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So finally got it done. As I mentioned in my previous comment on 16 Sept that I decided to paint the dry wall instead of using my fixed screen. Paint I mentioned was .999 silver infused from paint on screen but eneded up using their flagship product called diamond silver ($899 for a gallon). Very expensive but worth it. The picture quality is very sharp and most importantly it barely reflects the light back. I have designated theatre room which is dark so this silver shade paint with 1.6 gain is perfect. It was spray painted and is also 3d compatible. My suggestion is that this is a very easy project compare to making a fixed screen from the scratch. If you are a hardcore home theatre enthusiast, I suggest investing in this product (obviously there are more shades and different prices available on their web site. I wiuld love to post couple of pictures for you guys to see if I can but I dont see an option here. So all I need is pop corn machine and I am set. :):):)