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Hayati: Without you having the unit I reviewed, or me having your unit to look at, it's impossible to know if we even disagree on what constitutes a problem. Yours may be objectively much worse than the test unit, with either a greater variation or a variation that changes more quickly over a shorter distance, which would make the problem a lot more obvious and lot harder to ignore.

Alternatively, you may simply have less tolerance for brightness variation than I do. As a general rule, most people will accomodate very quickly to a fairly large variation in brightness, but how much a given level of variation bothers you individually is a subjective matter and absolutely personal to you.

A similar situation applies to many other potential issues with projectors like rainbow artifacts and fan noise. The challenge for a reviewer with any issue like this is that any given reader may or may not notice the issue, and if they notice it, they may or may not find it bothersome.

Because the effect of these issues on viewing enjoyment is completely subjective, we at ProjectorCentral try to go beyond giving one person's opinion about how something looks or sounds, and add enough information into the review to let readers decide for themselves whether they agree. If I had said it looks fine without also giving the 38% brightness uniformity measurement, you'd have reason to complain. But you would have just as much reason to complain if I said everyone would find it distracting. Neither comment would be true. Given that the information in the review is enough to tell you that you disagree with my opinion, I submit that we've told you what you need to know to make a buying decision that's right for you. Ultimately, that's our goal in every review.