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George and StG ... For a 120" image (16:10 aspect ratio) with the LS100 on the floor, the bottom of the image is 19" up the wall (or 11 1/2" above the top of the LS100). As additional info for that image size, the front of the projector (not the lens) would be 15 3/4" from the wall. (Note: I will add this to the text of the review.)

Chris, I was not able to compare them side by side, but having used the 4K disc of Lucy for a lot of testing I was very familiar with how it looks on native and pixel shift machines. My first reaction to the extremely sharp rendering of Lucy on the LS100 was that it looked so close to pixel shift resolution that I thought, "why bother with pixel shift if the native panels can do this without it?" In reality, if they were seen side by side I'm confident one could detect a difference. But it is a lot closer than you'd imagine possible.