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First of all I want to say to everyone is that this is absolutely the best site on internet when it comes to hometheatre issue. I had a screen that I made myself which cost me about $300 and 3 hrs of labour with the material bought from Carl's place. The screen was 7 feet tall and 12 feet wide. Pretty big. Worked out great but now I am thinking to paint fhe dry wall instead with silver colour. Paint I have just bought is .999 pure infused silver from for $450. Supposed to be on of the top notch quality since I am using it for dark closed room, it should control the brightness that shoots out to side walls and ceiling. Going to be testing it next weekend. The gain is 1.6 which means the black should be richer than what I had before. The paint is also 3D active and passive ready and supports up to 8K. With the older screen I had way too much brightness reflecting off the screen, almost up to the point where I could count the threads on my couch. The problem with the white colour screen with less than 1.5 gain in a darker room is too much brightness, the black is not great and eyes get tired after certain period of time. If you are going to paint a screen for a closed darker room go with gray or silver and for rooms with lot of lighting go with white paint. Either way do your research properly before painting is because it can be a hassel redoing the whole thing. I will be posting review if the material I just talked about in couple weeks.