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Voxel Worx Liquidpixel Screen

The most advanced optical coating solution, Liquidpixel, is bound to revolutionize the entire projection market. Across the product line’s support for small format, large format, and short-throw applications, Liquidpixel makes the nearly-impossible task of making large displays at low-costs, possible.

Liquidpixel’s features surpass every other rear-projection product on the market and beyond. It’s a pioneering market entry product as an ambient light-rejection optical coating, designed for professional audio & video experts. Voxel Worx™ offers custom retail installations as well.

• It is water-based and environmentally friendly
• It is waterproof upon curing and can be used in extreme environmental conditions
• Coating cures at normal ambient temperatures without the need of any special processes
• Chemical & Mar/Scratch resistant - it is very durable
• It will not fade or discolor from UV exposure
• It does not damage or etch glass - substrate bonding is achieved by advanced chemical engineering
• It maintains unprecedented adhesion to glass substrates and also to plastics (including films). The coating is also flexible and coated film materials can be rolled for easier transportation and storage.
• It is removable from glass substrates without the use of chemicals and with very little effort by applying steam for 5-25 seconds and removing coating with a blade. No residue is left behind and the amount of steam necessary for removal is not significant enough to cause glass to fracture. Though the coating can be removed via such a method this in no way diminishes its long-term durability and resistance to the elements.
• Coated glass surfaces will not be prone to fracturing due to heat buildup from sun exposure because it is designed to not retain spectral frequencies that would generate heat but instead reflects these.
• The product covers a large area – Pixel Worx is supplied in (1) quart Part A and 20 ml Part B kits (1 quart covers 30 ft²/2.79 m²)
• Some visible frequencies of light are down-converted to spectrum(s) which are imperceptible. Coating effectively rejects all forms of simulated lighting.

This technologically advanced breakthrough goes on quick, stays strong, and removes clean and easy. Liquidpixel is fully-tested, extremely durable and abrasion resistant, and can be cleaned with detergents without damage. Now it’s possible to make any sized display, whether a home theater or large venue. Our coating solutions open the door for integrators or advanced independent researchers into media projection display solutions to implement an unending opportunity for advanced presentations affordably