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Toshiba TACP TLP-ET1 User Reviews

Toshiba TACP TLP-ET1 Projector

Toshiba TACP TLP-ET1

WVGA (854x480), 600 ANSI Lumens,
11.7 lbs, $1,299 (MSRP)
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4.6 out of 5
16 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.6
Construction 4.7
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 4.2
Value for Money 4.8

User Reviews

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Review by galokar

was a good projector, good price and ship! the ease of use was fine to me..recomended at all

Any Problems: somebody know where i can find a bulb replacement? thanks

Review by stew

Ive owned this projector for 2 years now and use it regularly it has a very clear picture in high definition at 96 inches the only high def component I wish this projector had would be a DVI or HDMI connection but other than that no complaints I am currently on my second bulb the first one lasted 2900 hrs.The new bulb cost me 400 dollars canadian.A good projector for the price

Review by The Luddite

For the price this is excellent. I bought it because I wanted the cinema experience at home and it has done the job really well. I am currently projecting on to a woodchip paper wall painted in a very muted pink and it give me a very clear picture. Running it on low power it shows up very clearly. It was out of the box and up and running without any problems and in the last four months it has only warned me about cleaning the dust filter once. It's been used for DVDs, PS2 games and DVD, laptop and playing World of Warcraft on a PC connected via a long cable. Cleaning the filter was very easy, and as I like to know how to replace a bulb, which I have to say don't cost an arm and a leg to buy, I opened it up to find out how it was done. It's a simple easy task that a child could undertake. My only gripe,and it's a very small one, is the menu system on the remote, it takes a little time to get used to. But over all if you want a cheap easy to use projector for home cinema this has to be a great buy.

Review by Dave

This was bought purely on the basis of very good price. I was truly astonished when i got it set up! Terrific toy, love it!

Any Problems: No problems whatever.

Review by jhamone

My firt home theater project. Ceiling mounted. 90" 16:9 pull down screen. Audio through A/V amp receiver. Purchased a HD cable set top box, so I use component video directly from STB to projector. I have had this projector for about 10 months now. The picture quality in HD is amazing. I love watching DVD's (prog. scan) and weekend sports on HD. I have also detuned the focus to reduce screen door but at 2.5 times throw it is not necessary. This unit is one that gets you 90% of the home theater joy at a very economical price.

Any Problems: I too have had two bulbs burn out. First one at 300 hours - dealer replaced. The second one at about 1,000 hours. My local dealer has sent it back to Toshiba to have the not only the bulb but also the ballast replaced on warranty. Apparently, units built before late 2003 (or early 2004) use incorrect ballasts.

Review by newsurak

First projector for me. Tried a comparable DLP (Benq 5120), rainbow was waaay too noticable, leading to a nice trip to Headache City. Got this unit at $1099CDN, which is pretty much street price in Calgary, Alberta. Unit looks great mounted on the ceiling. Round design is very spiffy. Remote control is reasonably laid out, but no labels on the remote makes it hard to know what button to push. Simple progressive scan DVD player with component output is excellent!

Any Problems: Am displaying a 96" screen with the unit, and at full sharpness, screendoor effect is very noticeable. Defocussing fixes that problem but leaves the picture watchable. It ain't no WXGA screen, but it's acceptable. For now :-)

Review by Zack Birky

I love this projector. I agree with all of the positive aspects described in the other posts.

Any Problems: My bulb has 246 hours on it, and is getting very dim. It is difficult to find bulbs for this projector, and the cost (Feb 2005) is over 420 USD, or 178 Pounds (330 USD). Read the other posts - I am not the first person with bulb trouble...

Review by laetnite

Gorgeous piece of electronics.Shows well like a nice car.Mounted in the ceiling was a best bet.Use it for computer and DVD player.Future use will be digital TV and HDTV.Did a recent household move,nice to put big screen under your arm versus forklift.

Any Problems: Best in nitetime viewing.Should be 10 feet away at least on widescreen.Speakers in unit "better than nothing".No one would use them anyways,jack out to audio amp in home theatre.

Review by Waldo

I only use the projector to watch DVD movies. Night time is the best in a dark room.

Any Problems: Just under 3 months old & not many hours done, the bulb blew. It is getting replaced under warranty. That is the only drawback so far.

Review by min

Stunning images and ALL the OLD movies are alive again on this fantastic machine!!!!!!!!!! It is user friendly,light,fast and brilliant back-lit remote in the dark! Highly recommeded for home cineama use

Review by Ian Ridley

A truly great projector i use it for my home entertainment system

Any Problems: I have used 3 lamps(bulbs) in 12 months with the last 2 having used them for less than 300 hrs The lamps (bulbs)COST A SMALL FORTUNE £247.00 INC VAT This cannot be right but Toshiba say that is normal (NOT)DO NOT BUY ONE UNLESS TOSHIBA SORT OUT THE RELIABILITY OR LOWER THE PRICE OF THE BULBS LAMPS.

Review by Family Man

This is a purpose built entry level home theater projector, however it exceeded my expectations in terms of quality of picture and ease of use. The contrast level is good enough to cope with daylight filtering in to my living room even in low power mode (recommended to keep fan noise down). I found the pixel window can be minimised by manually setting the focus a little off, and even then I could reduce the shapness setting for smoother images and no degredation to detail, clarity and text on the screen. You would need to spend twice as much to get a projector that was any better.

Any Problems: Some screens with lots of solid blue (dark or light) get a LCD wave effect (not sure how to describe it). Can be reduced by playing with colour and contrast, but not worth worrying about.

Review by SH

TLP-ET1 is a very good and extremely beautiful low priced projector for anyone who aren't afraid the chicken will surely notice them.The picture quality is desent even with scart RGB(DVD),I wish I had a progressive scan DVD to try.

Any Problems: Non so far,only about 25 hours of use. Almost forgot,the keystone correction is useles,I prefer the distorted picture over it.

Review by Benoit

Positive aspects: 1) real 16:9 mode is excellent with a 16:9 screen 2) great brightness, even in economy mode 3) great colours 4) scarcely any screendoor effect if the screen is 2.5 times the screen length away from you 5) barely noticeable noise in economy mode 6) excellent compatibility (component, composite, video, VGA, etc.) 7) very easy of use Negative aspects: 1) component YUV necessary to get a sharp picture 2) contrast could be better

Any Problems: During big travelling shots the image can be jerky at times.

Review by ggrutle

This projector is used for DVD viewing only and works great. I keep it on a coffee table in what would otherwise be a rarely used formal living room. I find the picture quality very good. Negatives are a fairly high level of visible screen door and the low light output. I get around these problems by limiting sceen size to 60" for normal viewing and 80" completely dark room.

Any Problems: None yet (2 months)

Review by bobrazovski

Price: 1090 euros good price for the value. Very easy to use. 28 db mode silent, very important for me. Good choice for 1 or 2 films in the week.