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Hi, M.David Stone or Evan. Do you know if this projector has a different model number in Australia and if so what it is? I personally find this practice of different numbers for different world regions to be quite irritating because we projector enthusiasts read your reviews and want to demo these projectors but can't find them without knowing what they are called in our country. A similar problem exists when a new model with incremental changes comes out and you know the basic number change, for example the JVC's RS models in the US and and the X models in Australia, but without the precise number you don't know if you are looking at an older X model or the new model with the improvement. JVC gets even more problematic with their RS models for installers, X models with three digit numbers and X models with four digit numbers for overseas. I don't see why they can't all have the same model number worldwide and just change the serial numbers for the company reference as to what country it is sold to. And while I'm solving these companies model problems: keep it simple. If your new company is called Generica and you release a new projector, call it Generica 1. Your second release call Generica 2, and so on. Problem solved.