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Even though the LS100 would cost more, require a more expensive screen, and have many fewer important features, I am trying to decide between it and a 5040ub.

I understand the LS100 doesn’t come close to matching the 5040 on picture quality, capabilities, or features, but I wonder if the convenience of instant on, having no obtrusive ceiling mount (must be mounted in the center of my room), or fan noise near the viewing position, and not having to worry about bulb life or bulb deterioration, is worth the trade?

Aesthetically, and practically speaking, a UST projector just makes a lot of sense for a multi-purpose room.

My space is a light-controlled family room setting, with medium tan flat walls and flat white ceiling. We watch a lot of streaming TV, usually with a dimmable table lamp on, and we watch a few movies with the lights off every week. (I felt the 5040 was worth the increase in price over the 4000 for these movie nights.)

I was thinking of the Elite Screens Aeon w/3d Cinegrey 135” for the UB, and would take your 120” recommendation for the LS100. Seating distance is 13’ for the front row, and 17’ for an overflow bar table.

I suppose it comes down to whether the convenience and practicality of the UST outweighs the potential wow factor and watchability of the UB?

And then there’s the $1400 difference (inc. screen)

Thanks for any thoughts, and for your hard work. I have enjoyed this site for years!