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Toshiba TLP-S10U User Reviews

Toshiba TLP-S10U Projector

Toshiba DPD TLP-S10U

SVGA (800x600), 1200 ANSI Lumens,
4.6 lbs, $1,294 (MSRP)
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4.0 out of 5
15 User Ratings
Image Quality 3.5
Features 3.9
Construction 4.3
Ease of Use 4.3
Reliability 4.1
Value for Money 3.9

User Reviews

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Review by cjmonyguy

I've now had my TLPS-10U for one year. Picked it up on EBAY for about $400.00. I've found the picture quality to be first rate. I'm projecting on a white wall from about 12 feet or so. Image size is about 84" diagonal. Some screen door effect on TV signal but when I play DVD's through S-Video and in widescreen format, the picture is stunning, especially for an entry level projector. I've put about 1000 hours on the lamp so far and it had about 700 on it when I bought it. I run the projector in economy mode to keep the fan noise level down and save the lamp and don't notice any significant drop-off in brightness. So far so good. I love this projector...although I'll upgrade to an XGA or WXGA for my next home theatre addition. I've found replacement lamps online starting around $180.00-$190.00 or so but haven't had to purchase one yet.

Any Problems: One bad pixel. No other problems.

Review by Liam

I was very lucky with value for my machine, as I recieved a free 100inch screeen and X-BOX, however, even without these, I would still say my NZ$2,500 was well spent!!! The image quality was beyond what I was expecting, and the features include everything I need. I use my projector for everything at home: TV, DVD, VCR, XBOX GAMING, PC! So it suerly cant be that bad if it satisfies me in all these departments!! People who complain about this machine should leave it alone, and if you dont like it, sell it on E-bay and get one YOU think will be better!

Any Problems: Faulty bulb, happily replaced by Toshiba

Review by JorgeC

I am very hapy with the projector. I use it to give two days conferences.I've had no problem. The over-all quality is excellent. The colors are bright.

Review by scoot

I Dont see why ur all complaining about it, its fine, ive seen a sony projector in the shop with worse screendoor effect, :P :)

Any Problems: none so far

Review by Alex Ross

ok, well, everyone who is complaining about picture, i have no idea what your talking about. i have a veiwsonic video processor, and it looks like a plasma screen. its actually really nice.

Any Problems: screen door effect is bothersome at times, but with the video processor, it looks more like when you look close to a TV and see the little boxes

Review by soccerkid

just wanted to comment on a couple of people running their dvd players through their computers or something ridiculous like that. no matter what resolution you output to this projector you are not gonna get XGA resolution out of it. it is a native SVGA projector and no matter what you send to it the image displayed will be converted back to a maximum of 800x600 resolution depending on the format. The projector simply does not have any more pixels. BTW techbot this is an LCD projector and not a DLP one. I'd highly recommend the Infocus X1. It's the same price and way better for home theater.

Any Problems: Poor contrast, bad deinterlacing, loud, light leakage, runs hot, no memory for the picture settings, lousy input detect, image quality really poor

Review by perfectionist

Techbot, check my previous review for optimum colour settings, makes a big difference. Also, your setup. I tried this when I got the projector but ran into a problem, perhaps you can help. Running the dvd player through the computer to the projector to get the higher XGA resolution seems like a possibility, - could you explain how you do this ? I have an ATI all in wonder card, though it does not have a port for component or VGA IN. (I tried the svideo in and as you said, noticed no difference - because of the lack of svideo detail) Once I get past this problem, would I simply use the ATI TV software to display the stand alone dvd feed ? THanks

Review by Techbot

I gave this a pretty good review because of the few options to click. For the money it has high resolution and the colors are pretty good with the DLP technology. At 10 feet it projects onto a 6 ft screen (Great in small places). I am using it mainly as a HD theater and Television. I found the trick was to hook up the RGB and run everything through the computer to get the higher resolutions (1024 X 768). You have to get a tuner card and or software that has an output of 1024. Kinda hard to find, but they are out there. DVD movies become twice as clear. S video hook up makes no difference on clarity with this projector. I am already looking at upgrading to a mitsubishi. I was going to get a Benq, but changed my mind because of noise and color. Complaints listed below:

Any Problems: Fan noise started getting noisier after a week, and fluxuates (made that way). Colors never meet my standards. (lips might be purple or faces too green, especially in econo mode). I was also told that Toshiba has bad technical support, but hopefully I won't need it.

Review by Louse76

One would have to be ill-informed to buy this projector. I tried one out while my X1 was out for repair. Watching anything on this is like looking through a screen door. Contrast is also horrible. There is also no zoom. Why would anyone want to buy this projector when there is much better on the market for the same price?

Review by perfectionist

settings for tlp-s10 contrast: +16 brightness: -9 colour: +6 sharpness: +2 red: +6 green: +6 blue: +2 i've already posted my review...pump in these settings under image adjustment and you'll really be laughing

Review by perfectionist

Everything you hear from other reviews is crap. There is no blue tint, this is a great projector for home theatre, the colours are great, and all the morons that say you can't reset factory defaults just don't know how, hold the menu button for 5 seconds to reset. Plenty bright enough even with some ambient light, contrast could be higher, but is not an issue, computer, dvd component (through rgb to component adapter) , and tv all look great.

Any Problems: Screen door effect is apparent. I've got it at 85" width (diagonal changes with different movie widescreen settings, only width is constant). Seated 13 feet away its annoying in lighter scenes with concentrated whites, darker colours aren't affected.

Review by Mdupray

I had to take the first one back because of a bad pixel. I then proceded to get a second one only to find out that it had 3 bad pixels. Both projectors seemed fine until I used the HDTV options. It seems to burn pixels out or something. I ended up taking the second one back. Now I know it's better to wait for what I want instead of just taking what the store has.

Any Problems: Pixels burn out when using HDTV functions.

Review by Bobby

A really cute little thing and wanted so bad to love it, but it's impossible. The picture is just terrible. At least throught the S video imput. That's the only one i've tried and given all the other problems this projector has, this will be the only one I will try. I had the best intentions to buy the component adapter and try it with a progressive scan dvd player, but it's just not worth it to me. This thing might be good for a business presentation, but definitely not suited for home theater. Unless you plan on mounting it on the ceiling, there's no way to be happy with it performance. There's a really bright light coming from the back of the projector, which makes it annoying when sat on a table. Also the cooling fan blows the air through the back, so if mounted on a back wall I bet it will overheat in no time. In short this is a very unpractical unit, probably suited only for presentation carts, running from one office room to another. And the worst thing of all (besides the really poor picture) is the noise the fan makes. In standard mode it sounds like a vacuum cleaner, not something you wanna be listening to during a movie. In the lamp savings mode it's a little bit more quiet, but the fan constantly changes speeds, hense the frequency and intensity of the noise. It is impossible to just adjust to that sound and stop noticing it. The screen door efect is very apparent.

Any Problems: No zoom lense, no picture presets, constantly changing fan noise, light leakage from the back, poor internal deinerlacing, poor image geometry, menu icons are really odd, no factory settings reset function, no carrying case included, no S or component video cable included.

Review by Tony

I purchased my TLP_S10u for $1,000. So far I have put 40 hours of use on it. The projected image on a 100 inch screen is very good! Last night I wathched 2 Fast 2 furious on it and it looked great. Right now I'm using the S_VHS signal from my DVD player but soon I will switch over to the progrssive scan signal. I can't wait to see the improvement in the image quality.

Any Problems: NONE

Review by Picadilly

I reviewed the S10 and it was fantastic. Bright images, rich colors and extremely quiet. Worth every penny of the $999. Clearly, the best performer of the sub-$1000 units.

Any Problems: No problems