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Toshiba TACP TLP-ET1 User Reviews

Toshiba TACP TLP-ET1 Projector
WVGA (854x480), 600 ANSI Lumens,
11.7 lbs, $1,299 (MSRP)

16 User Ratings Rated 4.6
Image Quality 4.6
Features 4.6
Construction 4.7
Ease of Use 4.6
Reliability 4.2
Value for Money 4.8
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Feb 5, 2008  galokar
was a good projector, good price and ship! the ease of use was fine t...
May 22, 2006  stew
Ive owned this projector for 2 years now and use it regularly it has a...
Apr 25, 2006  The Luddite
For the price this is excellent. I bought it because I wanted the cine...
Nov 21, 2005  Dave
This was bought purely on the basis of very good price. I was truly as...
Feb 22, 2005  jhamone
My firt home theater project. Ceiling mounted. 90" 16:9 pull down sc...
Feb 19, 2005  newsurak
First projector for me. Tried a comparable DLP (Benq 5120), rainbow w...
Feb 12, 2005  Zack Birky
I love this projector. I agree with all of the positive aspects descr...
Jan 13, 2005  laetnite
Gorgeous piece of electronics.Shows well like a nice car.Mounted in th...
Jan 2, 2005  Waldo
I only use the projector to watch DVD movies. Night time is the best ...
Dec 20, 2004  min
Stunning images and ALL the OLD movies are alive again on this fantast...
Nov 22, 2004  Ian Ridley
A truly great projector i use it for my home entertainment system
Sep 30, 2004  Family Man
This is a purpose built entry level home theater projector, however it...
Sep 26, 2004  SH
TLP-ET1 is a very good and extremely beautiful low priced projector fo...
Sep 16, 2004  Benoit
Positive aspects: 1) real 16:9 mode is excellent with a 16:9 screen ...
May 7, 2004  ggrutle
This projector is used for DVD viewing only and works great. I keep i...
Feb 19, 2004  bobrazovski
Price: 1090 euros good price for the value. Very easy to use. 28 db m...