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I saw the LS100 a few weeks ago. The impression this review gives is one I completely disagree with.

Don't get me wrong: it'll produce a nice picture in a very bright living room, especially when combined with a UST ALR screen. When viewed in that context, it is a very interesting device especially due to its ability to downscale 4K sources and the laser light engine.

However, when the lights dim even a little, "ample contrast" is not what you'll see. The LS100 is simply a business/education projector rebranded for the Home-Cinema market. Contrast sucks, like really sucks. Haven't seen one branded for Home-Cinema this bad in a while. Try watching House of Cards (a lot of shadow, so you'll want "ample contrast" when viewing this show) in an even somewhat darkened room. Perhaps not "unwatchable", but certainly not 3000$ worth of HC equipment.

Seriously, PQ-wise and in a darkened (not necessarily "dark", but just 'darkened') room, I would rather suggest a DLP UST (Optoma GT5000+) due to its much higher (probably 2-3x as much) contrast versus an education LCD. And the GT5000+ is less than half of the price of the LS100.