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Studio Exp. Cinema 13HD User Reviews

Studio Exp. Cinema 13HD Projector

Studio Experience Cinema 13HD

WXGA (1366x768), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
20.3 lbs, $4,999 (MSRP)
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4.8 out of 5
5 User Ratings
Image Quality 5.0
Features 4.8
Construction 4.8
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 5.0

User Reviews

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Review by Pierre Dery

I've been using the 13HD for about a year now and it is the best home cinema experience yet... Colors are great, image clarity is great (don't expect a bad DVD to come out great though), blacks are looking as black as you would hope for on a LCD projector and... No dead pixel. My wife didn't want me to buy anything else than my actual JVC 36in TV, but you know what? From the first time she looked at a movie on the 13HD, there's no way she would have gone back to a 36in TV... My friends are all amazed by the picture quality. I'm not event talking about HD signal but plain DVDs on a Progressive Scan DVD player are looking great. Take my word for it: "Lord of the Rings" won't look that great on anything else at this price range.

Any Problems: Dust particules on LCD pannels: Studio Experience will clean them under warranty for you. Just make sure to clean the filters once in a while.

Review by Mike

I have been extremely pleased after four months *(about 500 hours). Excellent image quality and an incredible scalar. De-interlacer isn't the best, but works reasonably well. HD signals are handled slightly differently, and look absolutely incredibly--the best I've personally seen from any projector. Features are good, but wish it had DVI. You can get a PC to output full resolution to it with some effort. Good construction, but big. Easy to use once you get used to it, but lots of menus. Very smart about figuring out the input signal format. Good reliability, I have had no problems. Value for money is OUTSTANDING. It's the reason I bought this projector, and frankly, you can't do better with any other projector OR TV. I recommend this model to anybody else I meet who's interested.

Any Problems: A handful of bad pixels. Studio Experience would fix the problem considering their pixel policy is much better than Sanyo's, but they don't bother me at all so I haven't bothered to send it in.

Review by Danny Devereaux

Great product with great image & features. This is definitely the best home theater LCD projectors of all times out there with a 700:1 to 800:1 contrast ratio with true 16:9 aspect ratio LCD panels for true home theater use. After discovering Studio Experience (which is a division of Boxlight Corp.) I will never purchase another Sanyo projector or any other brand LCD or DLP projector out there again, ever. This is "The One" This projector does outperform the Sanyo PLV-60HT and all other 16:9 home theater projectors out there. This projector is more inexpensive than the Sanyo PLV-60HT and I have to say it is underpriced and should cost hundreds more than the Sanyo. The Studio Experience 13HD is made and manufactured by Studio Experience. You are buying & dealing direct from the manufacturer "no middle man" which is why it is more inexpensive than the Sanyo. Studio Experience's staff, personnel and service are great and extremely knowledgeable and back up all their products and does put their customers first unlike Sanyo/Fisher Co. I am extremely satisfied with them and will stick with Studio Experience and their products for years to come, there's no other that would compare to them. Check them out at and tell Mitch Debard I sent you. You'll get a great deal, you wont regret it.

Any Problems: None

Review by Leonard Eckian

Although I am a reseller of this product I am also its biggest fan. This is the projector in my personal home theater and I love it. For more information call me at 800-704-8660.

Review by Kevin Williams

This native 16X9 projector is, in my opinion, the best of its type on the market to date. Take into account the price. To get a better image or more options/connectivity you would have to more than double the price. The manufacturer of this specific unit has the best tech support and customer service that I've encountered to date. This is a must buy.

Any Problems: Some dust particles on the lcd panels. Only visible if your face is on the screen. The remote is a little cumbersome. But not too bad when you get used to it.