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Toshiba TACP TDP-MT200 User Reviews

Toshiba TACP TDP-MT200 Projector

Toshiba TACP TDP-MT200

WVGA (854x480), 700 ANSI Lumens,
6.3 lbs, $1,799 (MSRP)
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4.7 out of 5
28 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.9
Features 4.3
Construction 4.6
Ease of Use 4.7
Reliability 4.8
Value for Money 4.9

User Reviews

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Review by Julien Tremblay

The picture are very crisp and nice. light weight, potable and versatil. Not to expensive and i like the no noise fan and very quiet.

Any Problems: Not yet

Review by The Large One

I have just over 100 hours on this projector and must say I am quite impressed. I have it shelf mounted about 13' from my 92" screen and could not be happier with the picture quality. I have an Xbox 360 that looks absolutely amazing, DVD's are absolutely fantastic, and HDTV is not too shabby. I buddy of mine paid twice what I did for his "higher end" projector and mine looks just as good (although he claims HD looks slightly better). I was worried about the low Lumens count but it is no problem. I researched projectors for abotu 2 years before I pulled the trigger and this in my opinion is the best bang for your buck out there.

Any Problems: Make sure you have great ventilation around your projector as mine was overheating until I had a shelf made with a special bracket. Would not pose any problems if you are ceiling mounting.

Review by RYNGO

Sencillamente impresionante,con estas`sos palabras no hace falta que diga mas.imagenes increibles solo probado por s-video por componentes tiene ser el no va se aprecia arcoiris.

Any Problems: el alto precio de la lampara

Review by DeadZombie

A very good purchase. Calibration owing to lack of good quality which gives superb images. Of good construction, this projector will answer has your waitings.

Review by raffaele

The Toshiba MT200 represents one of the best buy, probably the best, you can take nowadays regarding low res projectors, below 900 euro. Personally, I think it is one of the few projectors with an innovative and modern design, the others look a little disgusting in relation to my interior. In addition, for this class, this projector has a very high contrast, unbeatable colors, and an excellent deinterlacer. The Toshiba can be considered suitable for people who are expecting to get a competitive, brilliant, and cheap product at the same time. Go for it...

Any Problems: Rainbow effects still visible, but not such a big issue for all kinds of people. All low res projectors needs either an analogical SVGA or DVI connection for giving their best out. Toshiba could include at least a SVGA cable.

Review by fred251

ave got mine for 2 month now and i absolutly love it. the picture quality is superbe and so easy to use. by one now !!!!!!

Any Problems: none

Review by Joe N

So far..excellent. Better than I thought it would be.

Any Problems: It does seem to have trouble with progressive scan signals. I seem to have to switch the DVD player's signal back to INTERLACE...then back to PROGRESSIVE. Then, the Toshiba MT200 works with it.

Review by Darren

My 1st real TV was the Toshiba TW40X81 rear Projection HDTV. Too bulky since I move alot. This projections system is much better. I still have to do some adjustments to get the picture just right. It settings are much different than a rear projection. Very quiet and nice BIG image. Very nice FILM quality compared to DIGITAL images coming from other DLP TV's. Recommend ceiling mount.

Any Problems: Screen it came with may not be perfect match for it and has a crease in it not sure how to fix it.

Review by bentley

Good price... but, too many rainbows also. I hopped this problem was resolved, but I can´t watch a movie more than hour. infocus 4805 is a better choice in my opinion

Review by BrianDamage

Awesome Picture Quality. A dream to get up and running. As an Entry Level Projector would highly recommend it.

Any Problems: Not Recommended for a short throw room, if you want BIG. The Maximum I could get for screen size was 82" with a 12 foot throw. Manufacturer Mount for it is poor. It does not lock into place very well and I find I have to constantly adjust it.

Review by Kevin Buck

Spent a little time researching before I bought, and glad I did. The Toshiba MT200 is an outstanding machine for the money, picture quality is excellent with good depth of colour and contrast. Funcionality is great, I found the on screen menus easy to navigate and user friendly. Only slight draw back for some may be the low ANSI lumen rating, thus requiring bright ambient light to be controlled for optimum viewing (ok on cloudy days though), but this should not put you off bying what is otherwise a very capable piece of kit. I have complemented the MT200 with a denon 600W home cinema system and a 200cm high gain pro-cinema screen. Forget plasma screens, this is the future of home entertainment.

Any Problems: No problems encountered so far after 30 hours of viewing.

Review by Terie

I've been looking for a half decent projector for a while. I knew it had to be DLP. When comparing them to the different TV's (wide screen, rear projection, Wega, etc) I was willing to go for the dimmer picture (or so I thought) to get the bigger overall screen. Then I happened to see this Toshiba at Leon's. I could not believe I was looking at a projector image. It was not only brighter than most of the rear projections but the colors were fantastic. I was a little leary about buying a projector with the res lower than 1024x768 native. However, I could not deny what I was actually seeing. Then the low lumens (700) was really something I did not want. I thought I would have had to have at least 1500 lumens to be able to use it in my family room with modest ambient light. Not so. Actually, I have the lamp set to econo and I'm still in awe of the image. I just boosted the brightness a tad. I got this thing home, had it running in less that half an hour and I was astounded at the quality, clarity and color of the picture. Everyone that sees it is amazed that it's a projector. It's just awesome! The screedoor effect is barely noticable at 6' away from an 80" screen. And back about 12' it's just incredible. I am running this thing strictly from my PC. I bought a tv tuner card and now I have an 80" wide screen high def TV as well as an 80" flat screen monitor to do my email. You will not be sorry you chose this projector. For the money, it simply cannot be beat.

Any Problems: At first the thing would not hold the default settings for my room. I called tech support and they helped me thru it. Actually, the problem was due to the fact that I have it hooked up to my PC with a D-sub cable and we figured it out that I had to actually disconnect the cable after a reset to get it to remember my settings. Even the tech guy didn't know that. Other than that.... like all projectors, the lamp price is a bit steep but I won't have to think about that for a while.

Review by dark cloud

Color precision and saturation: excellent. Image geometry and sharpness: excellent. Image processing: excellent. You won't see any compression "block" artefacts from either DVD or HDTV sources (i think that it's just smart and able to reverse the compression damage to some extent). DVI input: once you go DVI, you won't go back. Better than 4805? I think so!

Any Problems: I was surprised by the lens-shift after I purchased it, and I had to change my original installation plans. I think that the remote only fluoresces in the dark, I don't think it's backlit.

Review by Rex

The image is beautifull, it is a bargain at this price. Better than competitors in this price range. Colors are rich, image is clean and sharp and if you connect to your htpc you will be amazed

Any Problems: no problems

Review by Michael

Bought this baby a week ago and have not looked back. A lucky purchase cause I only compared to other products afterwards. In short: an unbelievably rich picture (even on a wall) and noticably less rainbow effect than infocus' 4805. My guests cannot believe their eyes and have cancelled all orders for plasma screens. Go ahead and buy it, your wife will forgive you once she sees the quality.

Any Problems: When ceiling mounted, the image projects heavily downwards. So, get a decent mounting arm to avoid too much key-stoning if using the computers dvd as source.

Review by Daniel

Es mi primer proyector y no entiendo mucho, pero la imagen es lo mejor de lo mejor. No tiene un mando con iluminación, pero alguien dijo que la perfeccion no existe. It´s my first projector and i don´t understand so much, but the image is the best of the best. It doesn´t have an iluminated remote, but someone saids that the perfection doesn´t exist.

Review by RC211VRacer

Setup is easy out of the box. Had it going in less than 15 minutes for a trial run. I am only using a white primered wall at the moment and the images are great. Projector is hung from the ceiling with 6 inch drop at 16 feet back from screen/wall. It is producing a 9 ft. image. My room is a dedicated 13x18 area in the basement and works out great. It sure beats my 65inch widescreen I was using. I am going to use the GOOSYSTEMS on the wall when I decide the exact screen size. That should clean up the already excellent image quality even further.

Any Problems: Having trouble saving presets. When I turn off main power it resets everything. If you do not shut off main power the fan keeps running in standby mode, in return drawing electricity. And for the rainbow efect subject. I have only noticed it on one movie which I was really fatigued. I have not noticed the effect since then.

Review by Tommy

With my old 27 incher on its last legs, I ventured into the local home theater shop to preview the latest projectors. I've been looking for a projector for a couple of years but hadn't yet come across a high-quality unit at the right price point. That is until I previewed the Toshiba MT-200. When I walked into the preview room, I was amazed with the incredible sharpness and brilliant colour of the live music concert that was playing (btw - i have 20/20 vision.) The preview room had 3 projectors ready to go. Based on the PQ, I was certain the projector that was playing was in the range of $5-$10 Canadian. Upon closer inspection it was actually the lowest cost unit in the room - the MT-200! I was floored at the asking price of Cdn $2300. Surely it was too good to be true, that someone had written the wrong dollar figure on the price label. In the end I could hardly believe that my search for a projector had finally ended; a PJ with super-high PQ at a bargain basement price. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that the PJ comes with a FREE 80" white screen! Even though the home theater preview room used a Stewart Firehawk 100" screen, the salesman said the free screen would produce nearly the same quality of picture under my viewing conditions - a dark dedicated home theater room with near total light control. From what I have seen with 22 hours on the lamp under the belt, I would have to agree with his assessment. At any rate, I was so impressed that I took the MT-200 on the spot - after bargaining the price down to $2050! Setup was very intuitive in my 18' by 23' HT room. It took about an hour to install the screen, perfectly centered, hanging from two screw heads set into the wall. As for the unit itself, it came out of the box and sits on the coffee table about 15 feet from the 80" screen (72 by 51 inches to be exact.) I plugged in the power and component video cables coming out from my dvd player, and turned on the PJ. I moved the coffee table until the video filled the screen, adjusted the screen size using the fine-tuning lever, and finally adjusted the lens for focus. In a nutshell, setup was a breeze, especially since it's only used for viewing DVD movies. I don't have cable or satellite (cancelled the latter almost 3 years ago out of personal choice.) At any rate the incredible picture experience the MT-200 provides makes me I wish I had bought a PJ years ago. I previewed select scenes from a variety of DVDs including the Phantom Menace Pod Race, Gladiator's Battle Of Carthage, Shrek 2, The Pianist, Van Helsing, etc etc. The idea was to preview as many different types and varieties of film to gain the best overall assessment of the PJ quality. All I can say is I am VERY satsified with my purchase, despite the fact I've been called a very finicky guy. That's why I waited so long to get my PJ - because I demand the finest quality at the best price point. The MT-200 fits these criteria to a tee, and then some. If you are looking to purchase an infocus 4805, i highly recommend you compare the PQ with the MT-200. In my opinion, the Toshiba is a whole level above the 4805. Two others who were with me during my shopping expedition also completely agreed. If you're waiting for a high-quality, low-cost PJ, then wait no longer. The day and age of the home theater PJ has at long last arrived!

Any Problems: I've had one other person view my PJ at home. She too was blown away with the PQ and agreed this was one heck of a sweet projector. I must add that I am one of the rare privileged few who are prone to the rainbow effect. I had never seen the effect before but must admit that I do see rainbows on accasion. Some movies, like SpiderMan 2, don't show the effect at all. In general, I might detect a dozen or so rainbows, each lasting a fraction of a second, for any given movie. They seem to happen when bright objects move quickly on the screen AND when I quickly move my eyes to follow the action. Because they happen so quickly and not very often - sometimes not at all, it really doesn't bother me that much that it makes me want to even consider returning the unit. I think the rainbows come mostly due to my getting used to watching an 80 inch screen versus the tiny 27 incher I've been watching exclusively for 13 years. My lady friend has watched several movies and has never seen a single rainbow. My advice would be not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Give this unit a try. It's that good.

Review by Severson

I love the MT200, A doctor friend has a Marantz he paid over 12000 last year and he thinks it looks as good as his machine. It amazes people who watch it.

Any Problems: I have not had any problem yet.

Review by Willy

I was able to compair the MT200 with the Infocus 4805, the MT200 has better build quality and looks much nicer and the picture quality was better with the MT200 than the 4805 with no rainbows. I purchased the MT200 in Nov. for $1326, that was cheaper than I could find the 4805 for. Can't really find many reviews in english but the Europeans rated it better than the 4805 also (French and German).

Any Problems: Toshiba claims the remote is backlit but it is not.