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1. What is ProjectorCentral?  ProjectorCentral is a review and information site for anyone interested in projectors, screens and related equipment. We write reviews and commentaries on projectors and projection technologies, and all of the material for the site is written by our staff -- Rob Sabin and a few seasoned contract writers with in-depth experience in the technology we cover. We maintain a complete database of nearly every digital projector in the market that is announced, currently on the market, or discontinued.

2. Are we a dealer?  No. ProjectorCentral does not sell projectors or any other products, nor does ProjectorCentral earn commissions from any sale made by advertisers on our site. Any authorized dealer or merchant may sell products and services directly to the buyers they meet on our site. ProjectorCentral is not involved in the transactions in any way.

3. How do we make money?  Since it is important to keep all information on this site free to the consumer, we must rely entirely on advertising and donations to pay our bills. Most of our advertising revenue comes from projector merchants and manufacturers. We do not solicit sponsorships from manufacturers, and the site is not subsidized in any way by the vendors whose products we review.

4. Who can participate?  Anyone! Professional buyers, consumers, traveling sales people, professional speakers, education technology coordinators, A/V dealers, distributors and manufacturers are all welcome.

For those of you who contribute to our sites either by visiting or donating we thank you for your kind support!