washed out in environments with limited ambient light control. The Phantom HALR Plus screen material in sizes up to 40 x 90 feet can be used with all of Stewart's fixed frame and electric screen systems, including the new Luxus, WallScreen Deluxe, Balón Edge, and the improved Cascade that is coming soon. Phantom HALR Plus is a flame-resistant 1.3-gain flexible, front screen material with a rated ambient light rejection value of 80%. The screen hits its half gain viewing angle (0.65) at 27 degrees off-axis. The minimum throw distance for the Phantom HALR Plus is 1.6 times the screen width. It is not intended to be used with passive 3D images. For acoustic transparency, the Phantom HALR Plus is available with either Stewart's MicroPerf X2 or CinemaPerf options to allow flexibility in speaker placement. MicroPerf X2 has over 30,000 miniature holes per square foot of screen material and was the first to receive THX Ultra certification.

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