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ViewSonic Cine1000 User Reviews

ViewSonic Cine1000 Projector

ViewSonic Cine1000

WVGA (854x480), 1000 ANSI Lumens,
7.8 lbs, $1,299 (MSRP)
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4.9 out of 5
3 User Ratings
Image Quality 5.0
Features 4.7
Construction 5.0
Ease of Use 5.0
Reliability 5.0
Value for Money 5.0

User Reviews

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Review by David J

EXCELLENT projector for the price. I found it on Newegg for less than $900 and it has proven it self to me every day since. It works all the way up to 1080i beautifully, I watch regular DVD's on an 80" diagonal wide screen from 9 feet away and they look crisp as can be. Also, I watch HD TV through my cable company and the 1080i channels look GRRRREAT! Best bang for the buck. If you are looking to spend less than a grand on a good projector then this is your baby!

Any Problems: No 1080p, but of course it is not expected for this low of a price. Also, when playing games that often switch from 480i to 1080i it takes a long time to cycle through the different inputs. Oh well still a great buy!

Review by Ron

After researching for four months I decided to go with a DLP projector with a fast color wheel speed for a good quality picture. I have to agree with Bill Livolsi's article from April 20 2006 about this projector except for one major fact. He states the menu has no option to be translucent. In fact it has varying degrees of translucency (if there is such a word) and you can choose to have the entire menu translucent except for headings so that you can tell where you are. We have logged over forty hours using both DVDs and plain (not HD) televsion. The DVD is exceptional and, here is the kicker, the image from the TV is as good as or even better than you would see on a large (60") projection TV. This, of course, depends on the satellite image I get. North American broadcasts are very good while some of the European ones are a little weaker. The menu is very easy to use, and after using it only once you do not need to look into the instruction booklet as the menu is 'goof proof'. And, as stated earlier, you an see the changes you make in real time. If you get things really out of wack you can always return to factory settings. For me this projector is the best bang for the buck. The other thing I like about it is it only takes a few minutes to be cool enough to shut down. (this is good for me as we project from a temporary low table (16") and then put it away. We project an approximate 100" diag.)For those of you looking for a good projector you'll find that there seems to be better and cheaper technology every few months. So it does not hurt to do your homework and take your time.

Any Problems: None yet. Cleaned the outside of the lens with eyeglass cleaner a few times.

Review by greg

I purchased this projectors based on the review here and love it. I use it to watch movies all the time. It's great and my family enjoys the good times watching movies together. Picture and colors are great. I would highly recommend this projector.