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Simon, I've been watching your comments with some bemusement. You are obviously passionate about your dislike of low brightness uniformity, which is fine, but brush off rainbow artifacts as less important. As it happens, I feel the same way about rainbow artifacts. I hate them, I see them when others can't, and I will not buy a projector that has that flaw. On the other hand, I don't mind low brightness uniformity. But the bigger difference between us is that I realize that others don't feel the same way. And I would never say something like your comment that low brightness uniformiy is "a problem, much bigger than rainbow artifacts," without out adding "For me." For you, that's true. For me, it's not. For me, rainbow artifacts are a far bigger problem, and brightness uniformity levels hardly register. So, along with Ted Nunn, I would urge you to let go of this bone, recognize that it's a waste of time to argue about which shortcomings in projectors are more bothersome, and just avoid the ones with the shortcomings that bother you personally.