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Allan Abbott

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  • Dukane ImagePro 8788 Classroom Projector Review

    An XGA projector with excellent data and video quality, for classroom or conference rooms. A 5-year warranty sweetens the package...

  • Epson VS200 Portable Projector under $450

    Epson's VS200 gives you 2000 lumens in a 5 lb. package for under $450.

  • Epson PowerLite 1775W Mobile Projector Review

    If you're on the road with a projector, you'll love the Epson 1775W -- 3000 lumens in a 3.8 lb package, packed with features...

  • Mitsubishi EW230U-ST Short Throw Projector Review

    The beauty of the Mitsubishi EW230U-ST multipurpose projector is not so much its short-throw nature as its video performance...

  • SiVal MP720B1 Portable Projector Review

    If you're a gamer or a movie buff who wants a small and inexpensive projector and if you can control ambient light, the SiVal MP720B1 is the only one under two pounds that offers 1280x768 native resolution.

  • Sharp PG-D2510X Conference/Class Projector Review

    The Sharp PG-D2510X projector provides brightness and many presenter conveniences including the rare ability to color correct computer images.

  • Dell M410HD Portable Projector Review

    The Dell M410HD portable projector is small, bright, and offers WXGA resolution for less than $850.

  • Epson VS400 -- 4000 Lumens for under $1,000

    The Epson VS400 is currently the only 4,000-lumen projector on the market priced under $1000. If all you need is a very bright image for a low price, the VS400 may be the ideal choice......

  • Samsung SP-H03 Pico Projector Review

    The Samsung SP-H03 is the smallest 30-lumen pico projector on the market. If you want to carry your presentation in your pocket, check this one out!

  • NEC NP216 Classroom Projector Review

    The NEC NP216 XGA DLP classroom projector boasts features its competitors lack including remote mouse control.