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Toshiba TACP TDP-MT700 User Reviews

Toshiba TACP TDP-MT700 Projector

Toshiba TACP TDP-MT700

HD 720 (1280x720), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
7.6 lbs, $3,499 (MSRP)
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4.3 out of 5
10 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.7
Features 4.4
Construction 4.3
Ease of Use 4.4
Reliability 3.3
Value for Money 4.4

User Reviews

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Review by Niklas

Bought mine secondhand but without any problems, super projector! It performs very well at 720p and there was no problems fitting it to a cealing mount, the only thing that is missing is 1080p but who notices?

Review by Scubapat

Any Problems: UPDATE: I, like many of the reviewers posting here, have been feed up with the lamp life of this projector. I finally had enough of replacing the lamp, etc (3 lamps, ballast & firmware update - all under warranty) so contacted Toshiba and asked for a refund of my purchase price because I had a "LEMON" and they knew it! Toshiba has refunded my money (process took about a month). Suggest you all do the same! Get your money back! I took the refund and purchased an Optoma Model HD7100. Paid more for the Optoma then the Toshiba but so far is a much better projector in all ways. Check it out.

Review by Yannick Lupien

good for the price but the lamp story.......

Any Problems: 2 lamp in 6 months, it is gone at thoshiba very mad up to 3000h, last only 500 or so, not very good for toshiba

Review by karl

(first sorry for my engish)I buy for 1.650€(2.000$)the image was perfect,a very good contrast& color for my dvd's but...

Any Problems: the lamp explote after 200hours ,no lamps in stock in 3 months ,the shop givé's me another and i sell it. It was a very good proyector,but i can't recomend for these problem of the lamp. They told me the guilty is the manufacturer of the lamp is not toshiba.

Review by Scubapat

Found picture quality excellent from live TV - both reqular and HD from DirecTV. DVD movies thru a Denon AV/Receiver upconverts video signal to near HD quality. Don't need HDDVD or BlueRay.

Any Problems: Been thru 3 bulbs since new in June '05 - all with less then 250 hours (supposed to last 2000 plus hours!). Take note other reviewer "brtbrn": Toshiba will stand behind bulbs eventho out of 90 day warranty period. Toshiba knows that their original bulbs were bad from supplier. Recent repair was to replace ballast besides bulb. Also did firmware update. TOPS (Toshiba warranty service company) is EXCELLENT with a 2 day turn around (Toshiba paid air freight both ways). Eventho did this latest repair I will spend the extra $300 and buy an extended warranty/service contract which includes the bulb.

Review by brtbrn

Any Problems: The bulb has burned out for the second time in 500hrs of use, I am totally pissed!First time it was repaired for free but now who knows.

Review by Grant

Received MT-700 in early June. This is the first projector I have ever owned and I have to say the picture is stunning. I don't have enough experience with projectors to compare it to others but I have to say it was worth every penny!!

Any Problems: None

Review by roger

Did a shootout with the same model differenr brand neme. There was no difference at all except for the $$$s. So purchasing the MT700 was really a no brainer for me. To keep it short - best bang for my hard earned bucks.

Any Problems: None

Review by Charlie Wittig

I am a newbie to front projectors, so I did a lot of research. The MT700 at this point in time is the best bang for the buck DLP PJ I've found. I was able to purchase it on the web for under $2500 and with the HD2+ chip, it was a very nice deal. The projector worked flawlessly right out of the box. Throw distance in my theater was perfect at 13+ feet on a Draper Cineperm M1300 106" screen. The projector offset was no issue since my ceiling is 7' and the ceiling mount brought the lens level with the 6'6" top edge of the screen. In a totally blacked out theater environment, the contrast level showed very good blacks on several B & W noir DVDs tested using a Denon DVD-955 via DVI-HDMI interface. Color saturation with out any calibration equipment was bright and satisfying to this reviewer's naked eye. HD signal via component/satellite recption using Discovery HD as a viewing example was jaw dropping during several nature views. I am a very happy new PJ owner who has found the promised land.

Any Problems: Two minor issues: 1. Slight blotchiness in suroonding black areas on the screen such as surround the opening title to "Lord of the Rings" (Fellowship), which occurs during a transision from totally light to black or vice-versa. Not sure is this is tweakable. 2. A "dead pixel" aka "Stuck mirror" (darkened pixel) near the center of the screen. I can't notice it until I look a a lighter scene and stand close to the screen. Toshiba does not see this as a malfunction according to the manual. It was suggested that I put a broadcast channel with all snow on and leave it for an hour to see if the changing light patterns can "unstick" the mirror.

Review by TJ Demonte

Coming from a 8 year history with Front Projection, I have had no less than 6 projectors. All of which were the best "value" for their time...I had a Davis DLS8, a Sharp xvs-95u, a Nec LT240k, Screenplay 4805, etc. This projector so far has me the most satisfied I have been with a projector out of the box. In low mode it is almost too bright for my 110" screen. It is very quiet, however not silent, but not objectionable even non subjectively. The color tracking needs very little adjustment to track a nice 6500k. The contrast and black level is AMAZING!, especially for a unit as bright as this. the focus is very finite and has a wide range even when you are close, which would indicate to me high quality optics. Tons of useful features, a tweakers dream as far as the controls, it syncs to the HTPC @ 1280 X 720 60hz pixel mapped. Nice backlit remote with all dicrete buttons to the key adjustment functions, very nice! I really could not be happier. Paid 2499.00 for it, I am sure anyone buying this would be amazed, unless you have the money for a Optoma79 this is your choice. Then take the money you saved and buy a 1080p unit when they arrive.

Any Problems: The lens has no ofset, so you will have to drop the projector from the ceiling to get the top of the image to start at a reasonable height. Not a big deal, but for some this might not work. Other than that I have had it in use over 5 days and 40 hours of intense other problems.