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  Calculator *Studio Exp. Cinema 12SF
848x600 (SVGA)
  No Calculator *Studio Exp. Cinema 13HD
1366x768 (WXGA)
  No Calculator *Studio Exp. Cinema 17SF
1024x768 (XGA)
  Calculator *Studio Exp. Cinema 20HD
1366x768 (WXGA)
  No Calculator *Studio Exp. Matinee 1HD
964x544 (WVGA)
  No Calculator *Studio Exp. Matinee 2HD
1280x720 (HD)
  Calculator *Studio Exp. Premier 30HD
1024x576 (WSVGA)
  Calculator *Studio Exp. Premier 50HD
1280x720 (HD)
  Calculator *Studio Exp. SE 55HD
1280x720 (HD)
Epson LightScene EV-100
WXGA Conference Room Projector