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Toshiba TACP TLP-MT7U User Reviews

Toshiba TACP TLP-MT7U Projector


HD 720 (1280x720), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
11.7 lbs, $5,999 (MSRP)
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4.5 out of 5
10 User Ratings
Image Quality 4.8
Features 4.4
Construction 4.7
Ease of Use 4.9
Reliability 4.1
Value for Money 4.2

User Reviews

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Review by Markus

Simply to use and very good performance for home entrateinment, natural coloured image and excellent silence during projecting. I am very happy Bye Markus

Any Problems: 1 pixel burn

Review by Mark Dargan

I hvae owned this projector for three years. The first bulb failed at 700hours, but since this was demo unit it might have been handled roughly. I tried 5-6 projectors before picking this one. I found all the (2X wheel) DLP unwatchable because of rainbows and "eye fatigue". This projector is very very quiet and produces a great picture from YPbCr component input. I use it almost exclusively for widescreen DVDs. Even thought no longer state of the art, I am still very happy to continue using this projector for another few years!

Any Problems: demo Bulb failed at 700hours, otherwise none at all to report.

Review by Kevin

Nice picture initially, but after only about 200 hours of lamp life, the picture started getting very dim. After a few weeks of this, an error message began appearing and the system would shut itself off! Without cooling the bulb.

Any Problems: After having the unit in place for less than 6 months, we sent it in to Toshiba to repair the error we were having. After spending numerous hours on the phone with their repair center, and 90 days of time, we still have not seen the unit returned to us!. One Toshiba customer service person stated that they have no need to fix it in any time period, that their warranty does not state anywhere that they will repair and return a unit in any reasonable time period. Ultimately, the retailer has given us a credit for the unit and we will be selecting ANOTHER BRAND this weekend. I will never buy another unit from Toshiba. ps. Verify lamp life for this unit. The Toshiba website says 2000 hrs, but the manual that comes with the unit says 1000 hrs. Also, try to locate a bulb anywhere in the world... there are none they are continually on back order. One site I found has some, but they want over $800 for them due to the shortage... BEWARE!

Review by pedro furtado

I would just like to say this is great projector and I would highly recommend it.2 years passed and i have to say thay is one of the best in marked.

Review by Terry

I've had this projector now for almost 2 years. I use it mainly in my home theater for watching DVDs and it works AWESOME! If you have a lot of ambient light the picture is nothing to write home about, but if you set it up in a completely dark room it would be seriously hard to beat. Great colour and so far I'm still on my first bulb (fingers crossed). In closing, I would just like to say this is great projector and I would highly recommend it.

Any Problems: Not a one in the two years that I've owned it.

Review by pedro furtado

A very good machine with a great image

Any Problems: Any problems

Review by pedro furtado

A very god machine withe a great image.

Any Problems: Any problems at all.

Review by Chuck Drake

Spent a LOT of time looking at projectors. VERY sensitive to screen door - could really not watch an XGA LCD projector (even defocussed). Saw couple DLP's but nothing overwhelmed me. Decided to go for WXGA LCD - Got a great deal on a B stock MT7 and have watched about 2.5 weeks (lots movies) Impressions: NEEDED to be tweaked a little with AVIA before using seriously. After this - Colors are GREAT. Detail and resolution are great. In fact, I often notice small details that I never saw in the movies. Gray levels are OK - better than Sony 10HT, about same as 11HT. The menu system is pretty simple - seems to be designed to look like a typical TV setup. The case is very solid, good industrial design. Bottom line - I'm VERY VERY happy with this unit. In general, I'm a kind of picky person and it's rare for me to be completely satisfied with ANYTHING I buy ... This is an exception. I am very happy with the MT7.

Any Problems: None.

Review by C Drake

Spent LONG LONG time choosing a projector. Was trying to keep in the 3k price range and ALMOST settled for Panny 75U. The Panny has 3 yr warranty, 3000 hr bulb and a NICE image. BUT - pixels kill me. I have good vision (20/15) and can EASILY see pixels on all XGA LCD machines. Tried a couple DLP's (NEC LT150) but way way too noisy and colors only OK ... Bottom line - the MT7 is GREAT. Excellent image, very quiet, great colors, OK blacks. Seems well made but have only had for a week so hard to judge reliablilty. Frankly, the image I'm seeing is usually BETTER than that I've seen in the theater. And that was the goal .... You should know that the projector does NOT accept 1280 x 720 from an EXTERNAL scaler in RGB mode. It does take 480p and 720p via Y Pb Pr ... I added an Iscan Pro and WHOA! .... The picture really ROCKS now .... No artifacts and GREAT COLORS --- needed to tweak with Avia a little to get it right but could NOT imagine it getting much better ..... I'm considering trying a gray screen or filter to improve the blacks a little but the picture is SO darn good right now I hate to mess with it .... Bottom line - one of the VERY FEW times in my life I've made a major purchase and not wondered if I made the right decision .....

Review by Håkan

Home Theater use only... progressive component. Blacks are not black but black enough for me and certainly not a surprise. That is the ONLY major drawback. Talk about posterizing and color inaccuracy misses the target - I think it is very good with a nice contrast and undetectable screendoor (viewdistance ~1,8×screenwidth). Image quality is "Excellent" if it wasn't for the little black snagg. The internal signal processing lacks film mode detection but is otherwise good (good S-Video conection) The VGA-RGB flexibility could be better but so far a "non-issue" for me. The fan is relatively quiet.